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Geology Marketplace - Classified Ads

Terms and Conditions


Why Advertise Here? is one of the leading Earth Science websites. Every month millions of people visit for news and information about Earth Science. Our classifieds provide an outstanding opportunity to present your message to a large Earth Science audience.

General Terms:

When you place a classified ad you are renting space for one year (12 months). For example, if your ad is published on October 1st it will appear until September 30th of the following calendar year.

Advertising Rates:

The amount that you will be charged for an ad will be determined by the number of words that appear in your ad and the size of any images that you ask us to display (see rates in the green column at right).

Links in Your Ad:

Each ad will link to one URL on your website. If you place an image ad any visitor who clicks your ad will be delivered to your website. If you place a word ad, the first few words of your ad or the URL of your website will be a clickable link to your site. Links are limited to one-per-ad and will be coded in the format below:

Who Can Advertise Here?

Geology Marketplace is a place to advertise products and services that are related to Earth Science or would be of interest to people who practice, study or enjoy Earth Science. We may decline to display ads for products and services that in our sole discretion are unrelated to Earth Science or ads for websites that are not family-friendly in every way. We review the website of each advertiser prior to ad publication and at least annually for continued display.

Categories and Positions:

Advertisers will be grouped according to category such as "Rocks and Minerals" or "Tools and Supplies". The advertiser can request placement in an existing category or propose a new category. Category names and category assignments are at the sole discretion of staff.

The position of your ad in each category will change periodically. We shuffle the position of the ads automatically so that every advertiser will have an opportunity to appear at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of their category.

How to Place an Ad:

To place an ad simply email the following items to the email address below.
  • Your ad copy (if you use a word ad)
  • Your ad image (if you use an image ad)
  • Your website URL (if you want a link to your website)
We will review your ad, your image and your website and reply within seven days. If your ad is approved we will send you a secure electronic invoice for payment by credit card or a printable invoice for payment by check.

email address

Word Ads:

Word ads cost $150 per year for 25 words or less. For ads over 25 words you will be billed at the rate of $6 per word. Abbreviations, phone numbers, website addresses, zip codes and numbers all count as one word.

Image Ads:

Our standard image ad is 250 pixels wide by 60 pixels high and costs $150 per year. Taller ads will be displayed at a cost of $2.50 per vertical pixel per year.

All images must be static .jpg or .gif files that are exactly 250 pixels wide. Video, interactive, animation and other file types are not allowed.

You are responsible for preparing your own image at the desired size and sending it to us in .jpg or .gif format. Your image will be hosted on the server.

If you need help preparing an image, the folks at will make one for you for a reasonable price.

Combination Word/Image Ads:

Combination ads have one image and short message that will appear below the image. The cost for this type of ad is $2.50 per vertical pixel of image height plus $6 per word. All images must be exactly 250 pixels wide and a minimum of 60 pixels high.
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