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Popular Climate Change Items

Population & Climate
population and climate change
Population and Climate: How demographics, including aging and urbanization impact the rate of climate change.
Sea Level Rise Map
Sea level map
Sea Level Rise Map: A Google map that shows where flooding will occur when sea level rises.
Retreating Glaciers
Taku Glacier
Rapid Glacier Retreat: Some types of glaciers can melt at a very high rate.
Human Linked Change
Human linked climate change
Human-Linked Climate Change: Many human activities influence climate change.
How Will Climate Change Impact Your Region?
clickable regional climate change map
Click a region to see the impacts of climate change. Alaska, Islands, Northwest, Southwest, Great Plains, Midwest, Southeast, Northeast.

What Is Earth Science?
What is earth science?
What is Earth Science? The study of Earth and its neighbors in space. Learn more!
Who Owns The Arctic?
Who owns the Arctic?
Who Owns The Arctic? USGS estimates that 25% of all new oil & gas will be found in the Arctic.
"We learn geology the morning after the earthquake."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Climate & Hydropower
Hydropower and climate change
Hydropower & Climate Change: New climates will require new hydropower strategies.
Forests Store C02
Forests store carbon dioxide
Forests as CO2 Storage Units: The impact of agricultural deforestation on CO2 levels.
"Oil is found in the minds of men."
Wallace Pratt

Newest Climate Change Items

carbon sequestration
Carbon Sequestration is a process that stores CO2 in plants, the ocean or subsurface.
Yosemite Glaciers
Yosemite glaciers
Yosemite Glaciers: There are two active glaciers in Yosemite - but they are slowly melting away.
Coastal Wetland Loss
coastal wetland loss
Most Coastal Wetlands will disappear this century under a rapid sea-level rise model.
Carbon Cycle
Carbon Cycle
Carbon Cycle Before Humans: What caused large changes to the carbon cycle 100 MY ago?
Hawaiian Glaciers
Hawiian glaciers
Hawaiian Glaciers and Climate Change: Processes in the North Atlantic influence Mauna Kea.
Melting NW Passage
Atmospheric lead
Melting Of The Northwest Passage: Global warming is opening Canad's arctic.
"The present is the key to the past."
Charles Lyell
Pangea Rifting
Pangea rifting and carbon dioxide
Pangea rifting produced intense volcanic activity that doubled atmospheric carbon dioxide.
Alaska Coastal Erosion
Alaska coastal erosion
Alaska Coastal Erosion: Erosion rates have doubled in northern Alaska - up to 45 feet per year.
Volcanoes and Climate
Enormous volcanic eruption
A Large Volcanic Eruption in 1809 Launched a Cold Decade
Concrete's Carbon
Concrete's carbon footpring
Concrete's Carbon Footprint: Making concrete produces lots of CO2 but concrete then absorbs CO2 from the air.
"The best geologist is the one who has seen the most rocks."
Herbert Harold Read

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