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Iowa Flood | Midwest Flooding: Videos, Maps, News and Background

Major Rain in Midwest

Iowa and Midwestern Flooding :

In late May and early June of 2008, Iowa and other Midwestern states were hit with a continuous sequence of storms. This two weeks of almost steady rain dumped over 16 inches (400 millimeters) of precipitation on some parts of the state. The result was record levels of flooding.

Streams throughout Iowa and the Midwest were at record flood levels. Some streams had discharges that exceeded record levels for ten or more consecutive days. The 100-year and 500-year flood levels were exceeded in many parts of the state. These exceptional flood levels overtopped levees and other flood protection structures. Areas that many people assumed to be safe were suddenly underwater.

News Reports

House to Consider Flood Relief Package Today:, 6/19/2008.

Bush Lands in Iowa City, Will View Damage:, 6/19/2008.

Mississippi River Cities Fight Floods, Crops Ruined:, 6/19/2008.

U.S. Flooding Spurs Record Corn Prices:, 6/17/2008.

As Waters Recede, Health Fears Rise:, 6/17/2008.

Iowans Told They Can't Go Home:, 6/17/2008.

9 Feet Over Flood Stage, Iowa River Engulfs Campus:, 6/17/2008.

From Reaction to Recovery in Iowa City:, 6/16/2008.

Cedar Rapids Battles Historic Flood:, 6/12/2008.

4,000 Homes Evacuated Amid Flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa:, 6/13/2008.

In Eastern Iowa, the City That 'Would Never Flood' Goes 12 Feet Under:, 6/13/2008.

Iowa River Has Swamped 400 City Blocks:, 6/13/2008.

Cedar Rapids Flood Advisory:, 6/11/2008 .

River's Unthinkable Rise Cripples Cedar Rapids:, 6/13/2008.
Flooding and Rainfall Maps
ten day rainfall map of Midwest

Ten Days of Rain:

NASA image of cumulative rainfall for the Midwest.
Midwest stream guage map

Midwest Stream Gauging:

USGS map of stream gauging stations at record high levels (black triangles) on Friday, June 13, 2008.
satellite image of Iowa flooding

Satellite Image of Flooded Rivers:

Image from Earth Observatory June 17, 2008.
Iowa Flood Videos
Flood Tour from The Des Moines Register 6/15/2008.

Flood video from KCRG News.

Flood video from KCRG News.

Downtown Cedar Rapids flooding June 12 as seen from tops of buildings.


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