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Natural Gas Shales

New drilling and well stimulation methods have produced an explosion of new natural gas activity.

Background - Gas Shales

The first commercial natural gas well in the United States was drilled in 1821 in Fredonia, New York. It produced gas from organic-rich Devonian-age shale. Since then many other wells have produced natural gas from shale. However, shale is most commonly thought of as a natural gas source rock rather than as the target of drilling activity.

In the late 1990s improved drilling and well stimulation methods were developed for the Barnett Shale of Texas which significantly increased the yield and recovery rate of natural gas from a shale. These methods are now being applied in many parts of the United States. The result has been nothing less than a boom in natural gas leasing and production activity. The maps on these pages connect you to information about several of the new gas plays.

Marcellus Shale
Map of Marcellus Shale
Marcellus Shale: Some people believe that before 2008, the Marcellus was the most overlooked resource in the eastern US!

Royalty Calculator
Natural Gas Royalty Estimator
Natural Gas Royalty Estimator:   Enter data from your lease agreement and make a few assumptions. Unoffical estimates of your annual royalty payments.

Shale: The rock that is transforming the energy industry and has long been used in construction and manufacturing.
What is Shale Gas?
shale gas
Shale Gas is natural gas trapped within shale. In the past decade shales have become significant new sources of gas.
Mineral Rights
Mineral Rights
Mineral Rights / Surface Rights: Who owns the minerals under your land? Have they been sold?
Eagle Ford Shale
Eagle Ford Shale
Eagle Ford Shale: One of the most recently developed natural gas shales. It also yields significant amounts of condensate and oil.
Haynesville Shale
Haynesville Shale Map
Haynesville Shale: News, videos & information for the Haynesville Shale in northern Louisiana and adjacent states.

Marcellus Shale in WV
West Virgina and Marcellus Shale
Marcellus Shale in West Virginia has produced many economic, legal, regulatory, and environmental impacts.
Hydraulic Fracturing Additives
Hydraulic fracturing fluids
Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid: An introduction to the types of chemicals and proppants used in hydraulic fracturing fluids.
Hydraulic Fracturing
Hydraulic fracturing
Hydraulic Fracturing: Increases the yield of a well after the reservoir is fractured by injecting fluids under high pressures.
Natural Gas Information
News about natural gas A site dedicated too shale and its trapped natural gas.
Barnett shale
Barnett Shale Map
Barnett Shale: The recent boom in unconventional natural gas drilling started in Texas with the Barnett Shale.

Utica Shale
Utica shale
Utica Shale: Thicker, more extensive and deeper than the Marcellus, the Utica looks like a major source of natural gas.
Fayetteville Shale
Fayetteville Shale Map
Fayetteville Shale: Another huge natural gas field is discovered in northern Arkansas. Some think it might be 4th largest gas reservoir in the world.

Bakken Formation
Bakkan Formation
Bakken Formation Oil: A USGS assessment finds lots of undiscovered oil resources in Montana and North Dakota.

World Shale Gas Resources
shale gas
Shale Gas Resources are being developed in all parts of the world. This article summarizes the shale gas resource.
Directional Drilling
Directional drilling
Directional Drilling: The use of directional and horizontal drilling have opened new resources and improved productivity.
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