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Kyanite Gemstones
Kyanite Beads, Cabochons and Faceted Stones

blue kyanite cabochon
Deep Blue Kyanite Cabochon - 8x10 mm

blue kyanite cabochon
Deep Blue Faceted Kyanite - 5x7 mm
Kyanite is a silicate mineral that is most often used to make porcelain and refractory products. However, when transparent or nicely colored kyanite can also be cut into beautiful gemstones.

Kyanite is a gemstone that you will rarely encounter in the typical jewelry store. Most people have not heard of kyanite as it is infrequently used in jewelry. It is an "exotic" gem. Perhaps that is what makes it so interesting?

If you are interested in kyanite as a gemstone or in jewelry, the best place to find it is in artisan jewelry stores or in jewelry stores that are associated with a mineral dealer. The people who own these businesses are likely to be interested in kyanite and incorporate it into their product line.

High quality and nicely colored kyanite can be cut into attractive and desirable cabochons and faceted stones. These are often used in rings, earrings, pendants and other jewelry. Kyanite is also used to make beads. These beads often have a flat geometry because the mineral typically occurs in thin blades.

Kyanite Gemstones are Challenging to Cut

Kyanite is a challenging mineral to cut because it has two distinctly different hardnesses. Kyanite crystals are typically long, narrow blades. They have a hardness of about 4.5 parallel to their length but a hardness of 6.5 to 7.0 across the width of the blade. Skilled cutters are needed to work these stones.

radiating kyanite
A colorful collection of kyanite cabochons. These kyanite cabochons range in color from clear to a very deep blue. Some kyanites can be variegated in color such as the blue-green stone in the top row of this image. The deep blue stone in the center is 8x10 millimeters in size.

Blue Kyanite - Green Kyanite

Most gemstone-quality kyanite is blue in color. However, kyanite can be clear, green, black and rarely purple. Some kyanite gemstones are pleochroic (appear to be different colors when viewed from different directions).

Blue kyanite stones can be found in a continuous color range between clear and dark blue. The most popular kyanite gemstones are transparent with a deep sapphire blue color. Two of these deep blue stones are shown in the images at the top right of this article. Transparent blue kyanite with a lower color intensity might look like blue topaz or blue aquamarine.

radiating kyanite
Blue kyanite beads with a pearly luster.

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