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Floods and Landslides in India
June 20, 2013 | Boston Globe

Floods and landslides in India have killed at least 100 people and stranded thousands.

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Storms Attack Mexico from East and West
September 17, 2013 |
Two storms, Hurricane Ingrid and tropical storm Manuel poured heavy rain on Mexico causing floods and landslides that have killed at least 21 people.

Landslide Mapping Needed in North Carolina
November 26, 2013 |
Hundreds of landslides occur every year in North Carolina but lawmakers have almost eliminated a program that can help developers avoid building homes, commercial and public buildings on ancient landslides and slide-prone areas. It can also help the state highway department and utility companies avoid building roads and pipelines across ancient landslides and slide-prone areas. This one-time job was costing about $350,000 per year and would only require mapping the western part of the state where most landslides occur. In a 24-year period landslides in the state killed 7 people and destroyed 85 homes. Not available

Detecting Large Landslides in Remote Areas
September 4, 2013 | NASA Earth Observatory
"Even when they occur in remote areas, large landslides can dam rivers and lead to devastating downstream floods. [...] Automated earthquake detection systems are tuned to monitor intense, “short-period” waves produced by sudden slips along tectonic faults. Landslides produce seismic waves as well, though their short-period signal is weak. Instead, they make powerful long-period waves that are sometimes detectable at great distances." Quoted from the Earth Observatory article.

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