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An Oil Platform as “World’s Tallest Structure”?
January 14, 2013 |

Although only a few hundred feet of the Magnolia Platform is visible above water level its total height from the bed of the seafloor to the top of the platform is 4,698 feet (1,432 meters). Some people consider it the world’s tallest structure.

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The Dry Hole that Led to $1.5 Trillion in Crude
September 22, 2013 |
An article on tells the story of BAHA, an ultra-deep well in the Gulf of Mexico that opened the door to $1.5 trillion in crude in 1996. Related: Magnolia Tension Leg Platform - The World's Tallest Structure

Deep-Water Investments in the Gulf of Mexico
March 1, 2013 | Louisiana Oil and Gas Association
Even though most of the media attention in the United States is going to unconventional oil and gas plays, deep-water investments in the Gulf of Mexico are still being made. Related: The World's Tallest Structure

Deepwater Drilling is Akin to Space Exploration
October 12, 2013 |
"Exploration and production for oil and natural gas in the deepest of waters requires such advanced technology that it’s akin to space exploration." Quoted from the article. Related: The world's tallest structure is an oil platform.

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