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Botswana Trading Diamonds for Coal
March 5, 2013 | Mining Weekly

Botswana has been one of the world’s leaders in the production of gem-quality diamonds but production levels are not sustainable. To diversify their mineral industry the plan is to focus on coal.

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Fee Mining Sites
May 24, 2013 |
Lots of people enjoy going to fee mining sites where you can prospect inactive surface mines, mine tailings, soil, sediments or outcrops and keep any rocks, gems, minerals or fossils that you find. Examples include: Herkimer Diamond Mines where you can search for doubly-terminated quartz crystals, and Crater of Diamonds where you might be lucky enough to find a real diamond.

Diamonds from Brazil?
September 25, 2013 | Gemological Institute of America
Few people think of Brazil as a source of diamonds, but in the 1700s the country was the world's leading supplier of gem-quality diamonds. Production continues there today with about 25,000 carats produced per year. Related: The only producing diamond mine in the USA.

A New Diamond Production Leader?
June 27, 2013 | Botswana Diamond Manufacturers Association
Russia is currently the world's second largest producer of gem-quality diamonds, after Botswana. Alrosa, Russia's largest diamond producer, has plans to surpass the production of DeBeers, the world's leading diamond-producing company, by 2018. Their success may help Russia become the world's leading diamond producing nation. "A seven-hour flight from Moscow to the small town of Mirny, followed by another two-hour helicopter ride brought me to one of the most remote regions on earth, where many of the world's diamonds are mined, Alrosa's Nyurba mine in the Republic of Yakutia." Quoted from the Botswana Diamond Manufacturers Association press

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