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Natural Gas Stations for Big Rigs
March 20, 2013 | National Geographic

“The New Truck Stop” will feature natural gas pumps that will enable big rigs to take advantage of the abundant gas from shale.

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Rig Count is no Longer the Natural Gas Production Metric
October 28, 2013 | Energy Information Administration
"In the past, the number of gas-oriented drilling rigs in a particular region has been a common metric for estimating the production of natural gas. However, technological advances have led the way to the widespread use of new oil and natural gas extraction techniques that have opened up a hydrocarbon resource base dramatically larger than previous estimates. Because of these new methods of extraction, generally in wide use since 2007, natural gas production has steadily risen, while the number of active rigs characterized as targeting natural gas has fallen dramatically." Quoted from the Energy Information Administration's Today in Energy

CNG Filling Stations in North Carolina
April 28, 2013 |
Utility companies, city governments, county governments, school districts, and trucking companies are building CNG fueling stations in North Carolina. In addition to serving their owners, the pumps are available to dispense CNG to the public.

The Future of Shale Gas
August 7, 2013 | Energy Information Administration
"The availability of large quantities of shale gas should enable the United States to consume a predominantly domestic supply of gas for many years and produce more natural gas than it consumes." Quoted from the Energy Information Administration press release.

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