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Rare Earth Elements in Alaska
June 7, 2013 | USGS

“A unique deposit of heavy rare earth elements at Alaska’s Bokan Mountain could help scientists understand how rare earth element deposits form. [...] Currently, very little is known about the geologic setting in which REE deposits form. Understanding these geologic settings and how they come to be is a crucial step to being able to determine where mineable concentrations of REE might be found.” Quoted from the USGS press release.

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Recovering Rare Earth Elements from Mine Tailings?
September 6, 2013 | USGS
"USGS scientists are reanalyzing rocks, minerals and associated mine tailing samples – some collected 120 years ago – to assess their rare and critical elements, which could become potential for economic development." Quoted from the USGS press release. Related: What are rare earth elements?

RRE Mines Deposits and Occurrences
September 9, 2013 | USGS
USGS has an interactive map: Rare earth element mines, deposits, and occurrences. It gives access to information on mineral deposits containing rare earth elements and yttrium from around the world with grade and tonnage, and mineralogy. Related: What are rare earth elements?

Big Rare Earth Find in North Korea?
January 21, 2014 | Voice of America
"A recent geological study indicates North Korea could hold some 216 million tons of rare earth minerals [...] if verified, the discovery would more than double global known sources and be six times the reserves in China, the market leader." Quoted from the Voice of America article. Related: What are Rare Earth Elements?

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