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Working Deep Beneath Manhattan
February 21, 2013 | NBC News

The NBC News website features a few photos from the East Side Access project where workers are expanding the New York mass transit system by driving enormous tunnels through bedrock hundreds of feet beneath the busy streets of Manhattan.

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Oceans Beneath the Earth?
March 18, 2014 | University of Alberta
"It might be the ugliest diamond you’ll ever see, but within this brown sliver of carbon is a gem of a find for a University of Alberta scientist working to unravel an ocean-sized mystery deep beneath the Earth." Quoted from the University of Alberta press release.

Microscopic Life in Oceanic Crust
October 10, 2013 | Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
"Although long thought to be devoid of life, the bottom of the deep ocean is now known to harbor entire ecosystems teeming with microbes. Scientists have recently documented that oxygen is disappearing from seawater circulating through deep oceanic crust, a significant first step in understanding the way life in the "deep biosphere" beneath the sea floor is able to survive and thrive." Quoted from Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences press release.

Cheap Natural Gas in Manhattan?
November 13, 2013 |
Very few things are cheap in Manhattan, however, on Halloween the price of natural gas there was 40 cents cheaper than in Louisiana. Although that was a short-term price instability the first new natural gas pipeline onto the island in 40 years should offer a little price relief.

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