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Ground Water Current Events

Pennsylvania Water Well Handbook
March 16, 2014 | Shale Alliance for Energy Research

Over one million households in Pennsylvania rely on a water well for their household water supply. The Shale Alliance for Energy Research has published the Pennsylvania Water Well Handbook. Much of the information in the book can be applied to household water supply wells in other areas.

Tanker Truck Spill Goes into a Cave?
February 6, 2014 | Caving News

A tanker truck accident in Kentucky spilled about 8,200 gallons of gasoline, some of which flowed over frozen ground and into a swallow hole that is thought to connect to the Sloan’s Valley Cave system.

The Greenland Ice Sheet Holds an Unusual Aquifer
January 1, 2014 | The University of Utah

“Researchers have discovered a new aquifer in the Greenland Ice Sheet that holds liquid water all year long in the otherwise perpetually frozen winter landscape. [...] The reservoir is known as a “perennial firn aquifer” because water persists within the firn – layers of snow and ice that don’t melt for at least one season.” Quoted from The University of Utah press release.

Watershed Decisions Activity Board and Components
Penn State Image
Watershed Decisions
December 30, 2013 | Penn State

Watershed Decisions” is a hands-on, inquiry based activity from Penn State that helps older youth and adults learn about water quality issues surrounding small watersheds. Designed for use in classrooms, educational programs, youth groups, municipalities, watershed associations and other groups.

Water Resources of Lafourche Parish Louisiana
December 8, 2013 | United States Geological Survey

“This fact sheet presents a brief overview of groundwater and surface-water resources in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. Information on the availability, past and current use trends, and water quality from groundwater and surface-water sources in the parish is discussed.” Quoted from the USGS press release.

Ancient Seawater Under Chesapeake Bay?
November 14, 2013 | USGS

“USGS scientists have determined that high-salinity groundwater found more than 1,000 meters (0.6 mi.) deep under the Chesapeake Bay is actually remnant water from the Early Cretaceous North Atlantic Sea and is probably 100-145 million years old. This is the oldest sizeable body of seawater to be identified worldwide.” Quoted from the USGS press release.

Slow Moving Groundwater Delays Water Quality Actions
November 13, 2013 | USGS

New research by the USGS indicates it may take several decades for many water-quality management practices aimed at reducing nitrogen input to Chesapeake Bay to achieve their full benefit due to the influence of groundwater.

Pennsylvania Groundwater
November 5, 2013 | iConservePA

A quick video review of ground water in Pennsylvania.

When the Ground Splits Open
October 28, 2013 | Arizona Geology

Scientists from the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the Arizona Geological Survey explain some of the land subsidence and earth fissure problems associated with ground water production in Arizona. The video, When the Ground Splits Open, is by Arizona Public Media.

Cave Biology Webinar
October 3, 2013 | Caving News

The National Speleological Society has announced a webinar on the biology of submerged caves. It will be held on Thursday, October 17th at 7:00 to 8:00 PM eastern time.

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Take a Look at Groundwater
September 17, 2013 | Pennsylvania Bureau of Topographic & Geologic Survey

Take a look at groundwater with DCNR’s Bureau of Topographic & Geologic Survey’s Stuart Reese as he looks at how much groundwater Pennsylvania has, where it comes from, and why it’s so important to the water cycle.” Quoted from the iConservePA press release.

Aquifers in Northern Kenya
September 11, 2013 | UNESCO

“Two aquifers – the Lotikipi Basin Aquifer and the Lodwar Basin Aquifer – were identified using advanced satellite exploration technology. Their existence was then confirmed by drilling conducted recently by UNESCO, but there is need for further studies to adequately quantify the reserves and to assess the quality of the water.” Quoted from the UNESCO press release.

Vulnerability of Public-Supply Wells to Contamination
September 4, 2013 | USGS

“Key factors have been identified that help determine the vulnerability of public-supply wells to contamination. A new USGS report describes these factors, providing insight into which contaminants in an aquifer might reach a well and when, how and at what concentration they might arrive.” Quoted from the USGS Newsroom.

USGS Water Contamination Report
August 6, 2013 | USGS

USGS has published a study on the vulnerability of public water supply wells to contamination in ten aquifers across the United States.

Rare Eruption of Steamboat Geyser
August 4, 2013 | NBC News

Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone National Park rarely erupts. On Wednesday it erupted for the first time in eight years.

It can produce eruptions that reach heights of 400 feet and is known as the “World’s Tallest Geyser”.

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API and AAA vs EPA?
July 18, 2013 |

The renewable fuel standard program requires refiners to blend ethanol with gasoline. The Environmental Protection Agency approved a 15% ethanol blend, which many believe will harm engines, result in lower gas mileage, divert farm resources away from food and squander water resources.

The Future of Water
July 12, 2013 | National Science Foundation

“The National Science Foundation (NSF) and NBC Learn (NBC News’ educational arm) have teamed up to produce a new informative video series that examines the long-term health of one of America’s most important resources: water.” Quoted from the NSF press release.

Methane Sources in Pennsylvania Ground Water
June 25, 2013 | National Ground Water Association

“The findings of a new study in the journal Groundwater®​ suggest that methane concentrations in Susquehanna County water wells in Pennsylvania can be explained without the migration of Marcellus shale gas due to hydraulic fracturing.” Quoted from the publication press release.

New Arizona Subsidence Maps
June 17, 2013 | Arizona Geology Blog

The Arizona Dept. of Water Resources has updated the majority of the land subsidence maps using InSAR data through April 2013.

Ground Water Depletion in the USA
May 23, 2013 | USGS

The United States Geological Survey has published a study on the depletion rates of ground water in the United States between 1900 and 2008. The rate of depletion is accelerating.

GeoCorps Internships and Short-Term Positions
May 2, 2013 | Geological Society of America

GeoCorps America is a program offering paid, short-term geoscience positions in some of the most beautiful natural areas in the world.

Just a few of the Fall/Winter Positions….

Curator Intern – Dinosaur National Monument
GIS Technician – Delaware Water Gap
Hydrological Technician – Redwoods National Park
Physical Science Technician – Grand Canyon National Park
Guest Scientist – Yosemite National Park

Testing Water Wells Near Natural Gas Wells
May 1, 2013 | National Ground Water Association

The National Ground Water Association has published an information guide for people who have private water supply wells located near oil and natural gas drilling. They explain the types of water quality concerns that might be present and explain the options of water well testing.

Arsenic in Pennsylvania Groundwater
April 25, 2013 | USGS

“Eight percent of more than 5,000 wells tested across Pennsylvania contain groundwater with levels of arsenic at or above federal standards set for public drinking water, while an additional 12 percent – though not exceeding standards – show elevated levels of arsenic.” Quoted from the USGS Newsroom.

Mercury in Groundwater
March 29, 2013 | United States Geological Survey

USGS authors have authored a book chapter titled: “Occurrence and mobility of mercury in groundwater”.

Wastewater Injection and Earthquakes
March 27, 2013 | Columbia University

“Scientists have linked a rising number of quakes in normally calm parts of Arkansas, Texas, Ohio and Colorado to below-ground injection. In the last four years, the number of quakes in the middle of the United States jumped 11-fold from the three decades prior.” Quoted from the Columbia University press release.

Arsenic in Groundwater
March 25, 2013 | USGS

USGS authors have authored a book chapter titled: “Arsenic in groundwater: a summary of sources and the biogeochemical and hydrogeologic factors affecting arsenic occurrence and mobility”.

Cooling the ASKAP Supercomputer with Groundwater
March 4, 2013 | Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Magazine

The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder is a new radio telescope that will produce so much data that a supercomputer capable of one quadrillion floating point operations per second will be needed to support it. The project leaders have decided to cool the supercomputer with a closed-circuit geothermal cooling system that will operate on ground water.

Oregon Geothermal Resource Map
February 19, 2013 | Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries has published an interactive online map that allows you to explore the geothermal resources of Oregon. You can use it to get information about geothermal exploration wells, water wells with elevated temperatures, warm springs, hot springs and more – all plotted on nine dirrerent basemaps. You can also get the data on CD-ROM.

Streamflow Depletion by Wells
February 15, 2013 |

“Groundwater and surface-water systems are connected, and groundwater discharge is often a substantial component of the total flow of a stream. Groundwater pumping reduces the amount of groundwater that flows to streams and, in some cases, can draw streamflow into the underlying groundwater system.” The United States Geological Survey has published: Streamflow Depletion by Wells—Understanding and Managing the Effects of Groundwater Pumping on Streamflow. Quote from the USGS press release.

Freshwater Losses in the Middle East
February 15, 2013 | NASA

“A new study using data from a pair of gravity-measuring NASA satellites finds that large parts of the arid Middle East region lost freshwater reserves rapidly during the past decade.” Quoted from the NASA press release.

A Spring-Fed Lake on Mars?
January 27, 2013 | NASA

The McLaughlin Crater on Mars is about 57 miles in diameter and about 1.4 miles deep. Researchers believe that it may have once been filled with water supplied by springs.

Ohio: Sources of Water for Hydraulic Fracturing
January 18, 2013 | Ohio Department of Natural Resources

This Ohio Department of Natural Resources document summarizes the potential sources of water for hydraulic fracturing in the Utica Shale and Marcellus Shale of eastern Ohio. Also included are basic regulations and the contact/regulatory authority for each water source.

Shallow Groundwater Quality and Fayetteville Shale Production
January 15, 2013 | USGS

USGS has released a report about groundwater quality and geochemistry for the Fayetteville Shale gas production area.

A goal of the report was to compare analyses conducted prior to natural gas development with those conducted after drilling and production.

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