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Mariana Trench
Mariana Trench
Exploring the Mariana Trench: A robotic vehicle dives 6.8 miles down - a new world record!
Fossil "Spiders"
Fossil spider
Fossil "Spiders" in 3D: Computer imaging reveals details of 300 MYO predators.
Age Of The Andes
Andes Mountains map
How Old Are The Andes Mountains? New research determines an age > 7 MY.
Planet Collision
Planet collision
Planet Collision: Spitzer detects a impact from few thousand years ago.
Speed Of Magma
speed of magma
How Fast Does Magma Rise? Rates as fast as one meter/sec!
Banded Iron
Banded Iron Formations
Banded Iron Formations: A new model for the origin of BIFs.
Giant Shake Table
World's largest shake table
World Record Shake Test: A six-story wood-frame condo survives a hard shaking.
"We learn geology the morning after the earthquake."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
4000 BC Rock Uses
Tell Zeidan
Tell Zeidan: Excavation in Syria reveals an obsidian trade and copper metallurgy at 4000 BC.
Synthetic Diamonds
Synthetic diamonds
Synthetic Diamonds: Growning large, near-flawless stones by chemical vapor deposition
Clovis Age Extinction
Diamonds as Clues to a Clovis Extinction: Perhaps overhunting did not cause the extinctions?
CO2 Rich Lavas
Carbonatite lava flows
Carbonatite Lava Flows at Oldoinyo Lengai: These CO2-rich lavas flow like motor oil.
Guatemalan Jade
Fault motion
Tectonic History In Jade: Dates of metamorphism and fault motion locked in jade.
Submarine Volcano
Undersea volcano
Submarine Volcano: A study of the eruption, water chemistry and sea life.
Large Bone Deposit
Largest marine bone deposit
The World's Richest and Most Extensive Marine Bone Deposit: Was it a marine "killing field"?
"Oil is found in the minds of men."
Wallace Pratt
A New Sauropod
Abydosaurus mcintoshi
Abydosaurus: A huge new sauropod dinosaur was found.
Deepest Volcano
Deepest Volcano
Deepest Volcano: Erupting 4000 feet below the Pacific's surface.
Water's Pathways
water movement
How Water Moves Through Soil: Some basic ideas about movement might be incorrect.
Sun, Moon & Faults
Sun Moon San Andreas
Can the Sun and Moon Trigger Faults? Minute stresses might be triggers.
Core & Magnetic Field
Earth's core and magnetic field
Earth's Core & Magnetic Field: Exploring Earth's internal structure & magnetic field.
Rifting on Land
Ethiopia rift
Ocean Rifting on Land: A new rift in Ethiopia is analogous to an ocean basin rift.
"The present is the key to the past."
Charles Lyell
Tsunami Studies
Mediterranean tsunami
Mediterranean Tsunamis: Sediment drilling finds four waves in 3500 years.
Supervolcano under Italy
Supervolcano in Italy: A fossil supervolcano beneath the Italian Alps.
Magma Formation
Magma formation
Depth of Magma Formation in Subduction Zones: How deep does melting take place?
Volcanoes & Climate
Enormous volcanic eruption
A Large Volcanic Eruption in 1809 Launched a Cold Decade
Retreating Glaciers
Taku Glacier
Rapid Glacier Retreat: Some types of glaciers can melt at a very high rate.
Pacific Tsunami Threat
Tsunami Map
Pacific Tsunami Threat: Alaska earthquakes can impact the entire Pacific Basin.
"The best geologist is the one who has seen the most rocks."
Herbert Harold Read
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