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Rock Tumblers & Rock Polishing

Step-by-step instructions and tips to help you enjoy the rock-tumbling hobby. By Angela King.

Selecting A Rock Tumbler
Selecting a rock tumbler
Selecting a Rock Tumbler: Learn all about rock tumblers. Advantages & disadvantages of rotary, vibratory and kid's model tumblers.

Rock Tumbling Supplies
Rock tumbling supplies
Rock Tumbling Supplies: A description of the supplies that you will need for tumbling: tumbler grit, polish, media and rough rock.

Kid's Rock Tumblers
Kid's Rock Tumbler
Kid's Rock Tumblers: A few rock tumblers have been designed to introduce children to the rock tumbling hobby at minimal cost.
Rock Tumbling Instructions
Rock tumbling instructions
Rock Tumbling Instructions: How to do the rough grind and fine grind phases of rock tumbling. Step-by-step instructions with tips.

Tumbler Rough
Tumbling rough
Tumbling Rough: Not all rocks are suitable for tumbling. Here's how to pick the good ones and prepare them for the tumbler.

Tumbled Gemstone Gallery
Tumbled Stones
Tumbled Stones and Gemstones: A bright collection of tumbled stones. Image © iStockphoto / Marco Cavina.
Rock Polishing Instructions
Rock polishing instructions
Rock Polishing Instructions: Detailed instructions for the prepolish, polish and burnishing steps of rock tumbling.

Rock Tumbler Grit
Rock tumbler grit
Rock Tumbler Grit: Information about the sizes of rock tumbler grit , the order to use them, how much to use and more.

Rock Tumbling Tips
Rock tumbling tips
Rock Tumbling Tips: Small bits of knowledge make a big difference when it comes to success. Here's our best tips.
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