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What is a Rock Tumbler ?

A rotary rock tumbler is a machine that can shape and polish rocks such as agate and jasper into beautiful tumbled stones. The operator places rough rock into the barrel of the tumbler along with abrasive grit and water, then seals the barrel. The machine turns the barrel on a pair of rollers and the rocks tumble in the barrel. The tumbling action and the grit smooth the rocks and round sharp points and edges. A sequence of progressively finer grits followed by a polishing step complete the process and yield brightly polished tumbled stones in about one month. Vibratory rock tumblers are similar but have a vibrating bowl instead of a rotating barrel. They are more expensive than rotary tumblers but they produce tumbled stones in less than 1/3 the time and are more economical to operate.
  Rotary rock tumblers
vibratory rock tumblers

Selecting A Rock Tumbler
Selecting a rock tumbler
Selecting a Rock Tumbler: Learn all about rock tumblers. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of rotary, vibratory and kid's model tumblers.

Rock Tumbling Supplies
Rock tumbling supplies
Rock Tumbling Supplies: A description of the supplies that you will need for tumbling: tumbler grit, polish, media and rough rock.

Kid's Rock Tumblers
Kid's Rock Tumbler
Kid's Rock Tumblers: A few rock tumblers have been designed to introduce children to the rock tumbling hobby at minimal cost.

Rock Tumbler Media
Rock Tumbler Media
Rock Tumbler Media is used to cushion the rocks from impacts in the barrel or as filler when you don't have enough rough to fill the barrel to capacity.
Rock Tumbling Instructions
Rock tumbling instructions
Rock Tumbling Instructions: How to do the rough grind and fine grind phases of rock tumbling. Step-by-step instructions with tips.

Tumbler Rough
Tumbling rough
Tumbling Rough: Not all rocks are suitable for tumbling. Here's how to pick the good ones and prepare them for the tumbler.

Tumbled Stones
Tumbled Stones
Tumbled Stones are small, rounded, brightly-polished rocks, minerals or gem materials that have been shaped and polished in a rock tumbler.

Rock Tumbler Polish
Rock Tumbler Polish
Rock Tumbler Polish is a powder with a very tiny grain size that is used in the final step of rock tumbling. It produces a bright polish on the rocks..
Rock Polishing Instructions
Rock polishing instructions
Rock Polishing Instructions: Detailed instructions for the prepolish, polish and burnishing steps. These are the steps that put a shine on your tumbled stones.

Rock Tumbler Grit
Rock tumbler grit
Rock Tumbler Grit: Information about the sizes of rock tumbler grit , the order in which they should be used, how much to use and more.

Rock Tumbling Tips
Rock tumbling tips
Rock Tumbling Tips: Small bits of knowledge make a big difference when it comes to success. Here is a collection of our best tips.
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