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Beginner's Guide to Volcanoes on
Landsat GeoCover Satellite Images

Volcanoes can be recognized by their radial drainage. A vent or caldera is often visible.

Satellite image of volcanoes in Washington
The blue ice-covered area in the northern portion of this image is the snowcap of Mount Rainier and the purple area in the lower left is the lahar and ash covered landscape surrounding Mount St. Helens. Washington state U.S.A.

Satellite image of volcanoes in Japan
Mount Fuji's red and purple summit is quite noticeable in this image. To the south is Mount Ashitaka, and to the southeast is the volcano Mount Hakone. Honshu, Japan.

Satellite image of Miyake-jima volcano
Miyake-jima can be seen with a billowing steam and ash plume. Northern Izu Islands, Japan.

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