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Fists Full of Gold

Fists Full of Gold Fists Full of Gold: How You Can Find Gold In The Mountains And Deserts by Chris Ralph.

An introduction to finding gold in stream and dry deposits. Learn about the geology of gold, equipment, techniques, basic prospecting and working a promising area.  This book is a 8 1/2" x 10 3/4" paperback with 362 pages.

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Fists Full of Gold
Table of Contents

Part I - The Lure and Fun of Prospecting

    A. Why Prospect? (An Introduction To Prospecting)
    B. Beginners Corner: Basic Questions and Answers

Part II - Modern Gold Mining Equipment

    A. Tools of the Modern Prospector
    B. Hand Tools: Panning, Crevicing, Sniping, Mossing
    C. Bulk Processing: Sluicing and High Banking
    D. Bulk Processing: Suction Dredging
    E. Maximizing Sluice Box Recovery on Dredges, High bankers, etc.
    F. Bulk Processing: Dry Washing
    G. Electronic Prospecting: Metal detecting
    H. Small Scale Commercial Operations
    I. Building Your Own Mining Equipment
    J. Cleanup, Processing and Sale of Your Finds (including Jewelry)

Part III - Basic Geology for Prospectors

    A. Basic Geology: Minerals
    B. Basic Geology: Common Rock Types
    C. Plate Tectonics and Mountain Building
    D. Hard Rock Gold Deposits and Prospecting for Hard Rock Deposits
    E. Models for the Formation of Hard Rock Gold Deposits
    F. Placer Deposits - Paystreaks and Placer Geology

Part IV - Gold Prospecting Techniques

    A. Researching and Prospecting Mineralized Areas
    B. Techniques for Finding and Working Gold Placers
    C. The Importance of Sampling in Gold Prospecting and Mining
    D. Procedures For Continued Success at Prospecting for Gold
    E. Prospecting For Large, Commercial Scale Gold Deposits

Part V - Appendices of Useful Information

    A. Glossary of Mining Terms
    B. Mining Claims in the USA and the 1872 Mining Law
    C. Clubs, Organizations, Magazines and Forums
    D. Estimating the Gold content of Quartz Specimens
    E. Platinum Placers and Nuggets (plus Diamonds, too)
    F. Hazards of Prospecting / Field Safety
    G. Locations to prospect for Pay - Advantages and Disadvantages
    H. Internet and Other Information Sources
    I. Where to Read Further: Recommended Books
    J. Meet the Author (see my website)


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