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A Globe is A Map of the Earth on a Sphere :-)

12-inch Navigator Globe
Only $79.99

Navigator: 12" World Globe

The Navigator is an excellent globe for home, classroom, or office. It has over 4000 named places and points of interest, it is the most detailed globe that we sell. It serves as an excellent reference or as a teaching and learning tool. This globe is a political-physical map of the earth on a sphere. Countries, cities, major lakes and rivers are presented in beautiful color. Mountain ranges and major physical features are shown in shaded relief, ocean depths in shades of blue with many islands shown and labeled. Major ocean trenches and ridges are shown in shaded relief. The base has a traditional cherry-stained finish. The gold-color die-cast meridian has a raised print latitude reference. These features make this globe a nice item of decor for home or office. Twelve inches in diameter, about eighteen inches high, non-illuminated, made of a high quality fiberboard.

12-inch Scout Globe
Only $54.99

Scout: 12" World Globe

The Scout world globe is a real bargain. Its twelve-inch diameter globe that, at first glance, looks exactly like the globe of the Navigator described above, but it has a little less detail. The shaded relief has a little less contrast and there is a smaller number of named places and points of interest. For many people and for younger students this is still an excellent world globe. The Scout saves money with a less elegant base and meridian. The Navigator (above) has a cherry-stained base and a cast metal meridian with raised-print latitude markings. The Scout (left) has a base and scaled meridian made with strong, high quality black plastic. The price difference is significant but the general appearance and function are similar. Twelve inches in diameter, about eighteen inches high, non-illuminated, made of a high quality fiberboard, a great value.

6-inch Blue Ocean Globe
Only $25.99

Blue Ocean: 6" World Globe

This Blue Ocean 6" is a small world globe that serves as a great teaching and learning tool for elementary and middle school students. Its educational value is very high when compared with the low cost. The Blue Ocean 6" is a political-physical globe. Countries are presented in vivid color and hundreds of major cities are shown. A blue color-gradient is used to show ocean depths and features. Major mountain ranges on land and important physical features of the oceans are shown in obvious shaded relief. The globe is six inches in diameter and stands a little over eight inches in height, non-illuminated. The base and the meridian are made from strong molded plastic. The sphere is made from smooth acrylic for durability. A wonderful globe for elementary and middle school students. We recommend the Scout or Navigator, above, for high school, college and office decor.

4-inch Swibel and Tilt Globe
Only $14.99

Blue Ocean: 4" Miniglobe

The Blue Ocean Mini World Globe is the perfect first globe for early elementary students. It is small, inexpensive, delightfully colored. Instead of a traditional meridian mount, the globe moves within a swivel and tilt base appropriate for small hands. Adults are fascinated by how the globe tilts and turns and children enjoy demonstrating how it works. The globe is labeled with conventions that children can easily learn. Continents, oceans and major seas are labeled in a strong uppercase white font. Major countries stand apart in brilliant colors and their names are marked in black uppercase font. Their capital and most important cities are labeled in smaller uplow font. The globe is small - just four inches in diameter and stands a little over five inches high. Non-illuminated. The base and swivel-and-tilt mounting are composed of a strong, durable plastic.

Save the World - Coin Bank
Only $9.99

"Save the World" Coin Bank

Children can learn about the world while saving money. This little globe can start a savings habit. Every visit to the globe will build familiarity with the world and its geography. The globe is made of strong plastic and turns within its meridian. It is a political globe with major world countries shown in bright attractive color. Makes a great room decoration with multiple uses. Major cities and most country capitals are shown. Because of the size of this globe some of the tiniest countries could not be shown. This is a fact for all small globes and maps. Measures about 5.5" in diameter and is about 7.5 tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the meridian.

Do-it-yourself paper globe
Only $7.99

Do-It-Yourself Paper Globe

This cleverly designed paper globe is a fun activity with no mess. Does not require scissors or glue to assemble. When assembled the globe shows oceans, countries of the world and their capital cities. Accompanied by educational materials, cards illustrating the flags of countries featured on the globe and full instructions. Includes information on the history of globes, how globes are made, and more. A free world time-zone map accompanies. The finished globe is about five inches in diameter. An afternoon of learning that can be revisited many times.