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Digging Tools for Metal Detecting

Digging tools
Garrett retriever digging tool

Garrett Retriever Digging Tool

This is a great digging tool for use in streams, forests, beaches and fields. The Garrett Retriever has a magnet built into the end of the handle that can pick up 5-pound objects and will help you quickly scan loose soil for pieces of iron or steel. Comes with a belt holster.
Only $29.95

Garrett treasure probe

Garrett Treasure Probe

Garrett Treasure Probe has a 5 1/4" shaft that can be used to probe the ground or remove materials from cracks and crevaces.
Only $8.95

Stainless steel trowel

Stainless Steel Treasure Trowel

Garrett's stainless steel treasure trowel has a ribbed, no-slip handle. On the inside of the blade is a gauge that measures in inches and centimeters. The stainless steel blade allows for digging in hard compact soils.

Temporarily Sold Out

Plastic treasure digger trowel

Plastic Digger Trowel

A tough polymer trowel for digging up treasures. Has a four inch ruler on the inside of the blade for hole depth measurements.
Only $3.95

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