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Metal Detectors and Accessories

Metal detector

Ace 250 metal detector deluxe sports pack

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Deluxe Pack

The Deluxe Sports Pack has everything the standard Ace 250 comes with plus five great accessories. Additional accessories are: 9" x 12" PROformance searchcoil, Ace Environmental Cover, TreasureSound Headphones, Garrett All Purpose Backpack and How to Find Lost Treasure Field Guide 3" x 5" pocket size book. You save over $50 when you purchase this deluxe pack over buying the accessories separately.

Out of Stock

PinPointer metal detector

Garrett Pro-Pointer Pinpointer Metal Detector

The Pro-Pointer is a water resistant pinpointer metal detector. Its key features include: proportional audio/vibration pulse rate indicator, 360 degree side scan detection, automatic tuning, belt holster, LED light for use in low light and a scraping blade for searching in the soil.
Regularly $149.95
On Sale! $129.95

Garrett retriever digging tool

Garrett Retriever Digging Tool

This is a great digging tool for use in streams, forests, beaches and fields. The Garrett Retriever has a magnet built into the end of the handle that can pick up 5-pound objects and will help clear junk metal from the site. Comes with a belt holster.
Only $29.95

Metal detector headphones

Garrett TreasureSound Headphones

Get yourself some TreasureSound Headphones so you don't miss a target because you couldn't hear your detector go off.
Only $19.95

Ace 250 coil cover

Garrett 6.5" x 9" Ace Coil Cover

Protect your searchcoil from scratching and chipping during use with a coil cover.
Only $14.95

Ace metal detector environmental cover

Ace Metal Detector Environmental Cover

Protect your metal detector electronics with an ACE Environmental Cover-up. This is a black polyester cover with velcro straps. The Environmental Cover has a clear window so you can continue your search for treasures even in foul weather.
Only $14.95

Ace metal detector armrest strap

Ace Metal Detector Armrest Strap

Replacement armrest strap for the Ace 250 metal detector.
Only $2.95

Ace metal detector instructional dvd

Ace Metal Detector Instructional DVD

An instructional DVD that will teach you how to use Garrett metal detectors to find lost coins, jewelry and other metal objects.
Only $9.95

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