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Estwing Geo Pouches - Three Pack

Clip on Geo Pouches
A set of three fabric pouches with zipper closures and one small carabiner. Hundreds of possible uses.

Estwing Geo Pouches

These small pouches are great for carrying small items and organizing your backpack, purse or field bag. Three different sizes and colors so you can tell them apart quickly (blue, gray, black). They are great for carrying pencils, pens and a notepad. Use one to store your mineral testing supplies. They are perfect for store specimens that you collect in the field, or store the contents of your pockets if you go for a swim. You can use them in the office too to organize a drawer.

  • The top of each pouch is made of a see-though mesh
  • Each pouch has a fabric loop to attach to your pack with a carabiner
  • Large Pouch Dimension: 9 inches wide by 7 inches high
  • Medium Pouch Dimension: 7 inches wide by 6 inches high
  • Small Pouch Dimension: 6 inches wide by 5inches high
  • One carabiner included

Only $7.99

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