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Arkansas Wall Map

This LARGE spectacular Raven Map of Arkansas measures 38" x 42"

Printed on heavy-weight, matte-finish paper at a scale of 1:500,000

Large Arkansas wall map

Large, spectacular, colorful and detailed are words commonly used to describe this Arkansas wall map. High elevation areas are shown in cream and brown colors such as the Ouachita, Boston and Caddo Mountains in the western part of the state and the rounded Crowley Ridge in the northeast. Low areas on this physical map are shown in greens with the meanders of the Mississippi River forming the complex boundary with Mississippi and Tennessee. The map includes many of the more important roads and hundreds of towns and cities.

This colorful wall map will make a spectacular display in your office, den or living room. Some people have them framed but the laminated maps will hang nicely on any wall without a frame. Researchers, scientists and historians often mount Raven Maps on a large bulletin board and use push pins and sticky notes to document important locations. Businesses often use dry erase markers on the laminated maps to mark sales regions or new business sites. These maps are as functional as they are impressive.

No county boundaries on the map. View a sample of the map detail here.


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