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California Subsidence
California delta subsidence
California Delta Subsidence: Problems put land and water supplies at risk.
Expansive Soils
Expansive soil map
Expansive Soil: Causes more damage than earthquakes, floods, hurricanes & tornadoes combined.
If it is not grown, it is mined.
Risk of Subsidence
Mineral rights
Mineral Rights - The Risk of Subsidence Mineral extraction can cause delayed damage to the surface which may not occur for decades after mining completion.
Oil is found first in the mind.
Liquefaction occurs when water-saturated soil is severely shaken and loses strength.
Subsidence Insurance
Homeowner's insurance
Homeowner's Insurance Does Not Cover Subsidence: The typical homeowners policy doesn't cover natural hazards. It is simply a fire and liability policy.

The present is the key to the past.
Subsidence and Coal
Subsidence and Coal Formation: About ten feet of plant debris will compact into just one foot of coal.
Geology underlies it all.

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