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What does an earthquake sound like?

Sound Files of Selected Earthquakes by USGS

Republished from portions of a USGS article titled "Listening to Earthquakes".

Earthquake Sound Files

Researchers at USGS have prepared sound files for a number of earthquakes. These are not direct recordings of earthquake sounds. Instead they are produced by making a speaker shake the same way that the ground was shaken during the earthquake - but much more rapidly.

You May Need a Plug-in to Hear Them

The sound files on this page are in .wav format. If your browser can't play them you will need to install a plug-in such as Apple QuickTime.

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Landers Earthquake

Sounds from the 1992 Magnitude 7.3 Landers Earthquake, recorded at Long Valley Caldera

Petrolia Earthquake

Sounds from the 1992 Magnitude 6.3 Petrolia Earthquake, recorded at Berkeley

Parkfield Earthquake

Sounds from the 1994 Magnitude 5 Parkfield Earthquake

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