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Spectacular Diamonds

Diamonds that are exceptional because of their size, color, clarity, crystal form or other property.

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13.33-Carat Pink Diamond

Gem Diamonds 13.33-Carat Pink: Gem Diamonds Limited announced that they had sold on tender, in Atwerp, Belgium, a 13.33-carat pink diamond for $8.8 million. The colored diamond was found in February 2019 at their Letseng Mine in Lesotho. Photo by Gem Diamonds.

What Makes a Diamond Spectacular?

Every year diamond mining companies find a number of spectacular diamonds. Some of these diamonds are spectacular because of their large size - often weighing hundreds of carats. Such large diamonds might sell for tens of millions of dollars. Others are spectacular because they are colored diamonds. A red diamond weighing just two carats can sell at an eight-digit price tag. Some are spectacular because of their exceptional quality. The rarity of these stones is what causes them to have such a high value.

Some mining companies make most of their profits from discovering a small number of spectacular diamonds. They find lots of small diamonds too, but a few carats of red or a few carats of violet or a 500-carat diamond can significantly move the price of the company’s stock. These diamonds also attract an enormous amounts of attention. Such is the work and the business of diamond mining.

Diavik Stars of the Arctic

The Diavik Stars of the Arctic: Rio Tinto and Dominion Diamond Mines have announced that three of their most spectacular diamonds, produced from the jointly-owned Diavik Mine in Northwest Territories, Canada, will be sold at auction on October 25, 2018. The collection is known as "The Diavik Stars of the Arctic" and includes: "Vega of the Arctic", a 177.71-carat diamond which they report is "one of the largest and most valuable gem-quality rough diamonds ever produced in Canada"; "Altair of the Arctic", a 59.10-carat diamond; and, "Capella of the Arctic", a 24.82-carat yellow diamond, which is an extremely rare find. In an average year, the Diavik mine only produces about five large yellow diamonds, representing less than 0.001 percent of annual production. Photo by Rio Tinto.

14.83-Carat Pink Diamond

ALROSA 14.83-Carat Pink: In February 2019, ALROSA announced that they plan to sell a pink oval-cut diamond weighing 14.83 carats. It is the largest pink faceted diamond ever produced in Russia. It was cut and polished in Russia from rough mined at the Ebelyakh alluvial deposit in Yakutia, Russia. ALROSA has been producing and selling a lot of colored diamonds over the past few years; it is possible that they will become the world's best-known source once the Argyle Mine closes sometime after 2020. Image by ALROSA.

yellow diamond crystal

Yellow diamond crystal: In December 2017, ALROSA announced the recovery of a 98.63-carat yellow-tinged octahedral diamond crystal from the Jubilee (Yubileynaya) Pipe, Sakha Republic, Russia. The crystal measures approximately 29 x 28 x 27 millimeters and contains inclusions of olivine, graphite, and sulfide minerals. During calendar year 2017, ALROSA recovered more than 20 large rough diamonds with a weight of over 50 carats from the Jubilee Pipe. This diamond crystal is extremely interesting. Its surface is covered with triangular dissolution features. Click to enlarge. Image by ALROSA.

552-carat yellow diamond

552-Carat Yellow Diamond: Dominion Diamond Mines announced on December 14, 2018, that a 552-carat yellow diamond was found at the Diavik Mine, located in Northwest Territories, Canada. They believe that this is the largest diamond ever found in North America. It surpasses the Foxfire, a 187.7-carat diamond, also found at Diavik in 2015, which is believed to be the previous largest diamond found in North America. Dominion plans to have the stone cut by a master diamond cutter and certified by the Canadamark program. (Rio Tinto PLC owns a 60% stake in the mine through their Diavik Diamond Mines subsidiary. Dominion Diamond Mines ULC owns a 40% stake in the mine through their Dominion Diamond Diavik Limited Partnership. Operations at the mine are managed by Diavik Diamond Mines.) Image by Dominion Diamond Mines. Click to enlarge.

ALROSA Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond from Ebelyakh: ALROSA discovered a spectacular 34.17-carat intensely colored yellow diamond at the Ebelyakh alluvial deposit in the Sakha Republic of Russia. It measured 20.17 x 19.65 x 15.1 millimeters in size. The discovery was announced in October 2017. The company has been finding a surprising number of colored diamonds. In November 2017 they sold a collection of 262 polished colored diamonds with a total weight of 209.35 carats. The sale was at an auction in Israel with a total value of USD 1.209 million. Image by ALROSA.

Large and Fancy Diamonds

Large and Fancy Diamonds: Lucapa Diamonds is earning a reputation for being a prolific producer of large diamonds from its Mothae kimberlite project in Lesotho and its Lulo alluvial project in Angola. The company has been producing many of the best and largest diamonds in the world. In addition, they are also discovering some nice colored diamonds with numerous yellows and a few pinks, some of which have also been large in size. Image by Lucapa Diamond Company.

The Argyle Violet

The Argyle VioletTM is a 2.83-carat polished oval cut from a 9.17-carat rough diamond. It has a color grade of "Fancy Deep grayish bluish violet." It is the largest violet diamond ever produced from Rio Tinto’s famous Argyle mine. It was presented in the 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. Rio Tinto reports that for every 25 million carats of rough diamonds produced at the Argyle mine, a single polished blue or violet Tender stone is produced. And in the 30 years of the Tender, just 12 carats of polished violet diamonds have been offered. Image Copyright 2016 Rio Tinto.

Argyle Everglow red diamond

The Argyle EverglowTM is a 2.11-carat polished radiant cut diamond found at Rio Tinto’s famous Argyle mine in Australia. It was presented in the 2017 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender as the largest Fancy red diamond ever presented in the 33-year history of the annual Tender. It was assessed by the Gemological Institute of America as a Fancy red VS2 diamond. Red diamonds are extremely rare, and less than 20 carats of Fancy red diamonds have been included in the Tender’s 33-year history. Image Copyright 2016 Rio Tinto.

910 carat Letseng diamond

The Letšeng 910 Carat is an uncut, D-color, Type IIa diamond found at the Letšeng Mine in Lesotho and announced in 2018. It is believed to be the fifth largest rough diamond ever recovered in the world. The Letšeng Mine is famous for producing large diamonds of exceptional color. It is the highest dollar-per-carat kimberlite diamond mine in the world. Image by Gem Diamonds.

The Argyle Semper Suite pink diamonds

The Argyle Semper Suite is a matched set of three Fancy Intense pink heart-shaped polished diamonds, cut from rough produced at Rio Tinto's famous Argyle mine. From left to right they weigh 0.60 carat, 1.31 carat and 0.58 carat. They were presented in the 2011 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. Image Copyright 2016 Rio Tinto.

the Strawn-Wagner diamond

Strawn-Wagner Diamond: The Strawn-Wagner Diamond was found at the Crater of Diamonds State Park as a 3.09-carat rough diamond by Shirley Strawn in 1990. She had it faceted into a 1.09-carat brilliant-cut gem. It was the first diamond to receive a perfect grade of 0/0/0 by the American Gem Society. Photo Courtesy of Crater of Diamonds State Park - the only producing diamond mine in the United States and the only diamond mine in the world where you can be the miner.

Lucapa yellow diamond

Bulk Sampling Surprise: Lucapa Diamond Company reports that they have found an 89.75-carat diamond during their bulk sampling program at their Mothae Diamond Project in Lesotho. Diamonds this large are a genuine rarity, and it is even more surprising that a diamond of this size is found during bulk sampling. The company said that they are "tremendously encouraged". Image by Lucapa Diamond Company.

Diamond from Finland

Diamond from Finland: This diamond crystal measures just 0.8 millimeters across. Why is it on this page full of spectacular diamonds? It is shown here because it was found in Finland, at a site that might become the first diamond mine in Europe outside of Russia - that is what’s spectacular. The diamond was found in a till exploration sample collected in the Finnish sector of the Karelian Craton by Karelian Diamond Resources. It represents the hope that a profitable diamond mine might be developed near the location where it was found. Exciting times for Finland and for the finders. We hope they find a major diamond deposit! Photograph by Karelian Diamond Resources.

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