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Estwing's Geo Belt Pac I and II

Used by geologists, environmental scientists, biologists, hydrologists and others who work in the field.
Estwing Geo Belt Pac
Geo Belt Pac II
36" to 44" Waist
Sold Out
Geo Belt Pac I
32" to 36" Waist

There are two different Estwing Geo Belt Pacs. The Belt Pac I fits waist sizes 32" through 36". It has a hammer loop, side pouch, water bottle pouch and main pouch (with two pockets). The Belt Pac II fits waist sizes 36" through 44". It has the same hammer loop, side pouch, water bottle pouch and main pouch (with two pockets) as the Belt Pac I, but it also includes a chisel pouch. Check the features and pouch dimensions of these bags below.

Estwing Geo Belt Pac Description:

Estwing Geo Belt Pacs are durable, comfortable and efficient ways to carry your gear in the field. Compared to a backpack, they put the weight of your gear above your hips instead of on your back. This lowers the weight on your body to a much more stable position for walking over uneven ground or scrambling over rocks and scree. Many people believe that this is also a much cooler position to carry your gear in hot weather. The pouches and hammer loops are easy to reach, and you don't have to take the belt off to get into them.

This is a very high-quality, professional-grade product. If you are surprised by the price, consider the quality materials and workmanship that go into this product and the number of components that are included. You can't buy all of that for $79 or $129.