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Fluorescent Mineral Collection

Fluorescent mineral collection
15-Specimen Kit
Only $36.99
10-Specimen Kit
Only $19.99
These collections contain labeled rock and mineral specimens that will fluoresce under ultraviolet (UV) light. Some of the specimens will respond to long wave UV light (LW 315-400 nm), some will respond to short wave UV light (SW 100-280 nm), and a few will respond to both short wave and long wave UV light. These are excellent kits for a student or anyone interested in fluorescent minerals and the study of how materials of different types behave under ultraviolet illumination. They are the perfect companions for the ultraviolet specimen lamp that is sold separately here.

Please note that the ultraviolet lamps or "black lights" sold in novelty stores will only work with some of the long wave specimens in these kits, and the effect will be weak. A long wave / short wave lamp of proper wavelength (sold here) is needed for proper study of these minerals.

Each kit is packaged in an attractive collection box with a white plastic compartmented liner. The specimens range in size from about 1 inch to a little over 1 ½ inch in maximum dimension. Each specimen has a small label with an identification number. This allows you to easily identify the specimens if they are removed from the box. The number also corresponds to an identification sheet that contains more information about each specimen. The sheet provides the number of each specimen, the name of the fluorescent mineral in each specimen, its fluorescent color, the wavelength of light (SW or LW) that activates the fluorescent response, and the geographic origin of the specimen.

10-specimen kit contents:
Mineral NameGeographic OriginFluorescent Color
HackmaniteCanadaOrange (LW)
WillemiteNew JerseyGreen (SW)
WerneriteCanadaYellow (LW)
CalciteMontanaCream (SW)
ChalcedonySouth DakotaLime Green (SW)
CalciteNew MexicoRed (SW)
ApatiteSouth DakotaOrange (LW)
Calcite / WillemiteNew JerseyRed / Green (SW)
AragonitePennsylvaniaCream (SW / LW)
FluoriteNew MexicoBlue (LW)

15-specimen kit contents:
Mineral NameGeographic OriginFluorescent Color
HackmaniteCanadaOrange (LW)
WerneriteCanadaYellow (LW)
OpaliteNew MexicoGreen (SW)
CalciteMontanaCream to Pink (LW)
ChalcedonyNebraskaGreen (SW)
CalciteNew MexicoRed (SW)
SeleniteTexasOrange (LW)
WillemiteNew JerseyGreen (SW)
ApatiteSouth DakotaOrange (SW)
FluoriteUtahBlue (LW)
Turritella AgateWyomingCream / Pink-Cream (SW / LW)
Fossil AlgaeWyomingCream (SW)
TremoliteUnknownPink / Pink/Orange (SW / LW)
CalciteMexicoRed (SW / LW)
Resinous CoalUnknownBlue-White / Yellow-White (SW / LW)