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Estwing Geo Rock Bag

The Estwing Geo Rock Bag is a high quality field bag that will keep your documents, gear and specimens organized in the field, increase your productivity, carry heavy materials comfortably and help you be more efficient in the field.

Estwing Geo Rock Bag

Estwing's Geo Rock Bag is a large, durable, water-resistant bag to carry your tools, safety glasses, maps, reference materials, specimens, water sample bottles, rain gear, food or other materials when you are in the field. Here are a few of its many features:
  • Two deep inner compartments (about 14"x14") perfect for maps and notebooks (large enough to carry a 4" stack of maps or reference documents - or a great place for your coat, snake leggings or rain gear - or for sample bags, water bottles and field specimens)
  • Metal external hammer loop
  • External pocket with velcro closure (about 2.5" x 2.5" x 7" deep) on left end of bag (perfect for chisels, compass, GPS, cell phone or other small tools)
  • External pocket with velcro closure (about 13" x 4") on the top flap of the bag (great for pens, small notebooks, color chart, glasses, compass)
  • External water bottle holster (on right side)
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with a rubber pad (a wide strap to distribute the weight)
  • Adjustable waist strap (keeps the bag close to your body and stable)
  • Constructed of 1000 Denier, Cordura Nylon
  • Lightweight, tear resistant and water resistant fabric.
  • Overall dimensions: 16" x 20" x 5"

Tips for Rock Bag Users:

  • Topo Maps: We slip our folded topos between two pieces of cardboard. These protect our maps in the bag and serve as a small writing table for taking notes in the field. Tape your stratigraphic column to the cardboard for fast reference.

  • Rock/Mineral Specimens: When we collect rocks we line the inside of the large compartment with a small trash bag to keep the compartment clean. We also carry some cloth sample bags and yesterday's newspaper. Wrap specimens in the paper, put them into a sample bag and pull the draw string - this keeps specimens in good shape until you get them home.

  • The Versatile Garbage Bag! We usually carry a large plastic garbage bag. Use it for wrapping unexpected specimens, keeping your gear dry, a dry seat during your lunch break, or poke a few holes in it to make an emergency raincoat!

  • The Waist Strap: Don't underestimate the value of this strap! Adjust it along with the shoulder strap so the bag is held comfortably against your hip or behind. You will be surprised at how much weight and wear it takes off of your shoulder. It is a safety feature too. Scrambling over boulders or skree is a lot safer when your bag isn't swinging like a pendulum. A bag of rocks banging against your hip all day can produce a painful bruise. Finally, this strap keeps your bag out of the way when you bend over to pick up a rock!

  • Better than a Backpack! If you have worn a backpack through a long, hot day in the field you know how much heat gets trapped between you and the pack. A hip-mounted rock bag does not trap as much heat. Also, the rocks in the bag will not be poking you in the back. This rock bag rides lower on your body and makes you more stable on uneven ground.

  • Don't Wear it Like a Purse! If you are right-handed you will probably wear the bag on your left hip or on the left side of your behind. The shoulder strap should cross your chest and rest on your right shoulder. The waist strap will keep the bag close to you and stable.

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