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rock chisels
Estwing has discontinued production of these high-quality rock chisels. As a result, our inventory is sold out except for the ERC-12 chisels. There are only a few left in stock, so get them before they're gone forever!
Safety Goggles

Estwing Safety Goggles

Always wear eye protection when using a rock hammer or doing chisel work. These goggles have a flat lens and soft sides that conform to your face. They fit easily over most prescription glasses and have a ventilated frame for air flow.
Only $4.99

12 inch chipping chisel

Estwing ERC-12C Rock Chisel

This is the Estwing ERC-12C rock chisel. It has a red polymer cap that provides a large impact surface and dampens sound when struck. The cushion grip reduces vibrations and is more comfortable to hold than a metal shaft in cold weather. Total length: 12". Point width: 5/8". Note: Maximum hammer weight for this chisel is 12 ounces.

Always wear eye protection when using this tool.
Only $22.99

hand lens

Hand Lens - Folding Pocket Magnifier

Geologists working in the field or in a lab often need to closely examine rocks, sediments, soils and other fine-grained materials. A hand lens provides a quick and easy way to perform that work.
Only $19.99