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Topographic Maps - "Topo Maps" from Google

Grab the map and drag it around. Use upper left buttons to zoom.

Please visit Digital-Topo-Maps.com for USGS topographic maps that can be printed as .pdf documents.

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Topographic maps are maps that show elevation. The brown lines on these maps are known as "contour lines". They trace points of equal elevation. For example: all points on a line labeled "1200" are 1200 feet above sea level.

Look around the map for other lines with numbers and you will easily be able to figure out which direction is uphill or down hill. Then, by studying the contour lines and the elevations you will be able to understand the topography of the map area.

Topographic maps are especially popular with hikers, hunters, geologists and others who traverse the land and need to know the shape of the landscape. You can use them to know the terrain of an area before you arrive or you can use them in the field for navigation. Topo maps also have an enormous importance to military operations.

The topo maps that you see here are provided by Google and we thank them for allowing us to display them on our website.

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Big thanks to Google for letting us use their maps to make a fun page like this!

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