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Alaska Waterfalls

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Alaska Waterfalls

Explore the waterfalls of Alaska on maps or satellite images. Click on a marker and use the zoom and pan tools in the lower-right corner of the map window to explore. Switch between maps and satellite images using the buttons in the upper left.

A list of Alaska Waterfalls is provided below. The waterfalls included in the list below and the map above are those shown on United States Geological Survey 7.5 minute topographic maps. Additional waterfalls are likely to be found - especially on intermittent streams.

Brooks Falls
Brooks Falls is located in Katmai National Park and Preserve, between Brooks Lake and Naknek Lake. This waterfall is a famous destination for wildlife photographers. Every year, salmon have to leap up Brooks Falls to reach their spawning ground at Brooks Lake. Because of this, the waterfall has become a seasonal hangout for hungry bears (and brave photographers). In this photo, a mama bear catches a fish as her cubs look on. Image copyright by iStockphoto / JohnPitcher.

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Alaska Waterfalls - AK Waterfalls
Alaska Chief Falls
58.305000 N
134.340000 W
Juneau B-2 SE
Beaver Falls
Ketchikan Gatew
55.381667 N
131.522778 W
Ketchikan B-5 NW
Bridal Veil Falls
59.569444 N
135.208333 W
Skagway C-1 SW
Bridal Veil Falls
61.070278 N
145.893611 W
Valdez A-6 SE
Brooks Falls
Lake and Penins
58.555278 N
155.789722 W
Mount Katmai C-6
Cheshnina Falls
61.858333 N
144.116389 W
Valdez D-1
Chitistone Falls
61.547222 N
142.174722 W
McCarthy C-4
Cynthia Falls
Kenai Peninsula
59.786111 N
153.208611 W
Iliamna D-1
Ebner Falls
58.311944 N
134.375833 W
Juneau B-2 SE
Falls, The
57.557778 N
134.354167 W
Sitka C-2
Falls, The
Southeast Fairb
64.929444 N
141.825833 W
Eagle D-2
Fish Ladder
Prince of Wales
55.293056 N
130.651944 W
Ketchikan B-2
Fultons Falls
Kodiak Island
58.133333 N
155.016667 W
Mount Katmai A-4 NE
Golden Gate Falls
Bethel (CA)
60.500833 N
160.170278 W
Bethel C-4
Grindstone Falls
58.216667 N
134.250000 W
Juneau A-1 NW
Hidden Falls
57.216389 N
134.874167 W
Sitka A-3
Horsetail Falls
61.068056 N
145.905556 W
Valdez A-6 SE
Kasnyku Falls
57.191111 N
134.832500 W
Sitka A-3
Kolevokharit Koygut Falls
Dillingham (CA)
59.783333 N
158.566667 W
Dillingham D-7
Liberty Falls
61.621389 N
144.545000 W
Valdez C-2
Lost Rocker Falls
58.266667 N
134.316667 W
Juneau B-1 SW
Lower Falls
Bethel (CA)
60.435278 N
160.093611 W
Bethel B-3
Nutkwa Falls
Prince of Wales
55.118611 N
132.539444 W
Craig A-2
Ohman Falls
60.591389 N
145.583056 W
Cordova C-5 SE
Petrof Falls
Lake and Penins
59.800000 N
154.950000 W
Iliamna D-6
Pitchfork Falls
59.531111 N
135.196389 W
Skagway C-1 SW
Rainbow Falls
56.422778 N
132.332778 W
Petersburg B-1 NW
Reid Falls
59.473333 N
135.284722 W
Skagway B-1 NW
Rudleston Falls
61.084167 N
145.891111 W
Valdez A-6 SE
Sahlin Falls
60.694444 N
145.966944 W
Cordova C-6
Silver Falls
Prince of Wales
55.979167 N
130.053056 W
Ketchikan D-1
Silver Salmon Falls
Prince of Wales
55.791389 N
133.094722 W
Craig D-4
Sockeye Falls
55.916667 N
133.000000 W
Craig D-4 NE
Suicide Falls
58.275556 N
134.353611 W
Juneau B-2 SE
Sweetheart Falls
57.945278 N
133.676667 W
Sumdum D-6
Thunder Bird Falls
61.442500 N
149.355556 W
Anchorage B-7 NE
Tikchik Falls
Dillingham (CA)
59.900000 N
158.133333 W
Dillingham D-6
Upper Falls
Bethel (CA)
60.363611 N
159.941667 W
Bethel B-3
White Falls
Aleutians West
51.786111 N
176.798611 W
Adak C-3
White Falls
Aleutians West
51.784722 N
175.768056 W
Atka B-6
Whiting Falls
60.990833 N
144.842500 W
Cordova D-3
Wolf Pass Falls
Prince of Wales
55.733889 N
132.856944 W
Craig C-3 NW
Wolverine Falls
Lake and Penins
58.547222 N
154.719444 W
Mount Katmai C-3
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