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Rock Hammers, Crack Hammers and Chisels

Pointed-Tip Rock Hammers
Pointed tip hammers
Pointed-Tip Hammers: Also known as "rock picks" and "hard-rock hammers". These are most often used by geologists working in areas of igneous and metamorphic rocks.
Heavy Rock Hammers
Sledge-Crack hammers
Crack Hammers: Also known as "hand sledges", these are heavy two, three, and four pound hammers that are used to break rock and for heavy chisel work.
Gold Pans
Gold pans
Gold Pans: The basic equipment for finding gold. Pick your size from a 10" light prospector to a deep 16" heavy-duty pan.
Chisel-Tip Rock Hammers
Chisel tip hammers
Chisel-Tip Hammers: Also known as "soft- rock hammers" and "bricklayer's hammers". They are most often used by geologists working in sedimentary rock areas.
Geo Rock Bag
Rock bag
Estwing's Geo Rock Bag: A durable field bag with many pockets for carrying maps, books, specimens, water bottles, tools and snacks for a day in the field.
Geo Belt Pac
Geo Belt Pac
Estwing's Geo Belt Pac: A durable field belt pack for carrying supplies and specimens. Available in two different sizes .
Rock Chisels
Rock Chisels
Rock Chisels: A variety of durable tools used for prying, breaking rock specimens and splitting rocks. A common tool used by rock, mineral and fossil collectors.
Hand Lens
Hand Lens
Hand Lens: A ten-power folding magnifier in a metal case. Many field geologists use hand lenses so frequently that they carry them on a cord around their neck.
Gfeller Leather Cases
Gfeller leather cases
Gfeller Leather Cases: Hammer holsters, field totes, acid bottle cases, Brunton cases, field note cases, lanyards & more.

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