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Rock Hammers and Crack Hammers

Pointed-Tip Hammers
Pointed tip hammers
Pointed-Tip Hammers: Also known as "rock picks" and "hard-rock hammers." These are most often used by geologists working in areas of igneous and metamorphic rocks.
Chisel-Tip Rock Hammers
Chisel tip hammers
Chisel-Tip Hammers: Also known as "soft-rock hammers" and "bricklayer's hammers." They are most often used by geologists working in sedimentary rock areas.
Heavy Rock Hammers
Sledge-Crack hammers
Crack Hammers: Also known as "hand sledges," these are heavy two-, three-, and four-pound hammers that are used to break rock and for heavy chisel work.
Gfeller Leather Cases
Gfeller leather cases
Gfeller Leather Cases: Hammer holsters, field totes, acid bottle cases, Brunton cases, field note cases, lanyards & more.
Hand Lens
Hand Lens
Hand Lens: A ten-power folding magnifier in a metal case. Many field geologists use hand lenses so frequently that they carry them on a cord around their neck.
Gold Pans
Gold pans
Gold Pans: The basic equipment for finding gold. Pick your size from a 10" light prospector to a deep 16" heavy-duty pan.