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Geology Books Covering Gold, Rocks, Minerals, Gems, Fossils and More

Roadside Geology Series
Roadside Geology and Geology Underfoot
Roadside Geology & Geology Underfoot: Learn about the Geology of your favorite state as seen from the highway!
Gemstone Books
Gemstone Books
Gemstone Books: Learn about all kinds of gems and gem materials.
Gold Books and Maps
Gold books
Gold Books: Over fifty books and maps to help you learn how to find gold and know where to look.
Earth Science Books
Earth Science Books
Earth Science Books: Learn about volcanoes, meteorites, extreme weather, dinosaurs and more.

Fossil Books
Fossil Books
Fossil Books: Learn about prehistoric life through fossils.
Rock and Mineral Books
Rock and Mineral books
Rock and Mineral Books: Lots of great books about rocks and minerals.
DeLorme Atlases
DeLorme Atlas
DeLorme Atlas: Get a complete state of topo maps in one convenient book. Streets, backroads, recreation areas and more.
Geology Dictionary
Dictionary of Geological Terms
Dictionary of Geological Terms: With definitions for over 5,000 geological terms, this book is a must-have for any geology student or professional geologist.