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General Geology and Earth Science Books

Please browse our selection of general geology and Earth science books. This page includes books on a variety of topics, such as volcanoes, meteorites, extreme weather, geysers, and more.

We also have separate sections for books about Rocks and Minerals, Gemstones, Fossils, Finding Gold, and the Roadside Geology series.

Dictionary of Geological Terms
Edited by Robert L. Bates and Julia A. Jackson

Only $19.99
All scientific disciplines have an essential vocabulary that students and professionals must understand to learn and communicate effectively. A geology dictionary that is used regularly is one of the most important tools for developing professional competence. A good dictionary should be on the desk of every geologist and within easy reach. This dictionary is compact and inexpensive at only $19.99.   More information.

How to Find Treasure From Space - The Expert Guide to Meteorite Hunting and Identification
by Geoffrey Notkin

Only $16.99
A comprehensive illustrated guide to recovering, identifying and understanding meteorites.   More information, table of contents.

101 American Geo-Sites You've Gotta See
by Albert B. Dickas

Only $23.99
This book shows you pictures, maps and locations of 101 of the most amazing geo-sites in the United States.   More information, table of contents.

Geysers: What They Are and How They Work
by T. Scott Bryan

Only $13.99
This book presents the basic information a person needs to understand what geysers are all about.   More information, table of contents.

Landforms of Southern Utah: A Photographic Exploration
by Richard L. Orndorff and David G. Futey

Only $16.99
A great book explaining the processes of formation and pictures of southern Utah's wonders, from the Basin and Range region to Natural Bridges National Monument.   More information, table of contents.

by Alain Carion

Only $19.99
Learn all the basics about meteorites, meteorite hunting and identification along with great photos.   More information, table of contents.

Chasing Lava: A Geologist's Adventures at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
by Wendell A. Duffield

Only $17.99
Dr. Duffield spent 3 years at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) studying and monitoring Hawaiian volcanoes. Most of his time was spent at the Kilauea Caldera.   More information, table of contents.

Climax: The History of Colorado's Climax Molybdenum Mine
by Stephen M. Voynick

Only $24.99
The Climax mine became the most successful American company of the Great Depression.   More information, table of contents.

Ice Age Mammals of North America: A Guide to the Big, the Hairy, and the Bizarre
by Ian M. Lange

Only $19.99
Colorfully illustrated descriptions of strange and marvelous beasts form the heart of this very informative, great book. What interesting creatures!   More information, table of contents.

Finding Fault in California
by Susan Elizabeth Hough

Only $19.99
With humor and ease, geologist Susan Hough leads you to California's most accessible and active faults, telling the stories behind the major tremblors that have shaken the region.   More information, table of contents.

Living Mountains: How and Why Volcanoes Erupt
by Jacques Kornprobst and Christine Laverne

Only $19.99
How do volcanoes work? Find out everything you ever wanted to know with this beautifully illustrated book.   More information, table of contents.

Weather Extremes of the West
by Tye W. Parzybok

Only $23.99
A rare and deadly twister rips through parts of Oregon and Washington. Haboobs strip paint off cars in Arizona. A dramatic two-hour temperature gyration breaks plate-glass windows in Spearfish, South Dakota. Read about some truly beastly weather in this cool book!   More information, table of contents.

Yogo, The Great American Sapphire
by Stephen M. Voynick

Sold Out
Here is a remarkable story backed by a century of rich Montana history - a fascinating tale that lay hidden in disjointed company files and correspondence, dusty geological reports, decades of yellowed newspaper clippings, and even in some of the works of Charles M. Russell.   More information, table of contents.

Rock Art Savvy: The Responsible Visitor's Guide to Public Sites of the Southwest
by Ronald D. Sanders

Only $17.99
Do you love rock art? This book includes all of the information visitors need for enjoying over 100 Indian petroglyph and pictograph sites in seven states.   More information, table of contents.

The Sternberg Fossil Hunters: A Dinosaur Dynasty
by Katherine Rogers

Only $15.99
Go back in time to the 1800s with the famous Sternberg Fossil Hunters, searching the wilds for treasure!   More information, table of contents.