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Finding Fault in California

Finding Fault in California

An Earthquake Tourist's Guide

California's seismic faults are largely responsible for the state's geologically diverse and dynamic landscape. With humor and ease, geologist Susan Hough leads you to the state's most accessible and active faults, telling the stories behind the major tremblors that have shaken the region. This 6"x9" paperback has 263 pages packed with detailed information, photos, and GPS coordinates of fault lines. See table of contents at the bottom of this page. Susan Elizabeth Hough, author.
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Finding Fault in California: An Earthquake Tourist's Guide
Table of Contents

    Chapter 1.   Introduction: History Lessons
    Chapter 2.   To Find Them You Have to Know What They Are
    Chapter 3.   Finding Fault in Los Angeles
    Chapter 4.   Finding Fault in the San Francisco Bay Area
    Chapter 5.   Finding Fault in Central California
    Chapter 6.   Finding Fault in the Desert
    Chapter 7.   Finding Fault in the Owens Valley
    Chapter 8.   Finding Fault Beyond the Borders
    Selected Reading and Resources
    About the Author


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