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Oregon Gold/Silver and Gems Maps

Oregon Gold/Silver and Gems Maps

by R.N./M.L. Preston

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A collection of 5 large maps covering the entire state of Oregon. These maps show gold and silver prospecting areas, and locations where the following gems and minerals have been found: agate, Apache tears, bloodstone, carnelian, chalcedony, feldspar, fossils, garnet, geodes, jade, jasper, limb casts, nodules, obsidian, opal, petrified wood, quartz, rhodonite, rhyolite, sagenite, serpentine, sunstones, thunder eggs, and tourmaline.

Oregon Gold/Silver and Gems Maps
Then and Now

Map 1
   Side 1: Oregon, Northwest Section
   Side 2: Oregon, Bohemia Mining District
Map 2
   Side 1: Oregon, Northeast Section
   Side 2: Oregon, Northeast Mining District
Map 3
   Side 1: Oregon, Southwest Section
   Side 2: Gold Placers, Southwest Oregon
Map 4
   Side 1: Oregon, Southeast Section
   Side 2: Oregon, Southern Oregon District 1904
Map 5
   Side 1: Oregon, Oregon 1900
   Side 2: Oregon, Recreational Mining