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Waterproof Notebooks

hip pocket note book

Waterproof Hip Pocket Notebook

These handy notebooks are just the right size to fit in your hip pocket. Durable polyethylene cover and waterproof paper keep your notes legible in any weather. 50 sheets with a light grid pattern - spiral bound - 4" x 6 ".

Only $4.99

hip pocket note book

Soft Grip Waterproof Pen

Soft grip waterproof pen

Only $11.99
The rubber-coated Space-Tec waterproof pen has a cushioned barrel and grip. This pen will write at any angle or temperature with black waterproof ink. 5 3/16 inches in length. Refills available here.

side spiral note book

Small Side Spiral Notebook
- Universal Pattern

This 4 5/8"; x 7" side spiral notebook has a durable polyethylene cover and waterproof paper to keep your notes legible in any weather. 32 sheets with a grid pattern.

Only $6.99

grid note book

Hip Pocket

Notebook Cover

Hip pocket notebook cover

Only $16.99 each

Keep your Hip Pocket Notebook and writing tools safe from damage in this durable Cordura ® cover. Zips closed with enough room to hold one notebook and four writing utensils. (Price is for cover only.)