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Waterproof Pens

The perfect pens for your field work. They write at any angle in all weather and temperature conditions with waterproof ink. They mark on all papers and fieldbooks sold in the Geology.com Store. Don't take chances with your important notes. If you are writing on waterproof paper, you should be using an ink that will not wash off.

Soft Grip Waterproof Pen

Soft grip waterproof pen

Only $11.99
The rubber-coated Space-Tec waterproof pen has a cushioned barrel and grip. This pen will write at any angle or temperature with black waterproof ink. 5 3/16 inches in length.

Military Pen

Military pen

Only $14.99
With a non-reflective black matte finish, this metal pen was designed with the military in mind. Writes at any angle in any weather conditions in black waterproof ink. 5 3/16 inches in length.

Black Medium Point Waterproof Pen Refill

Waterproof pen refill

Only $5.99
This refill fits any waterproof pen sold on this page. Refills write upside down, at any temperature, and in any weather, just like the cartridges that are included with the pens.