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Fluorescent Mineral Collections

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Fluorescent mineral collection
15-Specimen Kit
Only $37.99
10-Specimen Kit
Only $19.99
These collections contain labeled rock and mineral specimens that will fluoresce under ultraviolet (UV) light. Some of the specimens will respond to long wave UV light (LW 315-400 nm), some will respond to short wave UV light (SW 100-280 nm), and a few will respond to both short wave and long wave UV light. These are excellent kits for a student or anyone interested in fluorescent minerals and the study of how materials of different types behave under ultraviolet illumination. They are the perfect companions for the ultraviolet specimen lamp that is sold separately on this page.

Please note that the ultraviolet lamps or "black lights" sold in novelty stores will only work with some of the long wave specimens in these kits, and the effect will be weak. A long wave / short wave lamp of proper wavelength (sold on this page) is needed for proper study of these minerals.

Each kit is packaged in an attractive collection box with a white plastic compartmented liner. The specimens range in size from about 1 inch to a little over 1 ½ inch in maximum dimension. Each specimen has a small label with an identification number. This allows you to easily identify the specimens if they are removed from the box. The number also corresponds to an identification sheet that contains more information about each specimen. The sheet provides the number of each specimen, the name of the fluorescent mineral in each specimen, its fluorescent color, the wavelength of light (SW or LW) that activates the fluorescent response, and the geographic origin of the specimen.

10-specimen kit contents:
Mineral NameGeographic OriginFluorescent Color
HackmaniteCanadaOrange (LW)
WillemiteNew JerseyGreen (SW)
WerneriteCanadaYellow (LW)
CalciteMontanaCream (SW)
ChalcedonySouth DakotaLime Green (SW)
CalciteNew MexicoRed (SW)
ApatiteSouth DakotaOrange (LW)
Calcite / WillemiteNew JerseyRed / Green (SW)
AragonitePennsylvaniaCream (SW / LW)
FluoriteNew MexicoBlue (LW)

15-specimen kit contents:
Mineral NameGeographic OriginFluorescent Color
HackmaniteCanadaOrange (LW)
WerneriteCanadaYellow (LW)
OpaliteNew MexicoGreen (SW)
CalciteMontanaCream to Pink (LW)
ChalcedonyNebraskaGreen (SW)
CalciteNew MexicoRed (SW)
SeleniteTexasOrange (LW)
WillemiteNew JerseyGreen (SW)
ApatiteSouth DakotaOrange (SW)
FluoriteUtahBlue (LW)
Turritella AgateWyomingCream / Pink-Cream (SW / LW)
Fossil AlgaeWyomingCream (SW)
TremoliteUnknownPink / Pink/Orange (SW / LW)
CalciteMexicoRed (SW / LW)
Resinous CoalUnknownBlue-White / Yellow-White (SW / LW)

Fluorescent Mineral Kits - UV Lamp

uv lamp and flashight
This inexpensive lamp produces both longwave and shortwave ultraviolet light for examining fluorescent minerals and other items. It has an effective illumination distance of about 6 to 12 inches. This makes it a good lamp for classroom and office use, or for examination of hand-size specimens in the field. It is not powerful enough to search for fluorescent minerals in the field while walking.

The lamp requires four AA batteries (not provided) for operation. UV-blocking eye protection should be worn while using this lamp. Two pairs of UV-blocking polycarbonate safety glasses are included with the lamp.

Operating instructions for the lamp can be found at this link.

UV-blocking safety glasses
Large $2.99
Sold Out
One pair of UV-blocking polycarbonate safety glasses. UV-blocking eye protection should be worn while using a UV lamp because ultraviolet light can cause eye irritation or injury. These light-duty glasses also provide protection from moderate impact hazards, metal chips, particles, and sparks. Available in Large (Standard Adult) size and Small (Youth) size that is about 17% smaller.

Collecting Fluorescent Minerals
Only $29.99
by Stuart Schneider
Paperback, 8 1/2" x 11", 192 pages

This book provides an excellent introduction to fluorescent minerals and fluorescent mineral collecting. The best feature of this book is over 150 pages of photos that show mineral specimens in normal, shortwave and longwave light. That is approximately 1000 photos to help you learn about fluorescent rocks and minerals along with their properties.

The World of Fluorescent Minerals
Only $29.99
by Stuart Schneider
Paperback, 8 1/2" x 11", 192 pages

An introduction to fluorescent minerals, types of fluorescence, light sources, activators, how to find fluorescent minerals. The strength of the book is an extensive mineral identification guide with over 1000 photos across 160 pages. The photos in this book have very little duplication with the photos in "Collecting Fluorescent Minerals."