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Leather Hammer Holsters by Gfeller

Gfeller leather hammer holster
Gfeller rock hammer carriers are expensive - but they are made to last through a lifetime of use. Designed to fit Estwing and other popular tools.
Leather Rock Hammer Holster

Standard Rock Hammer Holster

The standard rock hammer holster is designed to carry the standard rock hammers used by the field geologist. It can carry a chisel-tip hammer or a rock pick. The long leather bridge supports your hammer and keeps it straight. The bridge is large enough to accommodate leather grip, rubber grip or cushion grip hammers. The safety strap and heavy snap keep your hammer from falling out. There are two loops to fit belts up to 2" wide.
Standard Holster

Crack hammer holster

Crack Hammer Holster

Have you ever carried a heavy crack hammer in an inexpensive belt loop? Yep, it is a great way to drop a hammer on your foot! If you have tried that, you will know the value of a holster with a long heavy bridge and an adjustable buckle and billet. This holster is designed to carry Estwing and other crack hammers between two and four pounds. The back has two slots that accomodate belts up to 2" wide.
Crack Hammer Holster

Swing hammer holster

Swing Holster

The swing holster has a durable metal pivot that connects the holster to the belt loop. This enables easy adjustment of the hammer to accomodate walking, sitting, kneeling and other working postures. The pivot is loose enough to allow easy adjustment but tight enough to allow you to walk without the hammer swinging wildly. A safety strap and a lift-the-dot fastener keeps your hammer from falling out.
Swing Holster