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Gfeller Leather Lanyards

Gfeller leather lanyards
  The Gfeller leather lanyard has a multitude of uses. It is the perfect way to carry a hand lens around your neck.  

Soft Leather Lanyards

The Gfeller lanyard is a favorite way to carry your hand lens, keys, or other frequently used small tools. Attach your hand lens and wear it around your neck. The 3/8" wide neck strap is made of very soft leather that will be almost unnoticable on your neck. The 42" length strap has an adjusting slide that allows you to customize the working length and fit. (Hand lens available below!)

Some people use the lanyards to carry keys, a knife or other small frequently used tools. Attach the lanyard to your belt loop and carry your keys or knife in your pocket. Just grab the lanyard and gently pull the keys from your pocket.

You can also attach the lanyard to your field case or backpack. This greatly reduces the risk of leaving your keys, knife or hand lens behind. The soft, supple leather easily tucks into one of the pockets of your pack.

hand lens

Hand Lens - Folding Pocket Magnifier

The hand lens is one of the most frequently used tools of the field geologist. (Many geologists also use them frequently in their office.) This hand lens is a 10x pocket magnifier with a durable metal case. When not in use, the lens folds into a protected position. This protects the lens from breakage and scratches. It has a metal loop for attaching a lanyard.
Only $19.99