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Leather Belt Cases for Small Tools by Gfeller

Gfeller leather tool cases
Gfeller belt cases are the highest quality belt cases that we have seen for carrying a Brunton compass, acid bottle or other small tools. Made of heavy leather to protect the contents and a sturdy snap to keep them closed.
Brunton Compass Case

Brunton Compass Case

Your Brunton compass will fit perfectly in this protective leather case and be held there securely with a strong metal snap. A small opening in the bottom of the case allows you to easily eject the Brunton by pushing it up with your finger. This standard-size case has been used by geologists for decades of hard field use. Has a loop on the back to fit belts up to 2" wide.

Acid Bottle Case

Acid Bottle Case

This stiff leather case will keep your acid bottle in an upright position and handy in the field. A round one-ounce squeeze bottle with screw-on cap is included. Keeping your acid bottle in a separate case reduces the possibility that other tools or equipment could be damaged by a leak. Has a loop on the back to fit belts up to 2" wide.

Gadget Belt Case

Gadget Belt Case

A handy leather case for carrying small field tools, hardness kit or electronic gadgets. Inside dimensions: 4-1/4" x 5" x 1-1/2". Has two loops on the back that will fit belts up to 2" wide.

One ounce acid bottle

1-Ounce Acid Bottle

These one-ounce dispensing bottles fit the acid bottle case sold above. They are used by geologists to carry dilute hydrochloric acid for testing carbonate minerals and rocks in the field. More Information. Not recommended for use with other types of acids, acids of higher concentrations, or for long-term storage.

Height: 3-3/8 inches
Diameter: 1-1/4 inches
3 for $9.99