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Earth Science Gifts

Check out these popular gift items!

If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a rockhound, a geologist, or anyone interested in science, you've come to the right place. Here we've rounded up some of our customers' favorite gift items to make your shopping a little easier.

Large Selection of Wall Maps

Wall maps are an important tool for communication, education and reference. They also are a great addition to offices, classrooms and lobbies. You can use a wall map to document your travels, projects, and business activities. We have maps of the world, continents, the United States, and more.

Fluorescent Mineral Kits

Discover the world of fluorescent minerals! We have everything you need: ultraviolet lamps for viewing the specimens, fluorescent mineral collections, UV safety glasses, and beautifully illustrated books to get you started.

Rock Hammers and Tools

We have many different geology tools for sale - various types of rock hammers, sledge hammers, leather field cases, and much more.

Waterproof Notebooks

Waterproof notebooks are a great gift for people who work or play outdoors! Select from a variety of notebooks, field covers, and waterproof pens designed for use in the field.

PuffinPaper - Synthetic Waterproof Paper

PuffinPaper is waterproof, tear resistant, puncture resistant, chemical resistant, and abrasion resistant. It works in any weather. You can print on it with laser printers, inkjet printers and plain paper copiers, or write on it with a standard ballpoint pen or waterproof pen.

Available in packs of 25, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, or 2,000 sheets. Choose from 2 thicknesses. More information.

Tumbled Stones

Everyone loves tumbled stones! You can use them in a wide variety of jewelry, craft and decorative projects. Teachers use them for lessons on classification and rock identification. Some people simply love to collect them. We see them in retail displays and as colorful photography props.

Hardness Picks

Mohs hardness testing will be a breeze with this set of high-quality hardness picks. Hardness picks make testing much easier and more precise - especially when testing small specimens or grains within a rock.

Gemstones of the World

by Walter Schumann

Only $24.99
Gemstones of the World is one of the most popular books ever written about gems and gem materials. Over one million copies have been sold.   More information, table of contents.

Rock and Gem - Smithsonian Guidebook

by Ronald Louis Bonewitz

Only $24.99
We use this book frequently. It is a textbook-size (7.0" x 9.25 ") book for reading, reference or study. Accurately written by highly qualified authors, it presents interesting facts about hundreds of different rocks, gems, minerals and fossils. Contains 360 pages with hundreds of full-color illustrations and index. This book is REALLY nice!   More information, table of contents.

Roadside Geology Books

Learn about the geology of your favorite state on your next road trip! With maps, photos and expert descriptions, the Roadside Geology and Geology Underfoot series are ready to be your guide!   Find your state.

We have a large selection of other great books!

Find books about Gemstones, Rocks and Minerals, Fossils, Finding Gold, General Geology Topics, and the Roadside Geology / Geology Underfoot series.

Gold Panning Kits

Have you ever panned for gold? Anyone can do it! We have gold panning kits with everything you need to get started. We also sell individual gold pans, classifiers, snuffer bottles, and a large selection of gold maps and gold books that show you where and how to find gold.

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