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Geology and Earth Science Articles by Category

VolcanoesVolcanoes Volcanoes: Articles about volcanoes, volcanic hazards and eruptions past and present. MineralsMinerals Minerals: Descriptions, photos, articles, properties and uses for common minerals. RocksRocks Rocks: Galleries of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock photos with descriptions. Plate TectonicsPlate Tectonics Plate Tectonics: Articles, maps, information about plate tectonics and the interior of Earth.
Oil and GasOil and Gas Oil and Gas: Articles about oil and natural gas in the US and around the world. FossilsFossils Fossils: Learn about fossils and fossil discoveries around the world. EarthquakesEarthquakes Earthquakes: Learn about earthquakes and how they have affected cities and people. Impact EventsImpact Events Impact Events: Articles and images about impact events on Earth, moons and planets.
Historical GeologyHistorical Geology Historical Geology: Articles about the history of the Earth and the events that have shaped it. AstronomyAstronomy Astronomy: Fantastic images and articles about solar system and deep-space astronomy. GemstonesGemstones Gemstones: Fantastic images and articles about diamonds and colored stones. WaterWater Water Articles, press releases and teaching resources for surface and ground water.
Climate ChangeClimate Change Climate Change: A collection of articles on climate change and it\'s diverse impacts. DiamondsDiamonds Diamonds: Learn about the properties of diamond, its many uses and diamond discoveries. HurricanesHurricanes Hurricanes: Information about how these storms occur and the damage that they produce. TsunamiTsunami Tsunamis: Articles and press releases about tsunamis and earthquakes that trigger them.
Earth Science RecordsEverest Earth Science Records: Highest mountain, deepest lake, biggest tsunami and more. SubsidenceSubsidence Subsidence: Articles, maps and news about mine, cavern and fluid-production subsidence. OceanographyOceanography Oceanography: Articles, press releases and teaching materials related to oceanography.  

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