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Where is Antarctica?

Antarctica Map

Antarctica Information:

Antarctica is the ice-covered continent of the southern hemisphere. Antarctica is surrounded by the Southern Ocean, and most of the continent is below the Antarctic Circle.

Antarctica Bordering Countries:


Antarctica Claims:

Numerous countries make claim to portions of Antarctica and Exclusive Economic Zones offshore. There are numerous disputes over these claims.

Antarctica Locations:

Amundsen Sea, Ross Sea, Kong Hakon VII Hav, Weddell Sea, Bellingshausen Sea, Ross Ice Shelf, Ronne Ice Shelf, Shackleton Ice Shelf, Prydz Bay, Brunt Ice Shelf, Filchner Ice Shelf Ellsworth Mountains, Transantarctic Mountains, Palmer Land, Antarctic Peninsula, Larsen Ice Shelf, Oates Land, Victorialand, Queen Elizabeth Range, Subglacial Lake Vostok.

Antarctica Natural Resources:

Deposits of numerous minerals (iron ore, copper, gold, chromium, platinum, coal, oil, natural gas) are known to exist. However, there has been no significant exploitation to date.

Antarctica Natural Hazards:

Blizzards, cyclonic storms, volcanism, icebergs.

Antarctica Environmental Issues:

NASA has recognized an ozone "hole" above the continent which will allow increased levels of ultraviolet light to penetrate the atmosphere. This could damage the DNA of some marine organisms. Significant areas of the continental ice cover and ice shelves are at risk to melting from global warming.
Copyright information: The satellite image and map was produced by NASA and the Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica Project.

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