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M 7.5 Earthquake Hits Papua New Guinea
February 25 | United States Geological Survey

Where is Papua New Guinea?
February 25 | Geology.com
Papua New Guinea map
A Frac Sand Shortage Could Slow the U.S. Shale Boom
February 25 | Business Insider
What is Frac Sand?
February 25 | Geology.com
frac sand
Frac Sand: Close-up view of frac sand (on the right) and a typical sand of similar grain size (on the left). Notice how the frac sand has a more uniform grain size, nicely rounded grain shapes, and a uniform composition. It is also a very tough material that can resist compressive forces of up to several tons per square inch. Grains in this image are about 0.50 millimeter in size. Photo copyright by iStockphoto / BanksPhotos.

Laser Mapping Shows Ancient City in Mexico Contained 40,000 Buildings
February 25 | Smithsonian.com
Fortified, But Still in Peril, New Orleans Braces for Its Future
February 24 | The New York Times
Left to Louisiana*s Tides, A Village Fights for Time
February 24 | The New York Times
Draft List of Critical Minerals
February 24 | Office of the Federal Register
Interior Department: The U.S. Should Boost Domestic Production of 35 Critical Minerals
February 14 | Mining.com
Uraninite: Radioactive and the Most Important Source of Uranium
February 24 | Geology.com
Botryoidal Uraninite crust from the Niederschlema-Alberoda deposit, Saxony, Germany. Scale unspecified. Photo by Geomartin, used here under a GNU Free Documentation License.

Two Storage Tanks Removed from Service at Sabine Pass LNG Terminal
February 24 | Energy Information Administration
Resource-Rich Mongolia Rejects a Cap on Foreign Workers for 2018
February 23 | Mining.com
Where Is Mongolia?
February 23 | Geology.com
Mongolia Map
Time-Lapse Sequence of Jupiter*s South Pole
February 23 | NASA
Jupiter South Pole
What's Inside Mars?
February 23 | NASA

Rocks on Mars
February 23 | Geology.com
rocks on Mars
This photograph was taken by NASA*s Mars Rover Curiosity in 2012 using its mast camera in the Gale Crater. It shows a portion of an outcrop with a sedimentary structure similar to the cross-bedded sandstones found on Earth.

Neanderthal Origin of Iberian Cave Art (Plus How the Age of the Art is Determined)
February 23 | University of Southampton

Rock Art Photo Gallery
February 23 | Geology.com
Cueva de las Manos (Spanish for Cave of the Hands) is a series of caves in Argentina where ancient people painted on the walls starting over 9,000 years ago. The wall above is one of many that is covered with hand silhouettes. These silhouettes are thought to be made by the artist placing a hand on the wall and then blowing liquid pigment through a hollow bone to spray-paint the wall. The paintings in the caves are so significant that Cueva de las Manos, Patagonia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Image copyright be iStockphoto / edurivero.

Apple In Talks to Buy Cobalt Directly from Miners
February 23 | Mining.com
Toyota Will Make Cheaper Electric Motors by Halving Use of Rare Earth Neodymium
February 23 | Mining.com
What Are Rare Earth Elements?
February 23 | Geology.com
rare earth elements
The Rare Earth Elements are the 15 lanthanide series elements, plus yttrium. Scandium is found in most rare earth element deposits and is sometimes classified as a rare earth element. Image by Geology.com.

A Self-Taught Astronomer Spotted Something No Scientist Had Ever Seen
February 23 | The Washington Post
New Forever Stamp: Bioluminescent Life
February 23 | United States Postal Service
bioluminescent life
Tight Oil Remains the Leading Source of Future U.S. Crude Oil Production
February 23 | Energy Information Administration
production from tight reservoirs
Diamond Discovery in Western Australia*s Remote Kimberley Brings Renewed Hope to Australian Diamond Industry
February 22 | ABC News (Australia)
Brown Diamonds from Australia*s Argyle Mine
February 22 | Geology.com
brown diamonds
Beautiful Brown Diamonds: Three champagne-colored diamonds from Rio Tinto*s Argyle mine in Western Australia clearly demonstrate the beauty of brown diamonds. Image Copyright by Rio Tinto 2016.

Alaska Governor Asks Legislature to Fund a Seismic Survey of the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
February 22 | Juneau Empire
The state might be willing to spend $10 million, hoping to increase the value of a future lease sale... or totally kill interest in the sale.
What Are *Frac Hits*?
February 22 | Midland Reporter-Telegram
They are not a good thing. They occur when the hydraulic fracturing in a new well communicates with an existing well. They are becoming more common as companies increase the driling density in previously drilled areas.
BHP Billiton Accelerates Planned Exit from Its $10 Billion U.S. Shale Investment
February 22 | Bloomberg
The Meteorite That Killed the Dinosaurs May Have Also Triggered Underwater Volcanoes
February 22 | Smithsonian.com
Legislation Mandates Additional Sales of U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Crude
February 21 | Energy Information Administration
selling the strategic petroleum reserve
Video: Lunda Norte Alluvial Diamond Project, Angola
February 21 | Lucapa Diamonds

Where Is Angola?
February 21 | Geology.com
map of Angola
Secret Recovery of a Lost Russian Submarine Under the Cover of Seafloor Nodule Mining
February 21 | BBC
New Study Brings Antarctic Ice Loss Into Sharper Focus
February 21 | NASA
New Shaft Will Extend EU*s Largest Gold Mine to 2035
February 21 | Mining.com
The Countries Poised To Become *Renewable Superpowers*
February 21 | Smithsonian.com
How Exploding Beetles Can Survive Being Eaten Alive
February 21 | Smithsonian.com
Colorado: Niobrara Region Expected to Produce 579,000 Barrels of Oil Per Day in March
February 21 | Colorado Public Radio
Fresh Insights into What Protects Antarctica*s Ross Ice Shelf
February 21 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Wall Map of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean
February 21 | Geology.com Store
map of Antarctica
Pipeline Permits May Be Harder to Get When the Product is Leaving the Country
February 20 | Houston Chronicle
Ethane Production to Increase as New Petrochemical Plants Come Online
February 20 | Energy Information Administration
ethane production
Investors Have a Hard Time Trusting the Mining Sector
February 20 | Mining.com
U.S. Commerce Department Proposes Hefty Import Tariffs and Quotas on Steel and Aluminum
February 20 | Mining.com
Median Basic Annual Salary for Doctorate Recipients in Various Fields (2016 Data)
February 20 | National Science Foundation
Why Hard Hats Are a Good Idea
February 20 | Black and Veatch

Seismic Data from Smartphones
February 20 | GEOSTRATA
This Coal Mining Company Shows Why a Rescue of the Industry is so Difficult
February 20 | Mining.com
Rio Tinto*s Mongolian Copper Worries Mount
February 20 | Mining.com
Uses of Copper
February 20 | Geology.com
uses of copper
Statue of Liberty: In 1886, the Statue of Liberty represented the largest use of copper in a single structure. To build the statue, about 80 tons of copper sheet was cut and hammered to a thickness of about 2.3 millimeters (3/32 inch), or about that of two U.S. pennies placed together. Photo copyright iStockphoto / A. Harris.

Five Takeaways from Trump*s Proposed Budget for NASA
February 20 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Scientific Row over Renewables Leads to Free Speech Legal Fight
February 20 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Should critics of scientific research be subject to being sued if they publish their objections? Isn't that part of advancing science? Isn't that part of putting your ideas out there?
Some Places Flourished in the Little Ice Age. There Are Lessons for Us Now.
February 20 | The Washington Post
Gulf Stream Slowed as Hurricanes Struck
February 19 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
White House Budget Plan Presents a Mixed Picture for Science
February 19 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
*I Came Across Blood*: Dramatic 911 Calls Recount Mount Hood Winter Climbing Death
February 19 | The Washington Post
U.S. Coal Production, Exports, and Prices Increased in 2017
February 19 | Energy Information Administration

Coal Through a Microscope
February 19 | Geology.com
coal through a microscope
Splint Coal: This is a highly magnified view of a thin-section of splint coal in transmitted light. The large yellow object in the center of this image is a spore - a reproductive cell of the coal-forming vegetation. It is about two millimeters long. The spore was probably round before it became part of the coal-forming plant debris. It was squeezed flat after burial. The thin red bands running horizontally across this view... more.

Fura Gems to Restart Colombia*s Iconic Coscuez Emerald Mine in April
February 19 | Mining.com
What Are Emeralds?
February 19 | Geology.com
Emeralds from Russia: Photograph of emerald crystals in mica schist from the Malyshevskoye Mine, Sverdlovsk Region, Southern Ural, Russia. The large crystal is about 21 millimeters in length. Photograph copyright by iStockphoto and Epitavi.

Free Printable Calendars for March 2018
February 19 | WaterproofPaper.com - affiliated with Geology.com
March calendar
New Mud Volcano in Trinidad and Tobago
February 18 | AccuWeather
7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Mexico
February 18 | Accuweather
M 7.2 Earthquake 37km NE of Pinotepa de Don Luis, Mexico
Feburary 18 | United States Geological Survey
M 4.4 Earthquake felt across much of England and Wales
February 18 | BBC
Washington, D.C., Has Given the Boring Company a Permit for a Possible Hyperloop Station
February 18 | Fortune
A *Landowner Rights* Bill in West Virginia
February 17 | Associated Press
A lot of people don*t like the title of this bill.
TransCanada Expands Other Gas Pipelines With Keystone XL in Limbo
February 17 | Bloomberg
Map of the NGTL Pipeline System (NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.)
February 17 | Government of Canada National Energy Board
What Are Geodes?
February 17 | Geology.com
The Story in the Rock: A spectacular sawn and polished geode specimen with multiple layers of colorful agate and a crystal-filled central cavity. Each colored band represents an episode of agate formation and a change in the composition of the groundwater that delivered mineral material into the geode. Image copyright by iStockphoto / WojciechMT.

U.S. Budget Contains Provisions to Triple the Tax Credit for Injecting CO2 that Drives Production
February 17 | Reuters
Free Printable Polar Coordinate Graph Paper
February 16 | WaterproofPaper.com - affiliated with Geology.com
polar coordinate graph paper
An Iceberg Flipped Over, and Its Underside Is Breathtaking
February 16 | Smithsonian.com
Lawmakers Propose a Tax Cut for Oil and Gas in Wyoming
February 16 | Casper Star Tribune
Gulf Coast LNG Exports Soon Expected to Dominate Global Markets
February 16 | Houston Chronicle
What is LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas?
February 16 | Geology.com

Image after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Mars Rover Opportunity: 5,000 Solar-Powered Days on Mars
February 16 | NASA
Lucapa Recovers First Diamonds from Mothae Mine in Lesotho
February 16 | Mining.com
Where is Lesotho?
February 16 | Geology.com
Map of Lesotho
Congress Mulls Options for Abandoned Mines Legislation
February 16 | Earth Magazine
Abandoned Mine and Quarry Accidents Claim Several Lives per Year
February 16 | Geology.com
Capital Investment in Upstream Oil and Natural Gas Industries
February 16 | Energy Information Administration

Arkansas: One of the Top 10 Natural Gas-Producing States with Almost 3% of U.S. Reserves
February 16 | Energy Information Administration
The Arkansas Diamond Deposit
February 16 | Geology.com
Arkansas diamonds
Lamproite Pipe: Simplified cross-section of a lamproite pipe and residual soil deposit. The *Crater of Diamonds* is part of a volcanic feature that is known as a *maar."

Greens Sue Trump Over Fracking Waste in Gulf
February 15 | The Hill
America*s Supertanker Terminal Set to Export Oil for the First Time
February 15 | Bloomberg
Trump: *We Have Ended The War On American Energy*
February 15 | Forbes
ExxonMobil Says It Plans to Invest Billions in U.S. Because of Tax Cuts
February 15 | The Washington Post
Palladium Price Rally May Impact the Cost of Catalytic Converters
February 15 | Mining.com
Philippines Wants Foreign Research Ships Out of Its Waters
February 15 | ABC News
Where Is The Philippines?
February 15 | Geology.com
The Philippines
Ant Hill Garnets ?
February 15 | Geology.com
ant hill garnet
They are called "ant hill garnets" because they are found on and around the margins of ant hills. The ants encounter the garnets while excavating their underground passages. The ants haul the stones to the surface and discard them. The rain washes the garnets clean and moves them down the flank of the ant hill, where they can accumulate in large numbers. This concentrates the little gems and makes them easy for people to collect. Their brilliant luster and red color contrasts strongly with the surrounding soil.

U.S. Imports of Solar Photovoltaic Modules Mainly Come from Asia
February 15 | Energy Information Administration

The World*s Largest Gold Project Just Got Even Bigger
February 14 | Mining.com
Abandoned Mine and Quarry Accidents Claim Several Lives per Year
February 14 | Geology.com
abandoned mines
Since 2001, over 200 people have died by drowning at abandoned mine sites in the United States. ATV accidents and falls are other leading causes of death.

What*s Behind Cape Town*s Water Woes?
February 14 | Smithsonian.com
Where Is Cape Town?
February 14 | Geology.com

Cape Town is located on the southeastern coast of South Africa, on the Cape of Good Hope.

U.S.A. Proved Reserves of Total Natural Gas Increased 5% (Year-End 2016)
February 14 | Energy Information Administration
total natural gas proved reserves
Soaring Cobalt Prices Have Battery Makers Scrambling
February 14 | Mining.com