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USGS Rolls Out Groundbreaking Earthquake Study: The HayWired Earthquake Scenario
April 19 | United States Geological Survey

The U.S. Is Finally Getting a System to Warn When an Earthquake Is Coming
April 19 | Slate
Tiny Nebraska Town Buzzing About 6th Small Earthquake to Hit in a Week
April 19 | Omaha World-Herald
Kilauea Volcano Showing Signs of Increased Activity
April 19 | Big Island Now
How the Panama Canal Took a Huge Toll On the Contract Workers Who Built It
April 19 | Smithsonian.com
How to Catch a Glimpse of This Weekend*s Lyrid Meteor Shower
April 19 | Smithsonian.com
55 Years After Thresher Disaster, Navy Still Keeps Secrets on Sub Loss
April 18 | Military.com
NASA*s New Exoplanet Satellite Has a Better Shot of Finding Life Close to Home
April 18 | Wired
TESS -- Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite
April 18 | NASA
TESS exoplanet survey
Huge Water Project in California - No Potential Successor Supports It
April 18 | Los Angeles Times
Oil Embargos Between Canadian Provinces?
April 18 | Bloomberg
The Secrets of Garnet Reveal Source of Water To Fuel Powerful Volcanoes and Earthquakes
April 17 | April 17
Color Varieties of Garnet
April 17 | Geology.com
color varieties of garnet
Gem Garnets: Most people think that garnet is a red gemstone. However, garnet occurs in a wide variety of colors. Clockwise from the top left: red almandine (Madagascar), green tsavorite (Tanzania), yellow mali (Mali), orange spessartite (Mozambique), pink malaya (Tanzania), green merelani mint (Tanzania), red pyrope (Ivory Coast), green demantoid (Namibia), purple rhodolite (Mozambique), and orange hessonite (Sri Lanka). Seven out of eight of the garnets above are from Africa, the relatively new source of spectacular garnets.

A New Measurement of Seismic Energy Release that Can be Applied to Large Earthquakes
April 17 | University of California, Santa Cruz
Modeling Future Earthquake and Tsunami Risk in Southeast Japan
April 17 | University of Massachusetts Amherst
Decade of Fossil Collecting in Africa Gives New Perspective on Triassic Period, Emergence of Dinosaurs
April 17 | University of Washington
Remarkable Twinned Calcite Inclusion In Mogok Ruby
April 17 | Gemological Institute of America
By River, Ocean, or Winds, Rocks Round the Same Way
April 17 | University of Pennsylvania
Try Your Own Rock-Rounding Experiments in a Rock Tumbler
April 17 | RockTumbler.com (affiliated with Geology.com)
Thumler's Model B Rock Tumbler
New Study in Oxygen-Deprived Black Sea Provides Insights on Future Carbon Budget
April 17 | University of Miami
Black Sea
Satellite image of the Black Sea by Norman Kuring, NASA.

Ethiopian Emerald: The Greatest Gem Find in 100 Years?
April 17 | JCK Online
Emerald: The Bright Green Gem of the Beryl Mineral Family
April 17 | Geology.com
Emeralds from Russia: Photograph of emerald crystals in mica schist from the Malyshevskoye Mine, Sverdlovsk Region, Southern Ural, Russia. The large crystal is about 21 millimeters in length. Photograph copyright iStockphoto / Epitavi.

New Mexico Oil and Gas Production Increases Tax Revenues
April 17 | Associated Press
Median Costs of Field Camp Attendance at US-based Institutions
April 17 | American Geosciences Institute

Geology Field Camps - A Comprehensive Listing
April 17 | Geology.com
field camp
Hawaiian-Language Newspapers Illuminate 1871 Hurricane
April 16 | University of Hawaii
Where*s the Greatest Risk of a Mosquito Bite in Baltimore? A Surprising Answer
April 16 | National Science Foundation
To Shore Up California Beaches, Just Add Sand?
April 16 | University of California, San Diego
Sand Grains From Around the World and Beyond
April 16 | Geology.com
sand on Mars
Sand Grains on the Surface of Mars: The ancient environment of Mars had streams, shorelines, alluvial fans and other sedimentary environments where sand grains were deposited. Today, many areas on Mars are covered with sand dunes and other aeolian features. The planet also has lots of sandstone exposed in the walls of its many impact craters. The largest grain at the top of this image is about 2 millimeters in diameter. Photo by NASA*s Mars Curiosity Rover.

*Habitable Worlds* - ASU Online Science Course Brings to Life a New Way of Teaching
April 16 | Arizona State University
Paleontologists Put the Bite on an Ancient Reptile from New England
April 16 | Yale News
Free Printable Calendars for May 2018
April 16 | WaterproofPaper.com - affiliated with Geology.com
may calendar
The Very Deep Origin Of The World*s Biggest Diamonds
April 16 | Gemological Institute of America
Global Bauxite Production to Grow
April 16 | Mining.com
What is Bauxite?
April 16 | Geology.com
Bauxite From Demerara, Guyana: Some specimens of bauxite do not have the pisolitic structures. Specimen is approximately 4 inches (10 centimeters) across.

*Urban Mining* in South Korea Pulls Rare Battery Materials from Recycled Tech
April 15 | Mining.com
Five Takes on the Future of Fossil Fuels
April 15 | Mining.com
Where Is Syria?
April 15 | Geology.com
map of Syria
Lucara Recovers a 472-Carat Light Brown Diamond at Karowe
April 14 | Mining.com
light brown Lucara DiamondImage by Lucara Diamond.
All About Brown Diamonds
April 14 | Geology.com
brown diamonds
Beautiful Brown Diamonds: Three cognac-colored diamonds from Rio Tinto*s Argyle mine in Western Australia clearly demonstrate the beauty of brown diamonds. Image Copyright 2016 Rio Tinto.

Impact of Electric Cars in Medium-Term Copper Demand is *Overrated*
April 14 | Mining.com
Scientists Discover New Ocean Current off Madagascar
April 14 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
James Reilly to Take the Helm at USGS
April 14 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Texas Producing More Oil With Fewer People, Rigs
April 14 | Houston Chronicle
Mississippi River Diversions Will Produce New Land, But More Slowly than Shoreline Is Lost
April 13 | National Science Foundation

Copper Price Bears Are Out as First Surplus in Six Years Predicted
April 13 | Mining.com
Uses of Copper
April 13 | Geology.com
uses of copper
Uses of Copper: This graph shows how copper was used in the United States during 2017 by industry sector. As an example: copper used in building construction could have been used for wiring, plumbing, weatherproofing and many other individual types of use. Data for this chart is from the United States Geological Survey Mineral Commodity Summary for 2018.

A British Miner About to Start Pouring Silver in Russia
April 13 | Mining.com
The Many Uses of Silver
April 13 | Geology.com
uses of silver
Silver Past in Electronics:Printed electronics like RFID tags rely on silver paste. Image copyright iStockphoto / JacobH.

New Gold Mine in Ivory Coast Declares Commercial Production
April 13 | Mining.com

Where Is Ivory Coast?

map of Ivory Coast

U.S. Crude Hits Highest Since 2014 on Missile Concerns in Syria and Saudi Arabia
April 13 | Reuters
Life On an Aquaplanet
April 12 | MIT News
Brewing Up Earth*s Earliest Life
April 12 | MIT News
TESS, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite
April 12 | MIT News
The International Lithium Race
April 12 | Mining.com
Dormant Swedish Mine Comes Alive in a Rush for Car Batteries
April 12 | Mining.com
Are Pipeline Land *Takings* in the Public Interest if the Oil and Gas Are Headed Overseas?
April 12 | Houston Chronicle
The Ocean*s Circulation Has Not Been This Sluggish in 1000 Years
April 12 | The Washington Post
ocean circulation
As Mongolia Melts, Looters Close In On Priceless Artifacts
April 12 | Smithsonian.com
De Beers, Botswana Seek Fresh Expansion of World*s Richest Diamond Mine
April 12 | Mining.com
United States Diamond Mines
April 12 | Geology.com
United States Diamond Mines
United States Diamonds: A photograph of several diamonds found at the Crater of Diamonds State Park, near Murfreesboro, Arkansas. These diamonds were probably nicely formed crystals when they were in the Earth's mantle. Their shapes were modified by corrosive fluids during their rapid ascent to Earth's surface. Photo used with permission of Crater of Diamonds State Park.

USGS Shares Archival Photo of Rare Domed Lava Fountain
April 12 | Smithsonian.com

Geoscience and the Clean Energy Transition
April 11 | Speaking of Geoscience
U.S. Gulf of Mexico Crude Oil Production to Continue at Record Highs Through 2019
April 11 | Energy Information Administration

Oklahoma Regulators Throttle One Wastewater Injection Well After an Earthquake
April 11 | Reuters
Earthquakes in Oklahoma
April 11 | Oklahoma Office Of The Secretary Of Energy & Environment
Map of Earthquakes in Oklahoma During 2017
April 11 | Oklahoma Office Of The Secretary Of Energy & Environment

Cove Point LNG Starts Long-Term Service
April 11 | Argus Media
Canadian Government May Invest in Controversial Pipeline Where Investor Interest is Failing
April 11 | Associated Press
Scientists Drill Ice Cores from Mt. Hunter in Denali National Park
April 11 | American Geophysical Union on YouTube

Will Loss of Arctic Sea Ice Cause More *Snow on Ice* in Greenland?
April 11 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Volcanic Lightning Over Mount Shinmoedake
April 11 | ABC News
Jaw Fossil from English Beach Belongs to Monstrous Marine Reptile
April 11 | Reuters
By Some Measures, U.S. Natural Gas Production Set a Record in 2017
April 10 | Energy Information Administration

Cyberattack Shows Vulnerability of Gas Pipeline Network
April 10 | CNBC
Bahrain Seeks Big Oil*s Help to Develop New Shale Discovery
April 10 | Bloomberg

Where is Bahrain?

Where is Bahrain

Will U.S. Natural Gas Production Outpace Demand?
April 10 | Forbes
88,000-Year-Old Middle Finger Found in Saudi Arabia Could Rewrite Human History
April 10 | Gizmodo
Botswana*s Debswana Expects Further Rise in Diamond Output
April 10 | Mining.com
Which Countries Produce the Most Gem Diamonds?
April 10 | Geology.com
leading diamond producers
World Diamond Production: Estimated production levels for countries mining at least one million carats of gem-quality diamonds in 2016. Graph by Geology.com. Data from USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries.

Mediterranean Drawdown May Have Caused Burst of Volcanism
April 10 | Earth Magazine
Iran Oil and Gas Report
April 10 | Energy Information Administration

Measuring Lead in New York City Soils
April 10 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Palm Trees Are Spreading Northward: How Far Will They Go?
April 10 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Five Weird Archives That Scientists Use to Study Past Climates
April 10 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Watching the Austin Chalk of Texas and Louisiana
April 9 | The Advocate
U.S. Rig Count Reaches a Three-Year High and Production Soars
April 9 | Bloomberg
U.S. Oil Production Growth Projected to be Led by Light, Sweet Crude Oil
April 9 | Energy Information Administration
crude oil production by type
USGS Geophysicist Explains Thursday*s 5.3 Earthquake
April 9 | Los Angeles Times
Tales of the Doomed Franklin Expedition Long Ignored the Inuit Side, But *The Terror* Flips the Script
April 9 | Smithsonian.com
Who Discovered the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
April 9 | BBC
Ocean Scientists Work to Forecast Huge Plankton Blooms in Arabian Sea
April 9 | Nature
Dying Reefs Bigger Threat to Coasts Than Rising Seas
April 9 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
North Atlantic Is Getting Less Salty, but It*s Too Soon to Blame Climate Change
April 9 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Oil Spill Response Knowledge Grows, but New Risks Emerge
April 9 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
An Aurora of a Different Color
April 9 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
How a Legendary Storm Chaser Changed the Face of Tornado Science
April 8 | Smithsonian.com
Two of the More Interesting Landslides from the Papua New Guinea Earthquake
April 8 | The Landslide Blog

Where Is Papua New Guinea?

map of Papua New Guinea

Landslides Triggered by the 14 November 2016 M7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake, New Zealand
April 8 | The Landslide Blog
Greenland*s Growing Deltas
April 8 | Earth Magazine
Maps of Greenland
April 8 | Geology.com
map of Greenland
Are We Prepared for the Next Mega Eruption?
April 8 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
How Big Was That Eruption? Volcanic Explosivity Index
April 8 | Geology.com
volcanic explosivity index
Volcanic Explosivity Index: The spheres in the illustration above represent the volume of erupted tephra for some of the most widely-known explosive volcanic eruptions. Although most people believe that Vesuvius (79 AD - the Pompeii eruption), Mount St. Helens (1980), and Mount Pinatubo (1991) were enormous, they are very small compared to ancient eruptions such as Wah Wah Springs, Toba, Yellowstone, or Long Valley Caldera.

New Source of Global Nitrogen Discovered: Earth*s Bedrock
April 8 | National Science Foundation
Rare Tiny T. Rex Unearthed in Montana
April 7 | Smithsonian.com
M 4.6 Earthquake Near Perry, Oklahoma
April 7 | United States Geological Survey
Oklahoma Earthquake
4.6 Magnitude Earthquake Reported Saturday in Northern Oklahoma
April 7 | NewsOK
Intricate Clouds of Jupiter
April 7 | NASA
clouds of Jupiter
Judge: Energy Firms Can Ignore Obama-Era Methane Waste Rule
April 7 | U.S. News and World Report
After Targeting U.S. Farms, China Can Strike America*s Shale
April 7 | Bloomberg
Texas Oil Output Surge Clogs Pipelines, Depresses Prices
April 7 | Reuters
About 7% of Fossil Fuels Are Consumed for Non-Combusion Use in the United States
April 6 | Energy Information Administration
non-combustion uses of fossil fuels
Largest Earthquake in Several Years Shakes Southern California, Causing Landslides on Santa Cruz Island
April 6 | Los Angeles Times
Santa Cruz Mountains Earthquake - 6.9 - October 17, 1989
April 6 | Geology.com
Santa Cruz Mountains Earthquake Map of Intensity
Santa Cruz Mountains Earthquake, 1989:This major earthquake caused 63 deaths, 3,757 injuries, and an estimated $6 billion in property damage. It is one of the largest earthquakes recorded on the San Andreas fault.

*When You See Mountains, Think Earthquakes in California*, Seismologist Says
April 6 | Los Angeles Times
Hurricane Season Expected to be More Active Than Normal
April 6 | Weather Channel
How Are Hurricanes Named?
April 6 | Geology.com
how are hurricanes named?
Hurricane Fran: Satellite image of a hurricane named *Fran*. Hurricane Fran was a large, powerful, destructive hurricane that made landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina on September 5, 1996. Fran was the sixth named storm of the 1996 hurricane season. It was so destructive that the name *Fran* was retired from use. Satellite image by NASA.

Coal India*s Production and Shipments Rise to a Record in March
April 6 | Mining.com
Football Player Invests in Diamonds, then Thinks He Paid Way Too Much
April 6 | JCK Online
M 5.3 Earthquake: 57km SW of Channel Islands Beach, California
April 6 | United States Geological Survey
Channel Islands, California Earthquake