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Landsat Views a Nighttime Eruption
NASA Earth Observatory

Lava from the volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula of Iceland lights up clouds from below. NASA Earth Observatory image by Joshua Stevens, using Landsat data from the U.S. Geological Survey. Caption by Kathryn Hansen.

How Big Is It?

A lesson in scale comparison for elementary math teachers.

Changing the Culture of Fieldwork in the Geosciences
EOS Earth & Space Science News
South Island Alps
NASA Earth Observatory

Plate tectonics and glaciers dramatically shaped the landscape of the New Zealand island.

Saint Petersburg Keeps the Sea at Bay
NASA Earth Observatory

Saint Petersburg, a city in northwestern Russia, is full of cultural, historical, and architectural riches. The people there have gone to great lengths to protect the city from floods.

Regulators: Pipeline Cybersecurity Gaps Must Be Filled
Yahoo! Finance
In 2020, U.S. Exports of Ethanol Fell for the Second Consecutive Year
Energy Information Administration

What Fossil Plants Reveal About Climate Change
Biologists Catch Enormous *Real Life River Monster* in Michigan
Coal Used to Generate Electric Power in the United States Declined by 22% in 2020
Energy Information Administration

Scientists Add Another Piece to Puzzle of How Hurricanes Can Gain Strength
United States Geological Survey

The underwater instrument package that collected the high-resolution ocean observations during Hurricane Maria. The package included an acoustic current profiler, an acoustic current velocimeter, and temperature, salinity, and turbidity sensors and was deployed at a depth of 54 meters, about 12 kilometers offshore of La Parguera, Puerto Rico. Photo by Evan Tuohy, University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez.

New Mexico Proposes More Rules to Curb Oil and Gas Emissions
Associated Press
Louisiana House Passed a Bill to Exempt Oil Produced from Abandoned Wells From Severance Tax
Abandoned wells are a huge problem in many states. They are often a source of pollution and they can cause injury to people or animals. Some states have over 100,000 abandoned wells. Finding them and plugging them and pugging them has been an ongoing effort.
What Is a Hydrophyte?
United States Geological Survey

A hydrophyte is a water-dwelling plant found in wetlands and other aquatic ecosystems.

Do-It-Yourself Guide for Estimating the Height of Geyser Erptions
United States Geological Survey

Yellowstone rangers -- and tourists, too! -- can determine the height of a geyser eruption with some simple trigonometry. USGS image.

What is a Geyser?

Old Faithful geyser of Yellowstone National Park blasts water about 150 feet into the air. Image copyright iStockphoto / Zuki.

U.S. CO2 Emissions from Energy Consumption by Source and Sector
Energy Information Administration

Is the Red Sea Really the Red Ocean?
Atlas Obscura
Shell Makes Significant Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Find
Electricity Generation by Fuel - Wind is the Big Winner
Energy Information Administration

Melting Glacier in the Italian Alps Reveals Trove of World War I Artifacts
A Curious Case of Clouds in Iceland
NASA Earth Observatory

NASA Earth Observatory images by Joshua Stevens, using Landsat data from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Why Oil Giants Like Chevron and BP are Investing in Geothermal Energy
U.S. Approves First Major Offshore Wind Farm, Launching Industry to Fight Climate Change
Zircon in Jadeite Jade
Gemological Institute of America
An interest photo of a beautiful zircon crystal in jadeite jade.
Wetland Word: Hydric Soil
United States Geological Survey
How Hydrothermal Emeralds are Created
Justin K Prim on YouTube

Ohio Hopes to Find Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells With Drones
Energy News
Owner of Colonial Pipeline, Shut Down After a Cyberattack, Aims to Restore Service by End of Week
NASA Spacecraft Carrying History-Making Asteroid Sample Now Heading Toward Earth
China To Set Up *Line Of Separation* On Mount Everest, Citing Nepal COVID-19 Outbreak
National Public Radio
Andres: The Earliest Tropical Storm on Record in the Pacific Ocean
NASA Earth Observatory
Quote from the article: *Andres developed on May 8th to 9th, 2021, marking the earliest formation of a tropical storm in the eastern Pacific Ocean since satellite records began in the early 1970s.*
Caldera Collapse Increases the Size and Duration of Volcanic Eruptions
Perfect Imperfections - A Look at Gems with Beautiful Irregularities or Inclusions
Remains of Nine Neanderthals Found in a Cave South of Rome
The Guardian
Chinese Rocket Debris Crashed into the Indian Ocean Just West of the Maldives

The Republic of Maldives is island state in the Indian Ocean, about 400 miles southwest of India. With an average elevation of about 4 feet 11 inches, it is the world*s lowest-lying country. Map by Shahid Parvez gsm, displayed here under a Creative Commons License.

From a Texas Dental Office to the Canadian Tundra, Here*s Where Space Debris Has Crashed to Earth
The Washington Post
AMNH*s Halls Of Gems & Minerals To Reopen With New Look This June
As Cases Surge in Nepal, Covid-19 Reaches Mount Everest
Chicxulub Impact Changed Tropical Rain Forest Biodiversity Forever
EOS Earth & Space Science News
How NASA Satellites Can Help Predict Volcanic Eruptions and Limit Damage
Wall Street Journal on YouTube

Scientists Discover Oldest Known Human Grave in Africa
Tracking the Impact of Climate Change in Alaska
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Scientists Are Still Struggling to Understand the Sea Level Risks Posed by Antarctica
The Washington Post
How to Kill a Zombie Fire
Atlas Obscura
Subtitle on the article: Underground peat fires are bedeviling: They refuse to die, even when flooded with water. Could this new weapon put them down for good?
Blue Apatite in Pyrope-Spessartine Garnet
Gemological Institute of America
Chevron Is Selling Some of their Permian Basin Assets
U.S. Crude Oil Import Sources
Energy Information Administration

Imports from Canada remain high, imports from OPEC are down.

The New U.S. Climate Normals Are Here. What Do They Tell Us About Climate Change?

Annual U.S. temperature compared to the 20th-century average for each U.S. Climate Normals period from 1901-1930 to 1991-2020. Maps by NOAA, based on analysis by Jared Rennie, North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies/NCEI.

Hints of a Recent Eruption
NASA Earth Observatory

This photo, taken by an astronaut onboard the International Space Station, captures a few of Kamchatka*s active volcanoes - with some showing signs of recent eruptions.

Las Vegas Residents Discover Ice Age Animal Bones While Building a Swimming Pool
Sounding the Seafloor With Light
NASA Earth Observatory

Different wavelengths of light penetrate water to differing depths, with shorter wavelengths (such as blue and green) penetrating farther than longer wavelengths (near infrared, shortwave infrared). When water is clear and the seafloor is bright, scientists can estimate depth by measuring the amount of reflectance observed by a satellite and then modeling how far the light should penetrate.

The Entire U.S. West Coast Now Has Access to the ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning System
United States Geological Survey

Earthquake early warning systems like ShakeAlert work because the alert messages are transmitted almost instantaneously, and they travel faster than seismic waves.

Lake Van - One of the Largest Alkaline Lakes on Earth
NASA Earth Observatory

This image, photographed by astronaut Kate Rubins, from the International Space Station, was the winner of NASA*s Tournament Earth photography contest.

The 2020 Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Annual Report Is Now Available!
Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

Front cover of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory 2020 annual report, which includes a summary of earthquake, deformation, and geyser activity, as well as research investigations and other information.

Surprising Tsunami Triggers May Lurk Off California*s Coast
Los Angeles Times
NASA*s Ingenuity Helicopter*s Next Mission? Mapping the Red Planet From Above
World*s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Opens in Portugal
A Better Way to Understand Drought
EOS Earth & Space Science News

Lake Oroville, the second-largest state reservoir in northern California, at low water levels during exceptional drought. Photo by the California Department of Water Resources.

Small Whirlwind Over Kilauea Crater
United States Geological Survey

A rainy view from the rim of Halemaumau crater, at Kilauea summit, on April 29, 2021. Field crews observed a small whirlwind (center) form over the eastern crusted surface of the lava lake. USGS photo by C. Parcheta.

Many U.S. Cities Severely Underreport Their CO2 Emissions
EOS Earth & Space Science News
Rock and Glass Shards Blanket La Soufriere
NASA Earth Observatory
Following several explosive eruptions on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent, volcanic ash poses myriad hazards in the air and on the ground.
Greenland Tsunami (2017) - Fishermen Run For Their Lives
Licet Studios on YouTube

The person behind the camera breathing hard was smart. They ran to higher ground - but they didn't climb high enough.

Four Seasons, Four Stunning National Parks
The Washington Post
Japan Jolted by M 6.8 Earthquake; No Serious Injuries Reported, No Tsunami Alert
M 6.8 Earthquake Off the East Coast of Japan
United States Geological Survey

NASA: What*s Up - May 2021

The Looming Crisis of Sinking Ground in Mexico City
EOS Earth & Space Science News
New York*s Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Closes After 59 Years of Operation
Energy Information Administration

NASA Sets Briefing to Discuss Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Next Steps

Growth in U.S. Ethane Consumption Outpaces All Other Major Fuels
Energy Information Administration

Dye-Tracing Study on the Kansas River
United States Geological Survey
U.S. Geological Survey and partners will inject a harmless, bright red fluorescent dye into the Kansas River on April 29, weather permitting.
Satellites Show World*s Glaciers Melting Faster than Ever
NBC News
Saudi Arabia May Sell a Stake in Aramco to a *Leading Global Energy Firm*
Although the proposed transaction is for just 1% of the company, in December 2019, Saudi Arabia sold 1.5% of the company in a public offering. It raised $25.6 billion.
U.S. Energy Atlas
Energy Information Administration

Interactive map of the United States that allows you to review the geographic location of energy production location and energy infrastructure. Shown in the sample map are oil and gas well locations above the Utica Shale in eastern Ohio and the West Virginia northern panhandle.

Seaweed Farms in South Korea
NASA Earth Observatory

Seaweed farms are a common sight in the shallow waters along the Korean Peninsula*s southern coast.

Coming This Summer: Gas Stations Running Out of Gas
CNN Business
It's not because there is a shortage of gasoline. There may not be enough qualified tanker truck drivers to deliver it.
Making Hydrogen Power and EV Batteries More Affordable
The Hill
Jennifer Granholm, U.S. Energy Secretary, hopes to make hydrogen energy cost-competitive with natural gas by 2030.
Magnitude 6 Earthquake Strikes India*s State of Assam, Damages Some Buildings
U.S. News and World Report
M 6.0 Earthquake Near the Border of India and Bhutan
United States Geological Survey

Near the border of India and Bhutan.

U.S. Authorities Return 523 Smuggled Pre-Hispanic Artifacts to Mexico

A few of the many artifacts being returned. Image by the Department of Homeland Security.

Sea Ice Highs and Lows (2020-2021)
NASA Earth Observatory

There were no records set in 2020-21, but the downward trends in polar ice continue.

Red Rocks and Rainbow Ridges in China*s Zhangye National Geological Park
NASA Earth Observatory

The landscape of the Quilian Mountains exhibits layer upon layer of spectacularly colorful rocks.

Swift Action to Cut Methane Emissions Could Slow Earth*s Warming by 30 Percent
The Washington Post
U.S. Energy Imports Declined in 2020, While Exports Remained Relatively Unchanged
Energy Information Administration

Reducing Methane Emissions Must Play a Larger Role in Preventing the Worst Effects of Climate Change
The Hill
U.S. Oil and Gas Producers Are Well-Positioned for Blue Hydrogen
Sheepeater Cliffs: A Spectacular Example of Columnar Jointing
United States Geological Survey

Slow cooling of a basaltic lava flow that was erupted about 500,000 years ago resulted in the formation of hexagonal columns at Sheepeater Cliff, in Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Michael Poland, USGS.

The Colors of Hydrogen - Brown, Grey, Blue and Green - Think About It
Utility Analytics Institute
Chunk of Lava Strikes a Camera Drone Flying Over Volcano in Iceland (Noisy)

*Finders Keepers* Doesn*t Apply to Space Junk That May Land in Your Florida Yard
Miami Herald
Oil Production in Alaska Reaches Lowest Level in 40 Years
Energy Information Administration

NASA*s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Flies Faster, Farther on Third Flight
Parts of Caribbean Island of St. Vincent Unrecognizable After Volcano Erupts
Raindrops Are Surprisingly Similar on Other Planets
Subtitle: *Whether they are made of water, methane or liquid iron, raindrops* size and shape are limited by the same equations*
Animation: Four-Months of Monitoring the Lava Lake at Kilauea*s Summit Crater
United States Geological Survey
This animated GIF features approximately one thermal image for each day of the eruption and demonstrates eruptive activity over the past four months.
New Study Finds T. Rex Walked at a Slow Pace of Three Miles Per Hour
Exploring Venus by Balloon?
EOS Earth & Space Science News
Past Climate Change Affected Mountain Building in the Andes
EOS Earth & Space Science News
New York City Files Another Lawsuit Against Exxon, BP, Shell and API
CNN Business
Industry spokespersons call the lawsuit "meritless* and point to a similar lawsuit, filed by NYC, that was recently dismissed.