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This Hissing, Bubbling Alaska Lake is Frightening Scientists
September 25 | Anchorage Daily News
Dust Storms on Titan Spotted for the First Time
September 25 | NASA
dust storms on Titan
The U.S. Sets a New Record for Crude Production
September 25 | Oil and Gas Journal
In the article... *Placing constraints on exports of American-made energy works against America's energy future*... An argument could be made that this is selling our children's energy future at today's low prices.
Juno Captures Elusive *Brown Barge*
September 25 | NASA
Jupiter brown barge
Follow That Stone: Ressigeac Gems Traceability Project
September 25 | JCK Online
Ruby: The most desired variety of corundum is the ruby. The red color is produced by trace amounts of chromium in the mineral. These two beautiful rubies were mined in Madagascar. Although Asia has been the traditional source of gem corundum for over one thousand years, Africa is poised to become a new primary source.

Copper Nanoparticle Ink for Cheaper Printed Circuits
September 25 | Mining.com
The Many Uses of Copper
September 25 | Geology.com
uses of copper
Chart by Geology.com using data from the United States Geological Survey's Mineral Commodity Report.

Studies Conclude: No Link Between Barnett Shale Natural Gas Production and Methane in Groundwater
September 25 | The University of Texas at Austin
The Walking Dead: Fossils on the Move Can Distort Patterns of Mass Extinctions
September 24 | Florida Museum

Fossils of the typical offshore environment which can be exhumed, moved and reburied by waves and currents. Image by the Florida Museum.

USGS Keeps Vital Information Flowing in Carolina Flood Catastrophe
September 24 | USGS

A USGS storm-tide sensor, deployed in advance of Hurricane Florence's landfall. The sensors are housed in vented steel pipes a few inches wide and about a foot long. They are being installed on bridges, piers, and other structures that have a good chance of surviving the storm. The information the sensors collect will help define the depth and duration of a storm surge, as well as the time of its arrival and retreat. That information will help public officials assess storm damage, discern between wind and flood damage, and improve computer models used to forecast future floods.

Flooding by Design: Planning, Development, and the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston
September 24 | National Science Foundation
What Makes a Mammal a Mammal?
September 24 | National Science Foundation

Evacuation Decision-Making: How People Make Choices in Disasters
September 24 | National Science Foundation
Lessons from Mexico*s Earthquake Early Warning System
September 23 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Millions More Americans Face Flood Risks Than Previously Thought
September 23 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
A Study to Use Natural Gas Storage Instead of Flaring
September 23 | Bismark Tribune
Japan Successfully Lands Two Robot Rovers on an Asteroid
September 23 | CNN
United States Territories Map
September 23 | Geology.com
U.S. Territories Map
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to Reopen Without Molten Lava or Lava Glow
September 22 | Smithsonian.com
Kilauea Volcano: Photos of the 2018 Eruption
September 22 | Geology.com
Kilauea eruption photos
New Lava Delta: Lava flows from the Lower East Rift Zone have been entering the ocean along the easternmost coast of the island. Since the beginning of the current eruption cycle in early May, 2018, approximately 875 acres of lava deltas have been built where lava distributary channels fall into the ocean. Image by the United States Geological Survey.

The World*s Earliest Known Animal May Have Been a Blob-Like Undersea Creature
September 22 | Smithsonian.com
Peabody Energy Will Buy the Shoal Creek Metallurgical Coal Mine in Alabama for $400M
September 22 | Mining.com
Unlike the steam coal market, the market for quality metallurgical coal remain strong. Shoal Creek*s high vol A coal has a history of use by steel mills in Europe and Asia.
Pumpkin Hollow: The First New U.S. Copper Mine in a Decade
September 22 | Mining.com

East Coast refiners receiving more domestic crude oil from Gulf Coast by tanker and barge
September 21 | Energy Information Administration

U.S. Oil Producers Are *Missing Out* on $100 Million a Day in Revenue
September 21 | The Motley Fool
The Whitney Flame Topaz Smolders in Vibrant Red
September 21 | Smithsonian.com
Radioactive Blue Topaz?
September 21 | Geology.com
blue topaz
Most topaz sold in jewelry today has a blue color produced by radiation treatment.

Natural Gas Deliveries to Electric Generators and Operating Nuclear Capacity in Carolina During Florence
September 21 | Energy Information Administration

A Satellite the Size of a Cereal Box Peers into Hurricane Florence
September 21 | NASA

Cause of Black Color in Diamonds from Zimbabwe
September 20 | Gemological Institute of America
Where is Zimbabwe?
September 20 | Geology.com
map of Zimbabwe
Scientists ID Three Causes of Earth*s Spin Axis Drift
September 20 | NASA
causes of Earth*s spin axis drift
New Study Tracks Hurricane Harvey Stormwater with GPS
September 20 | NASA
Hurricane Harvey Stormwater tracking
Dog Digs Up Trove of Bronze Age Relics
September 20 | Smithsonian.com
Putting a Throttle on Shale Well Decline Rates
September 20 | Argus Media
After Tariffs, China*s LNG Imports from the U.S. Might Drop from an Expected 141 to 100 bcf/year
September 20 | Reuters

China*s Tariffs Threaten the U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas Boom
September 20 | Morningstar
Fayetteville Flooding Worse than Hurricane Matthew as Florence Causes Cape Fear to Surge
September 19 | Citizen Times
Florence Was Another 1000-Year Rain Event, Is This the New Normal?
September 19 | MSN News
Dramatic Stratospheric Warmings Carved a Hole in the Ionosphere
September 19 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
What Is the Ionosphere?
September 19 | NASA

British Firm Appeals to the Polish Prime Minister in an Attempt to Get a Coking Coal Mine Reopened
September 19 | Mining.com
After Deadly Landslides: Philippine President Repeats Desire to *Close All Mining*
September 19 | Mining.com
Generating Power Using Solar With Batteries Is Cheaper than Natural Gas in Parts of the U.S. Southwest
September 19 | Mining.com
Lightning: A New Essential Climate Variable
September 19 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
World Lightning Map
September 19 | Geology.com
world lightning map
World Lightning Map: The map above shows the average yearly counts of lightning flashes per square kilometer based on data collected by NASA's Lightning Imaging Sensor on the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite between 1995 and 2002. Places where less than one flash occurred (on average) each year are gray or light purple. The places with the largest number of lightning strikes are deep red, grading to black.

Earth*s Lightning Hotspots
September 19 | Geology.com
World*s Lightning Hotspot
Lake Maracaibo: The world*s top lightning hotspot is over Lake Maracaibo in northwestern Venezuela. Here, nocturnal thunderstorms occur on average about 297 days per year and produce an average of about 232 lightning flashes / square kilometer / year. Local people have called this phenomenon "Relampago del Catatumbo" (Catatumbo lightning) for hundreds of years. Image by NASA.

OPEC Net Oil Export Revenues Increased in 2017, Expected to Continue in 2018
September 19 | Energy Information Administration

Florence Death Toll Rises to 32
September 18 | HeraldOnline.com
China Evacuates Millions after Typhoon Mangkhut Leaves Hong Kong in Tatters
September 18 | CNN
Wilmington, Cut Off by Florence*s Floodwaters, to Have Food Airlifted
September 18 | NOLA.com
Florence Death Toll Rises To 23 As Rivers Continue To Flood In N.C. And S.C.
September 18 | National Public Radio
No Atlantic Hurricane Name Has Been Used Longer than Florence, But Florence Likely Won*t Be Used Again
September 18 | Weather.com
How Are Hurricane Names Given and Retired?
September 18 | Geology.com
hurricane names
Hurricane Fran: Satellite image of a hurricane named *Fran.* Hurricane Fran was a large, powerful, destructive hurricane that made landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina on September 5, 1996. Fran was the sixth named storm of the 1996 hurricane season. It was so destructive that the name "Fran" was retired from use. Satellite image by NASA.

Earth Science Week: October 14th - 20th
September 18 | Earth Science Week

Can We Build Useful Models of Future Risk from Natural Hazards?
September 18 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
FEMA: Be Aware of the Nationwide Emergency Test
September 18 | USA.gov

Hurricane Florence Is the Latest Setback to Struggling Flood Insurance Program
September 18 | CNN
Rain from Typhone Mangkhut Triggers a Landslide that Traps Miners in the Philippines
September 18 | Mining.com
Where Are The Philippines?
September 18 | Geology.com
Map of the Philippines
Argentina: Project Hopes to Extract Lithium from Brines Using Ion Exchange Instead of Evaporation
September 18 | Mining.com
North Dakota Oil and Gas Production Return to Record Levels
September 18 | Bismark Tribune
Europe Is Becoming More Dependent on Russian Natural Gas
September 18 | Houston Chronicle
Coal Ash Landfill Collapses Under Florence*s Rain in North Carolina
September 17 | NBC News
Expect More Intense Hurricanes as the Earth Warms
September 17 | ABC News
USGS Deploys More Gauges to Measure Florence Flooding
September 17 | United States Geological Survey

Natural Gas Storage Information Dashboard
September 17 | Energy Information Administration

Wind and Solar Farms Could Bring the Rains Down in Africa
September 17 | Smithsonian.com
Florence and Mangkhut: Two Storms, Two Landfalls and Two Different Types of Devastation
September 17 | The Weather Channel
Typhoon Mangkhut Reaches China As The Philippines Searches For Survivors
September 17 | National Public Radio
Florence Death Toll Rises to 15; Flooding Fears Surge as Rivers Rise
September 17 | Boston Globe
Flooding from Florence Hits Inland Rivers as Fearsome New Stage Begins
September 17 | CBS News
Global Ice Monitoring Satellite to Launch as Early as This Week
September 17 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
NASA: Teaching Materials for K-12
September 16 | NASA
Florence Brings *Catastrophic* Flooding and Mudslides Deep into North Carolina
September 16 | USA Today
China, Hong Kong Brace for Typhoon Mangkhut, as Death Toll Rises to 49
September 16 | Aljazeera
Hundreds Are Still Trapped from Florence Flooding, and *the Worst Is Yet to Come*
September 16 | CNN
De Beers Is Allowing Sight Holders to Reject Some Diamonds
September 16 | Mining.com
What Trump*s Coal and Car Plans Could Mean for Climate Change
September 16 | The New York Times
Magnesite Is Not The Magic CO2 Sequestration Solution
September 16 | CleanTechnica
What Is Magnesite?
September 16 | Geology.com
Crushed Magnesite is Heated to produce magnesium oxide that is used as a raw material for the chemical industry, a refractory material for the steel industry, and as a minor source of magnesium metal.

A Milestone for Forecasting Earthquake Hazards
September 16 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Ghost Volcanoes in the Cascades
September 16 | Central Washington University on YouTube

Tropical Storm Florence Crawls Inland as It Batters North and South Carolina
September 15 | CBS News
Phytoplankton and Friends Produce 20% of the Oxygen that We Breathe
September 15 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
For Karachi*s Water Mafia, Stolen H2O Is A *Lucrative Business*
September 15 | National Public Radio
Mexico City Keeps Sinking As Its Water Supply Wastes Away
September 15 | National Public Radio
Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral in Zocalo Plaza
Photograph looking across Zocalo Plaza with the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral in the background. Image by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Frozen Debris Lobes: An Interesting Hazard in Alaska
September 15 | The Landslide Blog
Drone Footage of Landslides from the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake
September 15 | The Landslide Blog
Yakutat Glacier Terminus Collapse Nears Completion - 45 km2 lost 2010-2018
September 15 | From A Glacier*s Perspective
Landslides Send Carbon-Rich Soils into Long-Term Storage
September 15 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Detecting Low-Temperature Heat-Treated Rubies from Mozambique
September 15 | Mining.com
Meet the Shalennials: CEOs Under 40 Making Millions in Texas Oil
September 15 | Bloomberg
It*s Too Late for Florence, but Not Too Late for Flood Reform
September 14 | Tampa Bay Times
America*s Oldest Operating Nuclear Power Plant to Retire on Monday
September 14 | Energy Information Administration
New Jersey electricity generation
Proposed Changes to How Oil and Gas Royalties Are Calculated for Public Lands
September 14 | CNBC
Matador Resources Revealed as the Company Paying $95K/Acre for Permian Shale Drilling Rights
September 14 | Bloomberg Quint
Hurricane Florence Not Expected to Trigger Fuel Shortages
September 14 | Houston Chronicle
Although hurricanes often trigger fuel shortages, that problem is not expected with Florence. The storms that disrupt fuel operations are the ones that strike refineries along the Gulf of Mexico shoreline and offshore drilling platforms in the Gulf.
*The Dinosaur Artist* Dusts Off The Debate Over Who Should Own Fossils
September 14 | National Public Radio
Florence, Isaac, Helene, Joyce - The Atlantic is Full of Tropical Storms
September 14 | National Hurricane Center
tropical storms in the Atlantic
Hog Farmers Scramble to Drain Waste Pools Ahead Of Hurricane Florence
September 14 | National Public Radio
Administration Announces Plan to Streamline Oil and Gas Extraction in National Forests
September 14 | The Hill
Hurricane Florence Starts To Hit The Carolina Coast With High Winds And Rushing Seas
September 13 | National Public Radio
Hurricane Florence, A Large Category 2 Storm, Closes In On North Carolina Coast
September 13 | National Public Radio
Although Florence has dropped from a Category 4 storm to a Category 2, that is only the wind speed. The storm still has the ability to produce a storm surge and dump massive amounts of rain that will cause local flooding and flash flooding on top of the surge. It ain*t over.
Hurricane Florence as Viewed by NASA*s AIRS Instrument
September 13 | NASA
Hurricane Florence from NASA*s AIRS Instrument
The Maya Captured, Traded and Sacrificed Jaguars and Other Large Mammals
September 13 | Smithsonian.com
Generating High-Resolution Imagery of Early Mammal Fossils
September 13 | Smithsonian.com
Rainfall Potential Map for the United States from Hurricane Florence.
September 13 | National Hurricane Center
rainfall forecast map for Hurricane Florence
Rainfall potential map for the United States from Hurricane Florence. Map by the National Hurricane Center.

USGS Is Installing About 160 Sensors Along NC, SC Coasts For Florence
September 13 | United States Geological Survey
USGS Scientists Prepare for Storms in Three Seas
September 13 | United States Geological Survey
water level meter
This USGS storm-tide sensor was installed Sept. 9 in Dare County, North Carolina, in preparation for Hurricane Florence. Photo by Steve Harden, USGS .

These Kids in Bangladesh Attend Classes on a Boat that Floats on the Monsoon Floods
September 13 | National Public Radio
Where Is Bangladesh?
September 13 | Geology.com
where is Bangladesh?
Massive Ocean Waves May Play a Role in Nuisance Flooding
September 13 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Deep Sea Sulfide Deposit Found on Mohn*s Ridge, in the Norwegian Sea
September 13 | Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
submarine sulfide deposit
Synthetic aperture sonar image of the seafloor area of the sulfide deposit showing the cones of active and inactive smokers. Image by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

*Disaster Is At The Doorstep,* N.C. Governor Says As Hurricane Florence Zeroes In
September 13 | National Public Radio

Video: Newcastle University Discovers New Species from the Extreme Depths of the Pacific
September 13 | New Castle University
The United States Is Now the Largest Global Crude Oil Producer
September 13 | Energy Information Administration
crude oil production of USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia
Hurricane Florence - Probable Path Map
September 12 | National Hurricane Center
Hurricane Florence Track Map
Why Coastal Communities Should Fear Storm Surge
September 12 | CNN
What is a Storm Surge?
September 12 | Geology.com
storm surge
Storm Surge: This illustration shows how hurricane winds can push a pile of water across the ocean surface in the direction that the hurricane is travelling. The extremely low pressure under the eye of the storm allows the surface of the water to rise a few feet. Image by NASA.

Category 6? Climate Change May Cause More Hurricanes to Rapidly Intensify
September 12 | The Washington Post
Hurricane Fran
Hurricane Fran: Satellite image of a hurricane named *Fran". Hurricane Fran was a large, powerful, destructive hurricane that made landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina on September 5, 1996. Fran was the sixth named storm of the 1996 hurricane season. It was so destructive that the name *Fran* was retired from use. Satellite image by NASA.

Climate Change Drives Bigger, Wetter Storms - Storms Like Florence
September 12 | National Public Radio
More Than 1 Million People Ordered To Evacuate As Hurricane Florence Approaches
September 12 | National Public Radio
FEMA: Hurricane Florence Is the Strongest Storm to Target Carolinas in Decades
September 12 | NBC News
Private Beaches In Florida Spark Battle With Residents And County
September 12 | National Public Radio
*Will I Come Back Dead?* -- The Human Costs of South African Gold
September 12 | Mining.com
New Discovery Yields 9,000 Ounces Of High Grade Coarse Gold From Single Cut At Beta Hunt Mine
September 12 | RNC Minerals
gold in quartz at Beta Hunt Mine
Image by RNC Minerals.

Trump to Relax Methane Pollution Curbs on Oil and Gas Wells
September 12 | Bloomberg Quint
Alaska Producers Finding Profitable Ways to Unlock *Viscous* Oil in North Slope
September 12 | Platts
Hurricane Watch Issued For Carolinas Ahead Of Category 4 Florence
September 12 | National Public Radio
The Defunding Of Grand Canyon Science
September 12 | National Public Radio
Collecting Rocks Can Result in Civil or Criminal Prosecution
September 12 | Geology.com
agate pickers will be prosecuted
Signs like this on private property indicate that the property owner does NOT want people collecting agates on their land. There may be various reasons for this: They want to avoid potential liability, they simply don't want people on their land, they want the agates for their own personal use, or the agates are valuable. Believe it or not, some agates sell for a lot of money.

Earthquake Precursors, Processes, and Predictions
September 12 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
How Hot Is Europa? Now There*s a Map for That
September 12 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Hydroelectricity is the Most Prevalent Renewable Source in 19 States; Wind in 16
September 11 | Energy Information Administration
most prevalent renewable electricity generation method
We Know West Antarctica Is Melting. Is the East in Danger Too?
September 11 | National Geographic
Drones Are Revolutionizing the Energy Sector
September 11 | Mining.com
*Extremely Dangerous* - Hurricane Florence May Approach Category 5, as It Churns Toward the Carolinas
September 11 | The Washington Post
Extremely Rich Gold Pocket Found in Australia with 9000 Ounces Recovered in Four Days
September 11 | ABC News (Australia)
A Uranium Supply Crunch Might be Just Around the Corner
September 11 | Mining.com
House of Representatives Passes a Bill to Facilitate Small-Scale Export of LNG
September 11 | Oil & Gas Journal
What is LNG? Liquefied Natural Gas
September 11 | Geology.com
LNG terminal and LNG carrier ship
LNG Carrier Ship: An LNG carrier docked at the Bontang LNG liquefaction terminal in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The LNG is carried in the ship's four dome-shaped tanks. Image copyright iStockphoto / Mayumi Terao.

Governor Brown Signs Legislation to Block Offshore Drilling along the California Coast
September 11 | CNBC
Earth*s Rich Textures, Seen by Satellite
September 11 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Coal is the Most-Used Electricity Generation Source in 18 States, Natural Gas in 16
September 11 | Energy Information Administration

Image by the Energy Information Administration.

Better Data for Modeling the Sun*s Influence on Climate
September 11 | EOS Earth & Space Science News

The output of light, heat and particles from the sun varies over time, and that variation influences the chemistry and weather of Earth's atmosphere. Image by NASA.

New Mexico: Permian Basin Shale Acreage Sells for Up to $95,001/Acre
September 11 | Bloomberg Quint
Three Hurricanes in the Atlantic
September 10 | National Hurricane Center

Image from the National Hurricane Center and may be updated by them over time.

Oman Drilling Project: Ancient Seabed Holds Secrets in Search for Life on Other Planets
September 10 | Deep Carbon on YouTube

2017 Was One Of The Hottest Years On Record
September 10 | National Public Radio