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Ash Eruptions at Nishinoshima
August 11 | NASA Earth Observatory

Volcanic activity at Nishinoshima - an island about 600 miles south of Tokyo, Japan grew more vigorous in May 2020 and has not subsided as of early August. The ash plume in the image above is reached a height of 16,000 feet above sea level on August 3. Image by NASA Earth Observatory.

Responding to the Collapse of Crude Prices, EOG Shut-in 73,000 B/D of Production
August 11 | Platts
EOG Resources is a major producer of crude oil from shale deposits in the United States.
The Collapse in Global Oil and Gas Drilling Deepened in July
August 11 | Yahoo! Finance
Bright Areas on the Dwarf Planet Ceres Come From Salty Water Below
August 11 | NASA

Bright spots in the Occator crater on Ceres. Image by NASA.

Volcanoes of Mud Erupt from Dwarf Planet Ceres
August 11 | Astronomy.com
Active Volcanoes of Our Solar System
August 11 | Geology.com

Geyser on Enceladus: A color-enhanced view of cryovolcanic activity on Saturn*s moon Enceladus. These geysers regularly blast out plumes composed mainly of water vapor with minor amounts of nitrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide. NASA image.

Swarm of Earthquakes Shake the Salton Sea Area
August 10 | Los Angeles Times

This earthquake swarm is near the southern terminus of the San Andreas Fault and the border between the United States and Mexico.

North Carolina*s Strongest Earthquake in 94 Years
August 10 | CNN
North Dakota Supreme Court Sides with State in $200M Mineral Rights Case
August 10 | The Dickinson Press
What Are Mineral Rights?
August 10 | Geology.com

"Mineral rights" entitle a person or organization to explore and produce the rocks, minerals, or oil and gas found at or below the surface of a tract of land. The owner of mineral rights can sell, lease, gift or bequest them to others individually or entirely. For example, it is possible to sell or lease rights to all mineral commodities beneath a property and retain rights to the surface. It is also possible to sell the rights to a specific rock unit (such as the Pittsburgh Coal Seam) or sell the rights to a specific mineral commodity (such as limestone).

M 5.7 Earthquake off the North Coast of Honduras
August 10 | United States Geological Survey

This earthquake occurred at a depth of about 10 kilometers, about 80 kilometers off the north coast of Honduras.

Gold Price Sails Over $2,000 as Gold Jewelry Demand Hits 8-Year Low
August 9 | JCKonline.com
The Many Uses of Gold
August 9 | Geology.com

This pie chart shows how gold was used in the United States in 2019, not including gold bullion. The main uses were in jewelry (50%) and electronics (37%). The minting of official coins accounted for 8% of the gold used, and 5% was for other uses.

This Might Be the Best Stargazing Spot on Earth
August 9 | Smithsonian.com
A frigid hill in Antarctica, near the South Pole, has all the qualifications to be a superior telescope site.
Antarctica Is the Last Continent Without Covid-19. Scientists Want to Keep It That Way
August 9 | National Geographic
NASA Maps Beirut Blast Damage
August 9 | NASA

NASA, in collaboration with the Earth Observatory of Singapore, used satellite data to map the extent of likely damage following a massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Dark red pixels represent the most severe damage. Areas in orange are moderately damaged, and areas in yellow are likely to have sustained somewhat less damage. Each colored pixel represents an area of 30 meters (33 yards).

M 5.1 Earthquake Near Sparta, North Carolina
August 9 | United States Geological Survey

As of 9:15 eastern time over 32,000 people had submitted reports to the USGS "Did You Feel It?" program.

Earthquakes in the central and eastern U.S., although less frequent than in the western U.S., are typically felt over a much broader region. East of the Rockies, an earthquake can be felt over an area as much as ten times larger than a similar magnitude earthquake on the west coast.

United States Sets a Record for Natural Gas Burned to Produce Electric Power
August 8 | Energy Information Administration

Graph by the Energy Information Administration.

COVID-19*s Impact on Commercial Jet Fuel Demand Has Been Significant and Uneven
August 8 | Energy Information Administration

Graph by the Energy Information Administration.

Kilauea Volcano: Summit Lake Water Level Continues to Rise
August 8 | Volcano Discovery
This Giant Climate Hot Spot Is Robbing the West of Its Water
August 8 | The Washington Post
Photomicrographs: Graphite Inclusions Forming Octahedral Outline in Diamond
August 7 | Gemological Institute of America
Minute graphite inclusions outline the octahedral crystal faces in a rare colored diamond.
Using Sound to Study Underwater Volcanoes
August 7 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Bathymetery map of the Pacific Ocean showing many seamounts and underwater volcanoes. Image by NOAA.

India*s Food Bowl Heads Toward Desertification
August 7 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Many Parts of Earth Are Approaching the Boiling Point
August 7 | The New York Times
Miner Who Discovered the Largest Tanzanite Gems Ever Has Now Found a Third
August 6 | USA Today
Gold Price Rises Above $2000 for the First Time
August 6 | BBC News
High Altitude Electrical Storms on Jupiter
August 6 | NASA

This illustration uses data obtained by NASA*s Juno mission to depict high-altitude electrical storms on Jupiter. Juno*s sensitive Stellar Reference Unit camera detected unusual lightning flashes on Jupiter*s dark side during the spacecraft*s close flybys of the planet. Image by NASA/JPL, Caltech, SwRI, MSSS, Gerald Eichstadt.

Shallow Lightning on Jupiter
August 6 | NASA

Alaska*s Vegetation is Changing Dramatically
August 5 | NASA Earth Observatory
Mars Had Landslide-Powered Tsunamis That Put Earth*s Mega-Waves to Shame
August 5 | Smithsonian.com
Rock Dust Could Be Farming*s Next Climate Solution
August 5 | Smithsonian.com
Corals Make Reliable Recorders of El Nino Fluctuations
August 5 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Monitoring California*s Wildfires from Space
August 5 | NASA

Temperature map shows the region surrounding the Apple fire that was raging in Southern California on August 1, 2020. Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech.

History of the Chivor Emerald Mine, Part I (1880 to 1925): From Rediscovery to Early Production
August 4 | Gemological Institute of America
Indigenous people of Colombia had a long history of mining emeralds by the time the Spanish arrived in the 1500's.
Isaias Makes Landfall in the Carolinas As a Hurricane
August 4 | CNN
The storm strengthened while over warm water and hit the coast as a Category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 75 miles per hour.
National Hurricane Center: Public Advisory for Hurricane Isaias
August 4 (2:00 AM EDT) | National Hurricane Center
Winter Light for Antarctica
August 3 | NASA Earth Observatory

The Suomi NPP satellite caught a glimpse of the aurora australis over the Southern Ocean in July 2020.

Aurora Australis from Space
August 3 | Geology.com

Aurora Australis: Composite satellite image of the Aurora Australis (southern lights) from space. The image was compiled by superimposing data of the Aurora Australis collected by NASA IMAGE satellite atop of an image of Earth from a south polar perspective from the Blue Marble project. The result simulates what the Aurora Australis would look like from a satellite orbiting above. Image by NASA.

Research Retrospective: Offshore Fault Mapping of the San Andreas
August 3 | United States Geological Survey

Map of the San Andreas Fault crossing the area near Tomales, Bodega and the Russian River Delta.

Tropical Storm Isaias Closes In On Florida
August 2 | National Public Radio

Map by the National Hurricane Center.

Florida Feels First Rain and Winds of Tropical Storm Isaias
August 2 | CNN
Florida Declares War on Burmese Pythons
August 2 | CNN
Quote from the article: Wildlife officials removed 5,000 from the Everglades, according to a statement from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
UAE Starts Up Arab World*s First Nuclear Power Plant
August 2 | BBC
Where Is the UAE (United Arab Emirates)?
August 2 | Geology.com

The Indelible Enola Gay
August 2 | Smithsonian.com
The aircraft that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan will always inspire debate.
The World*s Tallest Tropical Tree Has Been Found
August 2 | National Geographic
This giant yellow meranti tree is over 330 feet tall and grows in Sabah, a state of Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.
Where Is Borneo? (the world*s third-largest island)
August 2 | Geology.com

A Future of Retreating Glaciers in the Himalayas
August 1 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
New View of Nature*s Oldest Light Adds Fresh Twist to Debate Over Universe*s Age
August 1 | Princeton University
Discovery of the First Active Methane Seep in Antarctica
August 1 | Oregon State University

The Seismic Hush of the Coronavirus
July 31 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Quote from the article: Scientists are listening for faint natural signals during the quiet of coronavirus lockdowns.
Isaias Becomes a Hurricane in the Bahamas; Expected Near Florida This Weekend
July 31 | The Weather Channel
Track Map for Tropical Storm Isaias
July 31 | National Hurricane Center

Isaias is currently a tropical storm, but is expected to develop into a hurricane when it reaches the Bahamas, early Saturday morning. Map by the National Hurricane Center.

Archaeologists Discover the Likely Source of Stonehenge*s Giant Sarsen Stones
July 31 | CNN
Marie Tharp: An Inspiration for the Past, Present and Future!
July 31 | European Geosciences Union
Marie Tharp: The Woman Who Mapped the Ocean Floor and Laid the Foundations of Modern Geology
July 31 | European Geosciences Union
U.S. Energy Use Hit a 30-Year Low During the Pandemic
July 30 | Associated Press
Record U.S. LNG Output Jump Lifts Exports in Weak Market
July 30 | Reuters
Green Meteor Over India (Interesting Photo)
July 30 | National Geographic on Instagram
MIT Study Sheds Light on the Evolution of the Earliest Dinosaurs
July 30 | MIT News
Do You Know Your Home*s Flood Risk?
July 29 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Big Questions, Few Answers About What Happens Under Lake Ice
July 29 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Geochemists Solve the Mystery of Earth*s Vanishing Crust
July 29 | National Science Foundation
Knowledge of Severe Storm Patterns May Improve Tornado Warnings
July 29 | Penn State News

A supercell thunderstorm over Needmore, Texas by Raychel Sanner, Wikimedia Commons.

Texas Will Soon Face the Driest Conditions of the Last 1,000 Years
July 29 | National Science Foundation
The Parched Parana River
July 29 | NASA Earth Observatory

A drought in southern Brazil, Paraguay, and northern Argentina has dried up the second longest river in South America. It has also grounded ships and contributed to a rash of fires in the delta and floodplain.

New Tsunami Evidence Along One of Earth*s Largest Faults, the Alaska-Aleutian Megathrust
July 29 | United States Geological Survey

A geologist stands on a drift log stranded 23 m above mean tide level, overlooking the Cabin Flat study site and Driftwood Bay, Umnak Island, Alaska. Photo by Rob Witter, USGS, Alaska Science Center.

2019 U.S. Coal Production Falls to Its Lowest Level Since 1978
July 28 | Energy Information Administration

Graph by the Energy Information Administration.

Keeping a Steady Eye on Sea Level Change From Space
July 28 | NASA

Coastal areas around the world - such as the Zambezi River Delta shown in a Landsat 8 satellite image - are contending with the consequences of a warming planet including droughts and floods, in addition to changing sea levels. Satellite image by NASA Earth Observatory.

Can You Help Identify This Museum*s Mystery Artifacts?
July 28 | Smithsonian.com
World Lightning Map
July 28 | Geology.com

World Lightning Map: The map above shows the average yearly counts of lightning flashes per square kilometer based on data collected by NASA*s Lightning Imaging Sensor on the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite between 1995 and 2002. Places where less than one flash occurred (on average) each year are gray or light purple. The places with the largest number of lightning strikes are deep red, grading to black. Note hotspots in central Africa, Indonesia, northwestern South America, the Himalaya foothills, and, in the United States, Florida, the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean. Map by NASA.

Lightning Strikes More Than 100 Million Times Per Year in the Tropics
July 28 | Smithsonian Institution
Earth*s Lightning Hotspots
July 28 | Geology.com

Lake Maracaibo: The world*s top lightning hotspot is over Lake Maracaibo in northwestern Venezuela. Here, nocturnal thunderstorms occur on average about 297 days per year and produce an average of about 232 lightning flashes / square kilometer / year. Image by NASA.

Mars 2020 Mission to be Guided by USGS Astrogeology Maps
July 27 | United States Geological Survey

Image by the United States Geological Survey.

M 4.7 Earthquake Off the Southeast Coast of Hawaii
July 27 | United States Geological Survey

ConocoPhillips Buys 140,000 Acres of Montney Shale from Kelt Exploration
July 27 | Reuters
Deloitte Reports that a Recovery of the Oil and Gas Industry Could Take Several Years
July 27 | Midland Reporter-Telegram
7 Underground Thrills Only Found in Tennessee
July 27 | Atlas Obscura
Caverns are an often overlooked attraction in Tennessee. This article features seven commercial caves that can be visited. Be sure to call in advance before you visit. Links to each cavern's website are provided in the article.
Scientists Develop New Rapid Flood Warning Sensors
July 27 | UMBC
Ancient Maya Reservoirs Contained Toxic Pollution
July 27 | University of Cincinnati
Worsening Water Crisis in the Eastern Caribbean
July 27 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Changes in Climate Will Make Fast-Moving Hurricanes More Likely in Late 21-st Century Texas
July 27 | National Science Foundation
What Country Do My Diamonds and Other Gemstones Come From?
July 26 | Gemological Institute of America
Hurricane Douglas Intensified into a Major Hurricane Moving Toward Hawaii
July 25 | CNN
Hurricane Douglas Tracks Towards Hawaii
July 25 | National Hurricane Center

Image by the National Hurricane Center.

Gold Price Crosses the $1,900 Benchmark, Approaching All-Time Record of $1923
July 25 | JCK Online
Fully-Operating Oil Pipelines Ordered to Shut Down by Legal Challenges
July 25 | Bloomberg
Chevron Is Pumping Oil With Solar Power in California
July 25 | Bloomberg
The Earliest Evidence of Humans in the Americas
July 25 | BBC
Discovery in Mexican Cave May Drastically Change the Known Timeline of Humans* Arrival to the Americas
July 25 | Smithsonian.com
U.S. States Ranked by Energy Production
July 25 | Energy Information Administration

Graph by the Energy Information Administration.

Russia*s Ethane Production is Expected to Increase More Than Ten-Fold by 2025
July 25 | Energy Information Administration

Map by the Energy Information Administration.

Drilling Into Bedrock Beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet to Understand Past and Future Melting
July 25 | Columbia University
Companies Are Getting Creative To Find Ways To Store Crude Oil Surplus
July 24 | National Public Radio
A Year in the Life of Earth*s CO2
July 24 | NASA Goddard on YouTube

NASA Mission Will Study the Cosmos With a Stratospheric Balloon
July 24 | NASA

This illustration shows a high-altitude balloon ascending into the upper atmosphere. When fully inflated, these balloons are 400 feet (150 meters) wide, or about the size of a football stadium, and reach an altitude of 130,000 feet (24.6 miles or 40 kilometers). Credit: NASA*s Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab/Michael Lentz.

Earth Observations Informing Cities* Operations and Planning
July 24 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Tropical Storm Hanna Develops in Gulf of Mexico While Gonzalo Churns West Toward Barbados
July 24 | The Washington Post
Tropical Storm Hanna Approaches Texas
July 24 | National Hurricane Center

Map by the National Hurricane Center.

Tropical Storm Gonzalo Heads for the Windward Islands
July 23 | National Hurricane Center

Gonzalo is expected to move over the southern Windward Islands and into the Caribbean Sea this weekend and could bring direct impacts from winds and heavy rainfall.

Where are the Windward Islands?
July 23 | Geology.com

Tropical Storm Gonzalo Sets a Record as It Churns Toward the Caribbean
July 23 | CNN
Human Exploration of Mars is on the Horizon
July 23 | NASA

World Methane Emissions Hit New High
July 23 | Smithsonian.com

NASA*s new three-dimensional portrait of methane, the world*s second-largest contributor to greenhouse warming.

Global Sources of Methane (NASA Visualization)
July 23 | NASA

Studying the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction on Anticosti Island (Quebec, Canada)
July 22 | Speaking of Geoscience Blog
Drilling Down: The Haynesville Shale Overtakes the Eagle Ford Shale
July 22 | Houston Chronicle
New Mexico Wants the Oil and Gas Industry to Capture at Least 98% of Its Methane Emissions by 2026
July 22 | Reuters
EIA Forecasts U.S. Petroleum Demand Will Remain Below 2019 Levels for Several More Months
July 22 | Energy Information Administration

Graph by the Energy Information Administration.

Hydrocarbon Gas Liquids Spot Prices Are Generally Bound by Crude Oil and Natural Gas
July 22 | Energy Information Administration

Graph by the Energy Information Administration.

The Grand Kugel
July 22 | Atlas Obscura
Quote from the article: This 29-ton granite ball spins around at the slightest touch thanks to a scientific phenomenon.
ALROSA Will Explore for Primary Diamond Deposits In Zambia
July 21 | ALROSA
ALROSA is a Russian diamond mining company that is 33% owned by the Russian Federation. They are the world*s largest producer of diamonds on the basis of volume (carats).
Which Countries Produce the Most Gem Diamonds?
July 21 | Geology.com

Diamond-Producing Countries: This map shows countries with at least 50,000 carats of natural gem-quality diamond production in 2019. The map clearly shows that natural diamond production occurs in many parts of the world. Map by Geology.com and MapResources. Data from USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries.

K-Ships vs. U-Boats
July 21 | National Air and Space Museum
UAE*s Mission to Mars Will Not Reach the Red Planet Until February 2021
July 21 | Space.com
Where Is the UAE (United Arab Emirates)?
July 21 | Geology.com

Likely Active Volcanoes Found on Venus, Defying Theory of Dormant Planet
July 19 | The Guardian
Volcanoes on Venus
July 21 | Geology.com

Sapas Mons Volcano: A simulated color image of Sapas Mons volcano, located on the Atla Regio rise near the equator of Venus. The volcano is about 400 kilometers across and about 1.5 kilometers high. The radial appearance of the volcano at this scale is caused by hundreds of overlapping lava flows - some originating from one of the two summit vents but most originating from flank eruptions. Image created by NASA using radar topography data acquired by the Magellan spacecraft in 1996. Active volcanism has been suspected on Venus for decades.

China Blows Up a Dam on a Yangtze River Tributary to Ease Flooding
July 20 | The Guardian
Ridgecrest Earthquakes Count Trigger a San Andreas Chain Reaction
July 20 | National Science Foundation
NEOWISE: Rare Image of a Comet*s Sodium Tail
July 20 | National Science Foundation
The World*s Most Beautiful Snails Threatened by Illegal Trade
July 20 | National Geographic
Spectacularly colored shells make these critically endangered Cuban snails highly sought after, but some are working to save them.
UAE Successfully Launches Its Hope Probe on a Mission to Mars
July 20 | engadget
Millennia-Old Rock Art in Israel Offers Window Into Lost Culture
July 19 | Smithsonian.com
Types of Rock Art: Petroglyphs and Pictographs
July 19 | Geology.com

This petroglyph is thought to have been carved by Native Americans into the wall of Buckskin Gulch in southern Utah, USA. Image copyright iStockphoto / amygdala_imagery.

Carbon Dioxide Levels Are Rising Across Wide Swaths of the Arctic Ocean's Canada Basin
July 19 | University of Montana
Melting of Arctic ice due to climate change has exposed more sea surface to an atmosphere with higher concentrations of carbon dioxide. Scientists have long suspected this trend would raise CO2 in Arctic Ocean water.
Where Is the Canada Basin?
July 19 | Geology.com

The Canada Basin is a topographic low in the Arctic Ocean that is offshore, beyond the continental shelf, of Alaska and Canada.

It*s A Good Time To Head To Mars
July 18 | National Public Radio
Rollback of Methane Emissions Hits a Legal Snag
July 18 | Reuters
India*s Daunting Challenge: There*s Water Everywhere, and Nowhere
July 18 | National Geographic
Rare Peek at Patagonia in Winter
July 17 | NASA Earth Observatory

In June 2020, just the right weather patterns were in place to provide a clear view of the snowy landscape of Patagonia.

Biden Outlines $2 Trillion Climate Plan
July 17 | National Public Radio
In the First Half of 2020, Natural Gas Was the Fastest-Growing Source of Electric Power Generation
July 17 | Energy Information Administration

Image by the Energy Information Administration.

Canada*s Oil Production Drops to Its Lowest Level Since 2016 Wildfires
July 16 | Energy Information Administration

Graph by the Energy Information Administration

Solar and Wind Find a New Market in Oil Fields
July 16 | Houston Chronicle
During WWII, Oklahomans Drilled Wells in England*s Sherwood Forest to Boost War Time Oil Production
July 16 | CNET
Comet NEOWISE: How to See It in Night Skies
July 16 | The New York Times
Connecting Trails to Expand Recreational Opportunities on Public Lands
July 15 | United States Geological Survey

Hikers enjoy the trails in Hot Springs National Park. Photo by the National Park Service.

NASA to Highlight Comet NEOWISE with Public Broadcast, Media Teleconference
July 15 | NASA

Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) in the predawn skies on July 9, 2020, over Deer Valley, Utah. Photo by NASA.

Lab-Grown Diamonds May Develop Their Own Price Scale
July 15 | JCKonline.com
Quote from the article: "the demand [for lab-growns] continues to outpace the supply, even with a lot more producers coming on"