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Tennessee Earthquake Shakes Atlanta
December 12 | Atlanta Journal Constitution
Did you feel it? Map by the United States Geological Survey shows input from thousands of people in eastern Tennessee, northern Georgia and surrounding areas.
M 4.4 Earthquake in Eastern Tennessee
December 12 | United States Geological Survey
Earth*s Mysterious *Deep Biosphere* Is Home to Millions of Undiscovered Species
December 12 | Live Science
The Arctic Ocean Has Lost 95 Percent of Its Oldest Ice - A Startling Sign of What*s to Come
December 12 | The Washington Post
After the Hurricane: Maria*s Far-Reaching Effects on Puerto Rico*s Watersheds and Forests
December 12 | National Science Foundation

Puerto Rico*s forests and streams were dramatically changed by Hurricane Maria's hit on the island. Image by the United States Forest Service.

International Lithium Estimates 25-Year Mine Life at Mariana Project (Argentina)
December 12 | Mining.com
Yes, Climate Change Is Making Wildfires Worse
December 12 | Lamont -Doherty Earth Observatory
satellite image of the Camp Fire
The Camp Fire burning in northern California on November 8, 2018. A NASA Earth Observatory image by Joshua Stevens, using Landsat data from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Lab-Grown Diamond Production Rises - and Prices Fall
December 12 | JCKonline
Plasma Activity Around Sunspots May Foreshadow Solar Storms
December 12 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
plasma around sunspots
Image by NASA.

What Is the Most Common Form of Ocean Litter?
December 12 | NOAA
cigarette butts
Image by NOAA.

Where to Get Weather Warnings by State
December 11 | Weather.gov
weather warnings
First Interplanetary CubeSats Zip Past Mars
December 11 | EOS Earth & Space Science News

MarCO-B, one of the experimental Mars CubeSats, took this image of Mars from about 4,700 miles (7,600 kilometers) away during its flyby of the Red Planet on Nov. 26, 2018. The object on the right side of the image is part of the Cubesat*s solar panel.

Getting Traction - Winter Weather Driving
December 11 | Weather.gov
Brazil to Auction 20,000 Mining Areas in First Half of 2019
December 11 | Mining.com
USGS Identifies Largest Continuous Oil and Gas Resource Potential Ever
December 11 | USGS

Estimates Include 46.3 Billion Barrels of Oil, 281 Trillion Cubic feet of Natural Gas, and 20 Billion Barrels of Natural Gas Liquids in Texas and New Mexico*s Wolfcamp Shale and Bone Spring Formation.

EU*s Largest Coking Coal Producer Seeks Growth Through Acquisitions
December 11 | Mining.com
Tracing the Path of Carbon in North America
December 11 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa
December 11 | NOAA
coral head from American Samoa
A coral head inside the protected lagoon at Rose Atoll. This protected area makes a great habitat for small fish to grow. Photo by NOAA Fisheries/Louise Giuseffi.

Where Is American Samoa? Map of U.S. Territories
December 11 | Geology.com
map of United States Territories
Louisiana Offshore Port Ships Most Oil Ever on Supertankers
December 11 | Bloomberg Quint
U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas Export Capacity to More than Double by the End of 2019
December 11 | Energy Information Administration
LNG export capacity growth of the United States
OPEC Agrees to Larger than Expected Production Cuts
December 11 | Houston Chronicle
Satellite Observations Validate Stratosphere Temperature Models
December 10 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Wintertime Arctic Sea Ice Growth Slows Long-term Decline
December 10 | GeoSpace Blog
Images of Slope Failures Triggered by the M7.0 Alaska Earthquake
December 10 | The Landslide Blog
The Guazi Landslide: An Ancient Landslide Reactivated by Hydroelectric Power Development in China
December 10 | The Landslide Blog
New Study Reveals Connection Between Climate, Life and the Movement of Continents
December 10 | The University of Texas at Austin
Scanning electron microscope view of four benthic foraminifera by the United States Geological Survey. Foraminifera are an important constituent in many chalks.

NWT Dangles Carrots for Carats to Lure Diamond Manufacturers
December 10 | CabinRadio.ca
These Are the Lab-Grown Detection Devices Retailers Need
December 10 | National Jeweler
Half of the World*s Annual Precipitation Falls in Just 12 Days
December 9 | National Center for Atmospheric Research

An analysis of rainfall measured at weather stations across the globe between 1999 and 2014 found that the median time it took for half of a year*s precipitation to fall was just 12 days. UCAR image by Simmi Sinho.

*True Polar Wander* May Have Caused Ice Age
December 9 | Rice University

Image by Victor C. Tsai, used here under a creative commons license.

Antarctic Melting Slows Atmospheric Warming and Speeds Sea Level Rise
December 9 | University of Arizona
Is Antarctica Becoming More Like Greenland?
December 9 | Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Hungry Ticks Work Harder to Find You
December 9 | University of Cincinnati
Avoiding Ticks and Tickborne Disease
December 9 | Geology.com
Deer Tick: Photograph of a black-legged tick, also known as a deer tick (Ixodes scapularis). Image by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health / Center for Disease Control.

Exoplanet Stepping Stones
December 9 | W.M. Keck Observatory
Exoplanet HR 8799c
Image of Exoplanet HR 8799c by W.M. Keck Observatory.

Upwind Wind Farms Can Reduce the Energy Production of Downwind Neighbor Turbines
December 9 | National Science Foundation
Block Island wind farm
Image by Ionna22, used here under a creative commons license.

The Oldest-Known Ancestor of Modern Primates May Have Come from North America, Not Asia
December 9 | Florida Museum

Losing License to Operate is the Biggest Risk to Miners
December 9 | Mining.com
Satellite Data Detects Hundreds of New Sources of Ammonia Pollution
December 8 | Smithsonian.com
Newly Discovered Cave Could Be Among Canada*s Largest
December 8 | Smithsonian.com

Oil Prices Jump After OPEC Agrees To Bigger-Than-Expected Production Cut
December 8 | National Public Radio
What Greenland*s *Unprecedented* Ice Loss Means for Earth
December 8 | National Geographic
Where Is Greenland?
December 8 | Geology.com
map of Greenland
Natural Gas Flaring in the Permian Basin Hits All-Time Highs
December 8 | Oil & Gas Journal
Trump Administration Lifts Barriers to Build New Coal-Fired Power Plants
December 8 | Mining.com
Self-Guided Tour of the Geology in D. C. Buildings
December 8 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
China Overtakes Japan to Become the World*s Largest Natural Gas Importer
December 8 | Energy Information Administration
natural gas imports by China and Japan
November U.S. Natural Gas Price Spike
December 8 | Energy Information Administration
natural gas price graph
The U.S. Just Became a Net Oil Exporter for the First Time in 75 Years
December 8 | Bloomberg Quint
Evidence of Connectivity Between the Gilberton and Lawrence Mine Pools, Western Middle Anthracite Field, Pennsylvania
December 7 | Pennsylvania Geology
How Satellites and Big Data Are Predicting the Behavior of Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters
December 7 | Smithsonian.com
hurricane Katrina
NOAA satellite image of Hurricane Katrina showing its massive width while in the Gulf of Mexico before hitting New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina was one of the costliest hurriances in history.

Christmas Gift Idea - Hardness Testing Picks
December 7 | Geology.com Store
hardness pick set
Hardness picks make hardness testing a more precise process - especially when testing small specimens or mineral grains within a rock. The point of the pick can easily be placed on the part of the specimen that you want to test. The scratches that you make or trails of metal that are left behind are usually very easy to distinguish.

The set includes eight points - for Mohs hardness of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The 2 is a plastic point, the 3 is a copper point, the others are alloys carefully selected to match the hardness of the Mohs hardness index minerals.

New Mining Projects in Yukon and Nunavut
December 7 | Mining.com
Mountain Province Diamonds Expects to Produce 3.1 to 3.2 Million Carats in 2019 at Gahcho Kue
December 7 | Mountain Province Diamonds
Diamond Mines in Canada
December 7 | Geology.com
diamond mines in Canada
Learn About Bennu, the Rubble Pile Asteroid Being Visited by NASA*s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft
December 7 | Bad Astronomy
asteroid Bennu
Image by NASA*s Goddard Space Flight Center/University of Arizona.

Lucapa Kicks Off Commercial Production at Mothae Diamond Mine in Lesotho
December 7 | Mining.com
Where Is Lesotho?
December 7 | Geology.com
Lesotho map
2018 Global Emissions of Carbon Dioxide Will Be the Highest Levels on Record
December 7 | The Washington Post
Meet Scott Bolton, the Visionary Behind the NASA Mission to Jupiter
December 6 | Smithsonian.com
The Saudi Dilemma: To Cut Oil Prices to Preserve Market Share, or Cut Production to Boost Prices
December 6 | Mining.com
In a Submarine Trough, Permeable Rocks May Lead to Quakes
December 6 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Next Year*s Challenge for Canada*s Oil Patch Comes from the Sea
December 6 | Mining.com
Alaska Earthquake Photos: Mass Wasting, Liquifaction, Lateral Spreading
December 6 | United States Geological Survey

Sediment vented by earthquake-triggered liquefaction at the mouth of the Little Susitna River. Photo and caption by USGS.

Bipartisan Legislation Would Put a Price on Carbon
December 6 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Surging Oil Drilling in Texas Could Cause Summer Power Shortages
December 6 | Bloomberg Quint
Archaeologists Discover a Roman Latrine Loaded with *Bathroom Humor*
December 6 | Smithsonian.com
Big Oil Battles Gender Problem That May Take Decades to Fix
December 6 | Bloomberg Quint
M7.5 Earthquake 168km ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia
December 5 | United States Geological Survey

Image by USGS.

Authorities Lift Tsunami Warning After a M7.6 Earthquake Near New Caledonia
December 5 | National Public Radio
Where Is New Caledonia?
December 5 | Geology.com
New Caledonia map
The *Camera That Saved Hubble* Turns 25
December 5 | NASA
The camera that saved Hubble
Bolivia*s Almost Impossible Lithium Dream
December 5 | Bloomberg
Where Is Bolivia?
December 5 | Geology.com
map of Bolivia
Fears of a Lithium Glut from South American Brines Evaporate - Now There*s a Rush to Mine Spodumene
December 5 | Mining.com
lithium brine evaporation ponds in northern chile
Satellite image of lithium brine evaporation ponds in northern Chile. Image by the United States Geological Survey.

Spodumene: An Important Ore of Lithium Metal
December 5 | Geology.com
Rock Tumbler Kits Make Great Christmas Gifts
December 5 | RockTumbler.com (affiliated with Geology.com)
Image by RockTumbler.com. Geology.com and RockTumbler.com are both GeoShops websites.

U.S. Coal Consumption in 2018 Expected to Be the Lowest in 39 Years
December 5 | Energy Information Administration
U.S. coal consumption
Coal consumption has fallen in the United States because electricity is being generated in different ways. Burning natural gas, using solar and wind generation, have all cut into the amount of coal being burned. A large decline in the price of natural gas, combined with it being more convenient have been important reasons for the decline in the use of coal. Contrary to popular belief, there has not been a "war on coal" - the move away from coal has been driven mainly by economics and secondarily by environmental concern. Graph by the Energy Information Administration.

Low Oil Prices: Who Enjoys Them, Who Doesn*t
December 5 | Houston Chronicle
New Rules for the Panama Canal Expected to Boost U.S. LNG Exports
December 5 | Houston Chronicle
Where Is the Panama Canal?
December 5 | Geology.com
map of Panama
The Panama Canal provides a shortcut for ships travelling from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. When it was completed in 1914, a ship travelling from New York City to Tokyo no longer had to travel around the southern tip of South America to enter the Pacific Ocean - it simply went through the Panama Canal. This saved enormous amounts of fuel, increased the speed of international trade, and reduced the delivered cost of virtually all goods that passed through the canal.

Amid a Tariff Squabble: The First U.S. Crude in Two Months Arrives in China
December 5 | Reuters
Importance of the Wolfcamp Play to Oil and Natural Gas Production in the Permian Basin
December 5 | Energy Information Administration
crude oil and natural gas production units in the Permian Basin
Image by the Energy Information Administration.

Dry Shale Gas Production by Play
December 5 | Energy Information Administration
shale gas production by reservoir
The Frozen Wild Dnieper River
December 4 | NASA
meander plain of the Dnieper River, Russia
Curling snow drifts are magnified by the terrain around the 1,400 mile Dnieper River, flowing from Russia to the Black Sea in this image from the International Space Station on February 9th, 2017.

NASA Spacecraft Arrives at Asteroid Bennu
December 4 | NASA
Yet Another Environmental Review for the Keystone XL Pipeline
December 4 | Reuters
Mexico*s Imports of Natural Gas from the U.S. Sets a Record
December 4 | Energy Information Administration
Mexico natural gas imports
UK Explorer Makes High-Grade Silver Discovery in Ethiopia
December 4 | Mining.com
Where Is Ethiopia?
December 4 | Geology.com
map of Ethiopia
Ancient Romans Polluted Their Lakes Just Like We Do Today
December 4 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
U.S. Oil Production in September Was 11.5Mbpd - A Fourth Straight Month of Record Highs
December 4 | Reuters
Pipeline Constraints Depress Crude Prices in Western Canada
December 4 | Energy Information Administration
western Canada crude prices
Understanding Electrical Signals from Below Earth*s Surface
December 3 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
peridot (olivine) xenolith from San Carlos, Arizona showing green olivine crystals in black basalt
Peridot (olivine) xenolith from San Carlos, Arizona showing green olivine crystals in black basalt.

What Two Planetary Siblings Can Teach Us About Life
December 3 | NASA
earth and mars
This composite image of Earth and Mars was created to allow viewers to gain a better understanding of the relative sizes of the two planets. Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Low-Flying Airplane to Map Geology of Southeast Missouri (Late November through March)
December 3 | United States Geological Survey
airborne magnetometer
A Piper Navajo airplane with auxiliary wingtip pods and tail stinger magnetometers will collect data about the rocks within the St. Francois Mountains in southeast Missouri. Image by Terraquest, Ltd.

Florida*s Coral Reefs Provide Window into the Past
December 3 | United States Geological Survey

Research Oceanographer Lauren Toth and student volunteer Liz Whitcher drill a coral reef core from a reef off Key West, Florida. Photo by Anastasios Stathakopoulos, USGS, public domain.

Osisko Cuts 84 g/t Gold Over 5.3 Metres at Windfall Lake
December 3 | Mining.com
Carbonado Diamonds - Tougher Than Your Average Diamond
December 3 | Geology.com
carbonado diamond
Carbonado Diamonds are usually black or gray in color and irregular in shape. Upon close examination, their porous texture is usually obvious. They typically exhibit a luster that might be perceived as glassy, submetallic, or adamantine. Creative Commons image by James St. John.

The Anchorage Earthquake Was a Big One, but It Could Have Been Much Worse. Why L.A. Should Take Warning
December 3 | Los Angeles Times
China Sets Out for the Far Side of the Moon
December 3 | Science
Moving Mountains: Elwha River Still Changing Five Years After World*s Largest Dam-Removal Project
December 2 | United States Geological Survey
dynamics of the Elwaha delta system
Animation of changes in the Elwha River delta. Image by the United States Geological Survey.

Earliest Evidence for Humans on the *Roof of the World* Found
December 2 | National Geographic
The Insect Apocalypse Is Here
December 2 | The New York Times
Overview of Water Quality in Principal Aquifers
December 2 | United States Geological Survey
Water Quality in Principal Aquifers
Image by the United States Geological Survey.

*Major* Damage to Anchorage Area after Severe 7.0-Magnitude Earthquake in Alaska
December 2 | The Washington Post

How Hurricanes Michael, Florence May Have Spread Nonnative Species
December 2 | United States Geological Survey
flathead catfish
The flathead catfish, which is native to the Mississippi Basin, has been sighted in the Carolinas and could be spread by Hurricane Florence's floodwaters. It could affect the abundance of popular native fish like bass. Credit: Eric Engbretson, USFWS, public domain.

Composite Risk Map of Wildfire, Landslide, and Hurricane Hazards
December 2 | United States Geological Survey
composite risk map of wildfires, landslides and hurricanes
Image by the United States Geological Survey.

NASA Weighs In on Petroleum Development in the Arctic Ocean
December 1 | ABC News
Oil and Natural Gas Resources of the Arctic
December 1 | Geology.com
oil and Gas in the Arctic Ocean
Arctic Oil and Natural Gas Provinces Map: The United States Geological Survey estimates that over 87% of the Arctic's oil and natural gas resource (about 360 billion barrels oil equivalent) is located in seven Arctic basin provinces: Amerasian Basin, Arctic Alaska Basin, East Barents Basin, East Greenland Rift Basin, West Greenland-East Canada Basin, West Siberian Basin, and the Yenisey-Khatanga Basin. Map by Geology.com and MapResources.

USGS Forecast Model Predicts Up to 1000 Aftershocks in the Next 24 Hours After Alaska Earthquakes
December 1 | CNN
Energy Secretary: The United States Needs an Energy Infrastructure Build-Out and More Cyber Security
December 1 | Houston Chronicle
Groups Gear Up to Fight Oil and Gas Development in Arctic Refuge
December 1 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Mitsubishi Materials Says Its Indonesia Copper Smelter Declared Force Majeure on Some Deliveries
December 1 | Mining.com
Force Majeure is a term from contract law. It is a clause in a contract that relieves one party from responsibility when an unanticipated and uncontrollable event prevents fulfillment of contractual obligations. Examples of these events might include: extreme weather, an accident, a labor dispute, an act of terrorism or war.
The Northern Miner Podcast: The Year of the Lab-Created Diamond
December 1 | Northern Miner
What Specific Costs and Risks Do We Face from Climate Change?
December 1 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Travels in Geology: Roof of the Rockies: Trail Ridge Road
December 1 | Earth Magazine
Dutch Masters: The Netherlands Exports Flood-Control Expertise
December 1 | Earth Magazine
Large Earthquake Strikes Southcentral Alaska, Damage Reported Around Region
November 30 | Anchorage Daily News
M7.0 Earthquake - 13km North of Anchorage Alaska
November 30 | United States Geological Survey
did you feel it? map
2.4-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools Turn Up in an Unexpected Place - Algeria
November 30 | The Atlantic
Where Is Algeria?
November 30 | Geology.com
map of Algeria
New Tick Species Capable of Transmitting Deadly Disease Is Spreading in the U.S.
November 30 | The Washington Post
Stone Tools at Arabian *Crossroads* Present Mysteries of Ancient Human Migration
November 30 | Smithsonian.com
Mine Subsidence Opens a 30-Foot Sinkhole in Butte Resident*s Backyard
November 30 | Missoulian
Saudi Arabia Targets $64B in Mining Revenue by 2030
November 30 | Mining.com
Peru Stops Miners from Exploring the Rainbow Mountain Tourist Area
November 30 | Mining.com
Exxon Will Use Wind, Solar Power to Produce Crude Oil in Texas
November 30 | Bloomberg Quint
Oil Rebounds as Russia Is Said Willing to Join OPEC Output Cuts
November 30 | Bloomberg Quint
U.S. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Proved Reserves Climbed to Record Levels in 2017
November 30 | Energy Information Administration
U.S. proved oil and gas reserves
WVU Geologist Gives Tour of West Virginia*s *Roadside Geology*
November 29 | West Virginia University
NEW! Roadside Geology of West Virginia
November 29 | Geology.com
Roadside Geology of West Virginia
A Bill to Reauthorize the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program
November 29 | Speaking of Geoscience
Strange Seismic Waves Rippled Around the World, and Nobody Knows Why
November 29 | National Geographic
Chevron Announces First Oil from Big Foot Deep Water Project in the Gulf of Mexico
November 29 | Houston Chronicle
BHP Unveils World-Class Copper Find Near Olympic Dam in South Australia
November 29 | Mining.com
Nuclear Reactors, Left Questionable or Damaged after the 2013 Fukushima Earthquake Are Finally Restarting
November 29 | Energy Information Administration
nuclear reactor restarts
Image by Energy Information Administration.

We Fund Scientific Research Through Our Taxes but Often Have to Pay a Hefty Fee to Read Its Findings.
November 29 | New Scientist
If these research papers were freely available on Government websites they would be read and shared by multitudes of people. Paywalls charging $20 or more per view severely throttle access and implementation of valuable research - and that can cost time, money, and in some cases lives. Imagine the potential impact when important and costly medical, earthquake, weather, and other critical research is held behind paywalls for up to a year, instead of being given to viral sharing and discussion across the internet. Billions of dollars worth of research is being locked away each year.
A Lack of Adequate Pipelines Throttles Job and Production Growth in the Permian Basin
November 29 | Houston Chronicle
The Woman Whose Invention Helped Win a War - and Still Baffles Weathermen
November 29 | Smithsonian.com
Mars in a Minute: Are There Quakes on Mars?
November 28 | NASA

Exploring Planetary Breadcrumbs One Asteroid at a Time
November 28 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Australia Grants Environmental Approval to a Chinese-Owned Mega Coal Mine
November 28 | Mining
The mine, located in Queensland, is expected to cost $4.84B (US) to build and is expected to produce up to 38 million tons of coal per year for the next 50 years.
Rio Tinto Sells Stake in a Namibian Uranium Mine to China
November 28 | Mining.com
Where Is Namibia?
November 28 | Geology.com
map of Namibia
InSight Is Catching Rays on Mars
November 28 | NASA

New Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale Generates $43M
November 28 | Associated Press
The 34 tracts sold covered a little over 12 square miles in Lea, Chaves, and McKinley Counties.

What Specific Costs and Risks Do We Face from Climate Change?
November 28 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
35th Annual Field Observations of North Cascade Glaciers
November 28 | From a Glacier*s Perspective