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Homecoming King: The Nationís T. rex Returns to the Smithsonian
July 18 | Smithsonian.com
New Photo Gallery At Arizona Geological Survey Website
July 18 | Arizona Geological Survey

South Korea - Primary Energy Consumption
July 18 | Energy Information Administration

Drought Reveals Giant, 4,500-Year-Old Irish Henge
July 18 | Smithsonian.com

Lava Flows Continue to Affect Geothermal Power Generation on Hawaii*s Big Island
July 18 | Energy Information Administration

Lawmakers Aim to Use Spending Bill to Block Offshore Drilling
July 18 | The Hill
Here is how amendments on unrelated legislation are used to decide the energy future of the United States. Each issue should be decided on its own merits.
Viewing Hawaii*s Lava Safely -- Common Sense is Not Enough
July 17 | USGS

Passenger Describes Lava Bomb Crashing through Hawaii Tour Boat Roof
July 17 | CBS News

23 People Injured when a Lava Bomb Crashes Through the Roof of a Tour Boat
July 17 | CNN
If this bomb was a little bigger it would have crashed through the roof, then through the floor, and then the boat would have been in real trouble. USGS and local organizations warn people about the multiple types of danger present at the ocean entry. However, people seeking thrills or huge profit from charging 50 people $XX for a short boat ride trump common sense.
A Tiny *Island of Lava* Forms near Hawaii*s Kilauea Volcano
July 18 | USA Today
The Challenges of Global Flood Hazard Mapping and Prediction
July 17 | EOS Earth & Space Science News

Satellite image of flooding in Australia captured by NASA*s Terra spacecraft.

A Plan for Protecting Deep-Sea Life From Seabed Mining
July 17 | Mining.com

Deep sea coral, sponges and brittle stars. Image from the NOAA photo library.

Can Crop Irrigation Affect Cloud Development and Precipitation?
July 17 | National Science Foundation
Pele*s Hair - One of the Strangest Forms of Lava
July 17 | Geology.com
Pele*s Hair
Pele's Hair: A cluster of Pele's Hair from Hawaii with a hand lens used for scale. Creative Commons photograph by Cm3826.

15 Nonemployees Killed, Dozens Injured While Scavenging for Jade at a Mine Dump in Myanmar
July 17 | Mining.com
What is Jade?
July 17 | Geology.com
jade pendant
Pendant of Green Nephrite, known in New Zealand as *Maori Green Stone* or *Maori Jade*. Photo copyright iStockphoto and Steve Patterson.

Hazards in Paradise: Indonesia Prepares for Natural Disasters
July 17 | Earth Magazine
Mount Agung: An Active and Dangerous Volcano on the Island of Bali
July 17 | Geology.com
Mount Agung at night
Potential Human Impact of an Eruption: This night photo, taken from the west slope of Mount Agung, shows the valley below and the caldera rim of Mount Batur in the distance. The number of night lights clearly indicate the population density of this area and the potential human impact of any eruption. Image copyright iStockphoto / jankovoy.

North Dakota Sets Oil and Gas Production Records in May
July 16 | StarTribune
Robbers Leap from Trucks to Trains and Toss 80-Kilo Copper Ingots Out Into the Night
July 16 | Mining.com
Tiny Algae May Have Prompted a Mass Extinction
July 16 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Crude Shipments to India Soar Ahead of Iran Sanctions
July 16 | Reuters
Two More Pipelines Transporting Natural Gas Within Mexico Are Placed in Service
July 16 | Energy Information Administration

Kilauea: The Science Behind the Headlines
July 16 | The Geological Society of America
Huge Iceberg Drifts Close to Greenland Village Innaarsuit Prompting Tsunami Fears
July 16 | ABC News Australia
MeerKAT, World*s Largest Telescope to Unravel Galactic Mysteries, Inaugurated
July 16 | FirstPost
Ticks that Carry Lyme Disease Are Spreading Fast
July 16 | CBS News
Russian Arctic Glacier Loss Accelerating
July 15 | Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
In 2016*s Record Arctic Warmth, a Glimpse of the Future
July 15 | Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Kilauea Ocean Entry Through Steam and Rain
July 15 | Geology.com
kilauea volcano
Ocean Entry Through Steam and Rain: Braided streams of lava produce a wide ocean entry along the southeast coast of Hawaii. The *foggy* view is caused by steam rising from the ocean entry and rain falling through the morning sky. Photo by the United States Geological Survey.

Toxic Treatments: Lead Lingers in Folk Remedies
July 15 | Earth Magazine
Uses of Lead
July 15 | USGS Fact Sheet Republished on Geology.com
lead battery
Lead-Acid Car Battery: Typical lead-acid ignition batteries in automobiles contain about 10 kilograms of lead and need to be replaced every 4 to 5 years. Lead-acid batteries also supply standby power for computer networks and telecommunications systems, and energy storage for wind and solar energy systems and hybrid-electric vehicles. Image copyright iStockphoto / Hywit Dimyadi.

The World*s Biggest Robot Is Hauling Iron Ore in Western Australia
July 15 | Rio Tinto

Diamonds Reveal Water in Deep Mantle
July 15 | Earth Magazine
How Do Diamonds Form?
July 15 | Geology.com
how do diamonds form
Diamond Formation: Diamonds found at or near Earth*s surface have formed through four different processes. The plate tectonics cartoon above presents these four methods of diamond formation.

Cretaceous Volcanic Ash Seeded U.S. Oilfields
July 14 | Earth Magazine
New Clues to How the Biggest Dinosaurs Got So Big
July 14 | The New York Times
Archaeologists in China Discover the Oldest Stone Tools Outside Africa
July 14 | The New York Times
A December Space Launch Could Make Israel the Fourth Country to Land on the Moon
July 14 | Digital Trends
Latest Death Shines Light on Tick-Borne Disease - Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
July 14 | CBS News
Avoiding Ticks and Tickborne Disease
July 14 | Geology.com
Deer tick: Photograph of a black-legged tick, also known as a deer tick (Ixodes scapularis). Image by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health / Center for Disease Control.

Observatories Team Up to Reveal Rare Double Asteroid
July 13 | NASA

U.S. Oil & Gas Methane Emissions 60% Higher than Estimated
July 13 | Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
New Study Explains Antarctica*s Coldest Temperatures
July 13 | Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
FEMA: Status of the National Flood Insurance Program
July 13 | FEMA
As Hurricane Season Ramps Up, Flood Insurance Program Set to Expire
July 13 | Scientific American
Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Many of the Most Important Geologic Hazards
July 13 | Geology.com

Homeowners insurance exclusions: A portion of the author*s homeowners insurance policy that excludes the most common geologic hazards (underlined in red). READ your homeowners policy to determine if it covers hazards that are likely to occur in your area. Your insurance agent might be able to help you obtain additional coverage for hazards of concern in your area.

Bird*s Eye View of the Arctic
July 13 | Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Finding and Lifting Costs Fell to $29 Per Barrel of Crude (Page 14)
July 13 | Energy Information Administration

Financial Review of the Global Oil and Natural Gas Industry: 2017 (PDF)
July 13 | Energy Information Administration
Stomp Rockets
July 12 | NASA

Rocks Under I-95 Present Odd, and Scary, Threat to Power Grid
July 12 | Bloomberg Quint
Nord Stream 2: A Controversial Pipeline Planned to Deliver Russian Natural Gas to Germany
July 12 | The Washington Post
These Tiny Monkeys Have Entered Their Stone Age with a Bang
July 12 | The Washington Post
Worthless Just Two Years Ago, West Texas Sand Now Brings in Billions
July 12 | Bloomberg
What is Frac Sand?
July 12 | Geology.com
frac sand
Frac Sand Processing Facility: Aerial view of a frac sand processing facility in Wisconsin. Photo copyright iStockphoto / BanksPhotos.

Going for Gold: Can Small-Scale Mines Be Mercury Free?
July 12 | United Nations Environment Programme
Producer Interest in the Eagle Ford Shale is Growing
July 12 | Platts
U.S. Oil Output to Edge Above 12 Million BPD in Late 2019
July 12 | Reuters
Bedrock in West Antarctica Rising at Surprisingly Rapid Rate
July 11 | The Ohio State University
New Evidence for How the Adirondack Mountains Formed
July 11 | UMassAmherst
Frigid Polar Oceans, Not Balmy Coral Reefs, Are Species-Formation Hot Spots for Marine Fishes
July 11 | University of Michigan
Flawless Diamonds Are Prized, but Those with Flaws Might Make Communication Secure
July 11 | Princeton University
Distant Quasar Providing Clues to Early-Universe Conditions
July 11 | National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Image by Momjian, et al.; B. Saxton (NRAO/AUI/NSF).

Thai Cave Rescue: All 12 Boys and Coach Freed
July 10 | CNN
Tropical Storm Chris Brushes the East Coast
July 10 | NOAA
Tropical Storm Chris
ALROSA Finds a *Soccer Ball* Diamond
July 10 | Geology.com
Alrosa finds soccer ball diamond
During the World Cup tournament in Russia, ALROSA discovered a tiny (0.50-carat) diamond that looks just like a soccer ball. It was found at the Karpinskaya-1 pipe, in the Arkhangelsk Region. It is a great novelty gem, but unfortunately, Russia was eliminated from the tournament in a loss in the quarter-finals to Croatia. Image by ALROSA.

The Tiny Organisms That Transport Silica Across Earth*s Oceans
July 10 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Diatomite: The Rock Used to Make Beer
July 10 | Geology.com
Are We Prepared for an Asteroid Headed Straight to Earth?
July 10 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Near-Earth Asteroids - What Are They and Where Do They Come From?
July 10 | Geology.com
U.S. Oil Sellers May Look to India as China Tariff War Escalates
July 10 | Bloomberg Quint
Thermal Coal Prices Hit 6-Year High
July 10 | Mining.com
Coal Through a Microscope
July 10 | Geology.com
coal through a microscope

The Price of Platinum Briefly Hits a 14-Year Low
July 10 | JCK Online
Opponents to the Fracking Ban in the Delaware River Basin Get Another Day in Court
July 10 | Philly.com
Japan Floods: At Least 100 Dead After Heavy Rain and Landslides
July 9 | CNN
Cave Rescue: Four More Boys Rescued by Thai Navy Divers
July 9 | BBC
Crustal Footprint of the Hainan Plume Beneath Southeast China
July 9 | Journal of Geophysical Research
Karst Groundwater Contributes to Deformation in Eastern Alps
July 9 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Elon Musk to Build 125 mph Underground Transit Line Serving Chicago O*Hare
July 9 | The Washington Post
Southern California Heat Wave: Temperatures Reach 121 Degrees, Break Records
July 8 | The Mercury News
Thailand Cave Rescue Operation Is Underway - Live Updates
July 8 | CBS News
Tropical Depression Three Skirting the East Coast
July 8 | NOAA
Tropical Depression Three
Thailand Cave Rescue: Heavy Rain May Trigger Early Evacuation of Trapped Boys
July 8 | Independent
Tropical Storm Beryl Approaches the Windward and Leeward Islands
July 8 | NOAA

Where are the Windward and Leeward Islands?
July 8 | Geology.com
map of the Windward and Leeward Islands
Red-Hot Planet: All-Time Heat Records Have Been Set All over the World During the Past Week
July 8 | The Washington Post
Heat Wave Sparks Major Power Outages Around Los Angeles
July 8 | Los Angeles Times
Goleta Devastated by Fire as Record Heat Burns Path of Destruction
July 8 | Los Angeles Times
Former Navy Diver Dies at Cave Rescue Site in Thailand
July 7 | CNN
Where is Thailand?
July 7 | Geology.com
where is Thailand?
How Many Water Droplets Are in a Cloud?
July 7 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Production in the Permian Basin Is Throttled Until Pipeline Take-Away Capacity Increases.
July 7 | Platts
U.S. Crude Imports from Canada Are at an 8-Year High
July 7 | Financial Post
Employment of the Early Career Geoscience Workforce
July 7 | American Geosciences Institute

India*s Interest in Gold Is Falling
July 6 | Mining.com
The Many Uses of Gold
July 6 | Geology.com
uses of Gold
Jewelry is the primary use of gold. Cameo in gold setting. Image copyright iStockphoto / Angelo Marcantonio.

China Will Need More U.S. Natural Gas
July 6 | Forbes
U.S. Fossil Fuel Consumption Reaches Lowest Share in a Century
July 6 | Houston Chronicle
Newest NASA Discoveries Could Boost Search for Ancient Life on Mars
July 6 | The Washington Post
$2,700,000 In Rough Alluvial Diamonds from Lucapa*s Lulo Project in Angola
July 5 | Lucapa Diamond
alluvial diamonds
Where is Angola?
July 5 | Geology.com
Where is Angola?
The Future of U.S. Nuclear Power Is in Doubt
July 5 | Verdict
How LNG Contracts Are Evolving
July 5 | SmartBrief.com
NASA*s NuSTAR Mission Proves Superstar Eta Carinae Shoots Cosmic Rays
July 4 | NASA

Eta Carinae*s great eruption in the 1840s created the billowing Homunculus Nebula, imaged here by Hubble. Now about a light-year long, the expanding cloud contains enough material to make at least 10 copies of our Sun. Astronomers cannot yet explain what caused this eruption. Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team.

Getting the Soccer Players Out of the Flooded Cave Could Take Months
July 4 | The Washington Post
Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Coal Still Dominate U.S. Energy Consumption
July 4 | Energy Information Administration
Rhode Island Sues Oil Companies Over Climate Change
July 4 | The Hill
Steamboat Geyser Erupts 10 Times in Three Months (Many Past Eruption Intervals Have Been Years)
July 4 | Geology.com
Steamboat Geyser
Steamboat Geyser is known as the World*s Tallest Geyser, with some eruptions reaching heights of 300 to 400 feet.

Thailand Cave Rescue: Boys Found, But How Can They Be Brought Out?
July 3 | BBC
Wildfires Spread In Northern California
July 3 | National Public Radio

The Northeast US Is Sweltering under the Worst Heat Wave of the Year
July 3 | CNN
How Wildfires Contaminate Drinking Water Sources
July 3 | University of Colorado Boulder
Studying Soil from a New Perspective
July 3 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
New Study Explains Antarctica*s Coldest Temperatures
July 3 | National Snow & Ice Data Center
Exploring the Interplay Between Ocean Eddies and the Atmosphere
July 3 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Lucapa Diamond Recovers an 89.75-Carat Diamond During Bulk Sampling at Mothae
July 3 | Geology.com
Lucapa Diamond
Diamonds this large are a genuine rarity, and it is even more surprising that a diamond of this size is found during bulk sampling. The company said that they are *tremendously encouraged*. Image by Lucapa Diamond Company.

Cementless Fly Ash Binder Makes Concrete *Green*
July 2 | Rice University

Photograph by the Multiscale Materials Laboratory, Rice University.

Volcanic Activity, Declining Ocean Oxygen Triggered Mass Extinction of Ancient Marine Organisms
July 2 | Florida State University
Nearly 80 Exoplanet Candidates Identified in Record Time
July 2 | MIT News
Previously Unsuspected Volcanic Activity Confirmed under West Antarctic Ice Sheet at Pine Island Glacier
July 2 | National Science Foundation

Photograph by Galen Dossin, National Science Foundation.

Digital Elevation Models Bring Mining History to Life
July 1 | ESRI
A New Approach to Flood Mapping
July 1 | ESRI
The Art and Science of Fireworks Displays
June 30 | Geology.com
Fireworks Over Indianapolis, IN. Image copyright iStockphoto / Alexeys.

The Case of the Missing Lunar Heat Flow Data Is Finally Solved
June 30 | NASA

U.S. Shale Production Can Keep Growing for Decades
June 30 | Reuters
Constraining Central Washington*s Potential Seismic Hazard
June 30 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Rescue Team in Thailand to Drill Into Cave to Try to Reach Trapped Boys
June 29 | The New York Times
Thailand Cave Rescue: How Would You Survive in a Cave?
June 29 | BBC
A Federal Court in California Dismissed Climate Change Lawsuits by the Cities of San Francisco and Oakland against Five Major Oil Companies
June 29 | Reuters
Export U.S. Energy Production Technology?
June 29 | Reuters
Qatar Petroleum Expects to Invest $20B Buying Oil and Gas Fields in the United States
June 29 | Bloomberg
Where Is Qatar?
June 29 | Geology.com

Royal Canadian Mint Issues First Coin Struck from Gold Mined in Nunavut
June 29 | Royal Canadian Mint
Nunavut Gold
Where is Nunavut?
June 29 | Geology.com
map of Nunavut
Supreme Court Says More Work Needed to Resolve Long-Running Florida-Georgia Water Dispute
June 28 | The Washington Post
Complex Organics Bubble up from Enceladus
June 28 | NASA

Bradford County Water Quality Improves; Impacts Rare Near Shale Gas Wells
June 28 | Penn State News
Oil Spending Surges in U.S. With Canada *Dying by Our Own Sword*
June 28 | Bloomberg Quint
Our Solar System*s First Known Interstellar Object Gets Unexpected Speed Boost
June 28 | NASA

EIA Expects 2018 Gasoline Prices Have Peaked
June 28 | Energy Information Administration

The Oxygen Neutral Cloud Surrounding Jupiter*s Volcanic Moon
June 28 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Image by NASA.

The Chemistry of Colour-Changing Alexandrite
June 28 | Compound Interest
Small Lava Flow Observed at Cleveland Volcano - (Orange Alert)
June 27 | Alaska Volcano Observatory

U.S.G.S. Image.
Mount Cleveland Volcano
June 27 | Geology.com
Cleveland Volcano
Mount Cleveland Volcano erupting a plume of ash that is being carried to the west-southwest by wind at an elevation of up to about 6000 meters (about 19,700 feet). This photo was taken by Jeff Williams, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, on May 23, 2006.

Lithium Demand from Battery Makers to Almost Double by 2027
June 27 | Mining.com
Key Triggers of the 2017 Wildfire Season
June 27 | University of Colorado Boulder

Image by ESU and NASA.
Rethinking the River to Manage River-Dominated Coastal Zones
June 27 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
EIA Now Publishes Petroleum Export Data by U.S. Region of Origin and Destination Country
June 27 | Energy Information Administration