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United States Remains the World's Top Producer of Petroleum and Natural Gas Hydrocarbons
May 22 | Energy Information Administration

LNG Exports May Incite Price Increases for American Users
May 22 | Bloomberg
As Oil Prices Surge, U.S. Service Providers Eye Growing Labor Shortage
May 22 | Reuters
Ocean Warming Reaches the Abyss
May 22 | Earth Magazine
Deepest Part of the Ocean
May 22 | Geology.com
Deepest Part of the Ocean
Map showing the location of the Challenger Deep on the southern end of the Mariana Trench, south of Guam. NOAA image modified by Kmusser and used here under a GNU Free Document License.

Authors Offer Different Explanations for Changing Ocean Oxygen Concentrations
May 22 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Tanzanite Miner Gets Bill as Tanzania Cracks Down on Lost Mineral Revenues
May 22 | Mining.com
What is Tanzanite?
May 22 | Geology.com
Faceted blue tanzanite: This violetish blue tanzanite is an exceptional faceted oval weighing 8.14 carats and measuring 14.4 x 10.5 x 7.6 millimeters in size. On the basis of its color and clarity, it would be rated in the top 1% of all tanzanite ever produced. It is easy to see why Tiffany's called tanzanite "the most beautiful blue stone to be discovered in 2000 years." Stones of this quality might be purchased by museums, investors, or collectors, or used in custom or designer jewelry. Photo copyright by Richland Gemstones and used here with permission.

May Is Washington State Volcano Preparedness Month
May 22 | United States Geological Survey
Mount Rainier
The 35 Minerals Deemed Critical to U.S. National Security and the Economy
May 22 | United States Geological Survey
Lava Hits the Ocean at Kilauea
May 21 | Geology.com
lava hitting the ocean at Kilauea
Kilauea Lava Reaches the Ocean: On May 20th, lava from Fissure 20 had flowed all the way to the edge of the island and was falling into the ocean. The white plume rising from the ocean entry is known as *laze* - a contraction of *lava haze*. Laze is produced when hot lava causes sea water to boil. Chemical and physical reactions produce a plume that contains a mixture of condensed seawater steam, hydrochloric acid gas, and tiny shards of volcanic glass. It is a health hazard for people in the immediate area or downwind. Photo by the United States Geological Survey.

U.S. Gulf Coast Port Limitations Impose Additional Costs on Rising U.S. Crude Oil Exports
May 21 | Energy Information Administration

Alrosa Sees Rosy Prospects from Colored Diamonds
May 21 | Mining.com
You Won*t Believe the Size of Botswana*s Salt Flats
May 21 | Smithsonian.com
Where is Botswana?
May 21 | Geology.com
map of Botswana
Canada Is Now Home to the World*s Largest Stretch of Protected Boreal Forests
May 21 | Smithsonian.com
China Is Locking Up Battery Metals in South America
May 21 | Mining.com
A Lithium Cartel?
May 21 | Mining.com
April Was the 400th Consecutive Month with Temperatures above the 20th Century Average
May 20 | NOAA
April temperatures
Zimbabwe Has Lots of Battery-Grade Lithium Potential, but Risk Is High
May 20 | Mining.com
Where Is Zimbabwe?
May 20 | Geology.com
map of zimbabwe
The Stratosphere and Its Role in Tropical Teleconnections
May 20 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
National Weather Service Issues First Ever Ashfall Advisory for Hawaii
May 19 | Geology.com
first ashfall advisory issued in Hawaii
The National Weather Service Issued the first ashfall advisory for Hawaii on May 17, after ash plumes were released from Kilauea Volcano and rose to elevations of 30,000 feet. Photo by the United States Geological Survey.

Brent Crude Hits $80 for the First Time Since 2014
May 19 | CNBC
Underground Awe in France: The Caves of the Causses
May 19 | Earth Magazine
Global Consumer Demand for Diamond Jewelry Hits Record High of $82B USD
May 19 | Mining.com
Making Maps on a Micrometer Scale
May 19 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
The World Agreed to Ban this Ozone Killer Years Ago - But It Looks Like Someone is Making More
May 19 | Popular Science
Humans Are Causing Massive Changes in the Location of Water Around the World
May 19 | The Washington Post
Northeast Region Slated for Record Natural Gas Pipeline Capacity Buildout in 2018
May 19 | Energy Information Administration
Northeast Pipeline Capacity
Conoco Moves to Sell North Sea Oilfields
May 18 | Reuters
Where Is the North Sea?
May 18 | Geology.com
North Sea Map
Huge Burst of Ash and *Vog* from Kilauea Puts Hawaii on Red Alert
May 18 | Smithsonian.com
A Near-Real-Time Tool to Characterize Global Landslide Hazards
May 18 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Kilauea: Sulfur Dioxide Plumes from the East Rift Zone
May 17 | Geology.com
sulfur dioxide plumes from the East Rift Zone
Sulfur Dioxide Plumes: This photo is a view from a plane flying parallel to the trend of fissure eruptions in the East Rift Zone. The white plumes rising through calm air are escaping from fissure eruptions. They are rich in sulfur dioxide gas. Public domain photo by the United States Geological Survey.

NASA Satellites Reveal Major Shifts in Global Freshwater
May 17 | NASA

Mapping the Nation*s Wind Turbines
May 17 | United States Geological Survey
wind turbines
North Dakota Natural Gas Production Sets Record as Oil Production Drops
May 17 | Bismark Tribune
First Canadian LNG Export Project - Construction Expected to Start this Year
May 17 | Reuters
Greenland*s Ice Provides a Year-By-Year Account of the Roman Empire*s Economy
May 17 | Smithsonian.com
Maps of Greenland
May 17 | Geology.com
map of Greenland
Rare Diamonds Blow Away Estimates at Sotheby*s
May 17 | JCK Online
USGS Status Update of Kilauea Volcano - May 16, 2018
May 16 | United States Geological Survey

New Map of the East Rift Zone
May 16 | Geology.com
East Rift Zone Map
An updated map of the East Rift Zone showing the location of the 18 recent fissure eruptions, recent lava flows, and historic lava flows. Public domain map by the United States Geological Survey.

Nitrogen from the Atmosphere
May 16 | National Atmospheric Deposition Program
nitrogen from the Atmosphere
Flightless Dino Had Bright, Rainbow-Colored Feathers
May 16 | Earth Magazine
U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas Exports Just Quadrupled
May 16 | Forbes
What is LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas?
May 16 | Geology.com
LNG Carrier ship
LNG Carrier Ship: An LNG carrier docked at the Bontang LNG liquefaction terminal in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The LNG is carried in the ship's four dome-shaped tanks. Image copyright iStockphoto / Mayumi Terao.

Free: Printable June Calendars
May 16 | WaterproofPaper.com (affiliated with Geology.com)
printable june calendar
Oil Gains While U.S. Crude*s Discount to Brent Deepens
May 16 | Reuters
Tax Credits and Solar Tariffs Affect Timing of Projected Renewable Power Plant Deployment
May 16 | Energy Information Administration
electricity generation sources
Geologic Evidence Confirms Existence of 405,000-Year Milankovitch Cycle
May 16 | Earth Magazine
People Lived in This Cave for 78,000 Years
May 15 | Smithsonian.com
Tuesday, 6:05 PM EST: Asteroid Will Miss the Earth by Half the Distance to the Moon
May 15 | NBC News
One of the Most Dangerous Mountain Passes in the World
May 15 | Smithsonian.com
NASA Will Use a Helicopter on Its Next Mission to Mars
May 15 | NASA

Weekly Volcanic Activity Report
May 15 | Smithsonian Volcanism Program
Reports on Kilauea,Ibu, Marapi, Piton de la Fournaise, and Osorno.
Hurricanes and the Sea: It Takes Two to Tango
May 15 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Rising Waters Sink Seafloors
May 15 | Earth Magazine
New Fissure at Kilauea Throwing Lava Bombs Up to 500 Above the Ground
May 14 | Geology.com
Fissure 17 erupting on Kilauea
Hawaii Volcano Raises Concerns of Eruptions Along West Coast
May 14 | PBS News Hour
Gemfields Embeds Nanoparticles in Stones to Trace Origin
May 14 | Mining Review
Most of America*s Propane Exports Go to Asia
May 14 | Energy Information Administration

USGS Status Update of Kilauea Volcano - May 13, 2018
May 14 | USGS on YouTube

New Insights into Continental Deformation in Northwestern Tibet
May 14 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Honduras: Fight Over Moving Hundreds of Graves to Make Way for a Gold Mine
May 14 | Mining.com
Where Is Honduras?
May 14 | Geology.com
map of Honduras
East Rift Zone Update for Sunday, May 13
May 13 | Hawaii Civil Defense
Egypt*s Officials Proud of the Country*s Only Gold-Exporting Mine
May 13 | Mining.com
Pentagon Wants Restrictions on Drilling in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico
May 12 | The Hill
Bank of America Says Oil Prices Could Hit $100 in 2019
May 12 | Bloomberg
U.S. Shale Producers Not Expected to Offset an Oil Supply Squeeze Triggered by a U.S. Exit from the Iran Nuclear Deal
May 12 | Reuters
Countries In and Around the Middle East Are Adding Coal-Fired Power Plants
May 12 | Energy Information Administration

USGS Update on Kilauea Volcano
May 11 | USGS on YouTube

South Georgia Island Is Officially Free of Its Bird-Killing Rodents
May 11 | Smithsonian.com
Two 19th-Century Shipwrecks Discovered During Search for Flight MH370
May 11 | Smithsonian
What Is Euclase?
May 11 | Geology.com
Euclase Crystal: A beautiful blue crystal of euclase with a nice termination and obvious striations. This specimen measures approximately 2.1 x 1.3 x 0.3 centimeters in size and is from Gachala, Boyaca Department, Colombia. Specimen and photo by Arkenstone / www.iRocks.com.

Natural Gas Sold at Negative Prices on TransCanada*s Alberta System
May 11 | Energy Information Administration
natural gas prices
Kilauea Volcano: Photos and Maps of the May 2018 Eruption
May 10 | Geology.com

Road Displacement: Ground deformation in the East Rift Zone has produced fissures venting steam and fissures fountaining lava. In this photo road displacement is made especially obvious where it cuts the yellow line on the pavement. Public domain photo by the United States Geological Survey.

U.S. East Coast Refiners Look to Texas Crude for Discounted Oil
May 10 | Reuters
Fluoride in Landslide Seepage. Is That a Spring or a City Water Supply Leak?
May 10 | TribLive
Geoscience on Film: The Burma Arc in Myanmar
May 10 | Earth Magazine
EIA Raises Crude Oil, Gasoline Price Forecasts for 2018
May 10 | Energy Information Administration

Sub-Sea Rift Spills Secrets to Seismic Probe
May 10 | Rice University
What Can Past Glacier Behavior Tell Us About Future Sea Level Rise?
May 10 | University of Houston
*Gassy* Earthquakes Near Istanbul May Pose New Risks to Region
May 10 | The New York Times
How Wall Street Enabled the Fracking *Revolution* That's Losing Billions
May 10 | DesmoBlog
Massive Sinkhole Opens Up in New Zealand
May 10 | Smithsonian.com
EPA to Study the Treatment and Release of Hydraulic Fracturing Waters
May 10 | Argus Media
California Becomes the First State to Require Solar Panels on New Homes
May 10 | NBC News
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Vog and Volcanic Emissions from Kilauea
May 9 | Hawaii State Department of Health
Vog is a term that refers to volcanic smog. It is the haze you may see in the air that is caused by a combination of weather, wind conditions and volcanic activity. Vog becomes thicker or lighter depending upon the amount of emissions from Kilauea volcano, the direction and amount of wind, and other weather conditions.
Fura Gems Finds a Beautiful 25.97 Carat Emerald at Coscuez
May 9 | Fura Gems

Photo by Fura Gems.

Hawaii Eruption Summary: 14 Fissures, 104 Acres Covered, 36 Structures Destroyed
May 9 | County of Hawaii
To Live on a Volcano is to Accept Risk. On Hawii*s Big Island, the Risk has Become Reality
May 9 | The Washington Post
Solar Surpasses Biomass to Become Third-Most Prevalent Renewable Electricity Source
May 9 | Energy Information Administration

Another Heat Wave Hits the North Pole
May 8 | The Washington Post
The Argument of *Pluto as a Planet* Returns
May 8 | The Washington Post

Image by NASA.

USGS Rolls Out Groundbreaking Earthquake Study: The *HayWired* Earthquake Scenario
May 8 | United States Geological Survey

Image by USGS.

California Earthquake Map Collection
May 8 | Geology.com
California Earthquakes
Kern County Earthquake, 1952: This earthquake was the largest in the conterminous United States since the San Francisco shock of 1906. It claimed 12 lives and caused property damage estimated at $60 million. MM intensity XI was assigned to a small area on the Southern Pacific Railroad southeast of Bealville. There, the earthquake cracked reinforced-concrete tunnels having walls 46 cm thick; it shortened the distance between portals of two tunnels about 2.5 meters and bent the rails into S-shaped curves. At Owens Lake (about 160 kilometers from the epicenter), salt beds shifted, and brine lines were bent into S-shapes.

North American Coasts Are Absorbing Large Amounts of Carbon
May 8 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Slumgullion: Colorado*s Natural *Lab* Offers Insights into Landslides Worldwide
May 8 | Earth Magazine
Natural Gas and Renewables Make Up Most of the 2018 Electric Capacity Additions
May 8 | Energy Information Administration

East vs West Coast Earthquakes
May 8 | United States Geological Survey

Kilauea Volcano: Photos and Maps of the May 2018 Eruptions
May 7 | Geology.com
kilauea photos
Fountaining Lava: This fissure eruption in the eastern rift zone of Kilauea volcano began with the emission of steam, then a small sputtering of lava from a newly-opened fracture in the ground. The same day, roaring lava jets produced 200-foot-high fountains of lava. This night photograph shows incandescent lava erupting from several jets along the fissure. Public domain photo by the United States Geological Survey.

Down to Earth With: National Park Service Senior Paleontologist Vincent Santucci
May 7 | Earth Magazine
What We Know (and Don*t Know) About Sea Level Rise
May 7 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Harnessing Remote Infrasound to Study Volcanic Eruptions
May 7 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Twenty-Six Homes Now Destroyed by Hawaii Volcanoes
May 7 | Los Angeles Times
Oil Surges on Venezuela Woes and Iran Worries
May 7 | Reuters
Bakken Shale Getting Back *In-the-Money* With U.S. Oil Nearing $70
May 7 | Bloomberg
Kilauea: Earthquakes Follow Eruptions from Hawaii Volcano
May 6 | BBC
Large Raven Map of Hawaii
May 6 | Geology.com

Large Laminated Wall Map shows topography and bathymetry in shaded relief. Measures 30" x 42".

Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Offshore El Salvador
May 6 | United States Geological Survey
El Salvador earthquake
Map above by USGS. Detailed map of El Salvador by Geology.com.

Rare Gulf of Mexico Earthquake (Magnitude 4.5)
May 6 | United States Geological Survey
Gulf of Mexico earthquake
Map by USGS.

NASA*s First Deep-Space CubeSats Are Off and Communicating
May 6 | NASA

Image by NASA.

Zimbabwe to Sign $700M Coal-Bed Methane Deal this Month
May 6 | Mining.com
Where is Zimbabwe?
May 6 | Geology.com
Zimbabwe map
ALROSA to Acquire One of the World*s Largest Diamond Polishing Firms
May 6 | Mining.com

Image by Kristall Production Company.

*The Whole Island Felt It*: Historic Earthquake Shakes Hawaii
May 6 | The Washington Post
Small Eruption at Cleveland Volcano
May 5 | Geology.com
cleveland volcano
A small ash eruption occurred at Cleveland Volcano, sending a cloud of ash up to an elevation of about 22,000 feet. The cloud is moving towards the southeast. Eruption clouds like this cause a hazard to nearby aircraft, but they often dissipate within hours. More details at the Alaska Volcano Observatory.
Image by NASA.

Magnitued 6.9 Earthquake near Leilani Estates, Hawaii
May 5 | United States Geological Survey

Image by USGS.

46-Carat Pink Diamond Recovered from Lucapa*s Lulo Mine
May 5 | Lucapa Diamond

The 46-carat pink is the largest gem-quality coloured diamond recovered to date from the Lulo mining operations. Image by Lucapa Diamond.

Eruption Continues at Kilauea
May 4 | Los Angeles Times
M 5.0 Earthquake South of Fern Acres, Hawaii
May 4 | United States Geological Survey

Image by NASA.

Sluggish Ocean Currents Caused European Heat Wave Some 12,000 Years Ago
May 5 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Interactive Online Maps Make Satellite Ocean Data Accessible
May 5 | EOS Earth & Space Science News

Image by NASA.

A New Island in the Hawaiian Chain?
May 5 | Geology.com
Loihi Seamount
Loihi Seamount: An active submarine volcano off the southern coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.
Creative Commons image by Kmusser.

Origin of the Hawaiian Islands
May 5 | Geology.com
Hawaiian Islands and Plate Tectonics
Map of the Pacific Basin showing the location of the Hawaiian Ridge--Emperor Seamount Chain and the Aleutian Trench. Base map from "This Dynamic Planet" by USGS.

In the U.S. Gulf, Robots and Drones Take on Dangerous Offshore Oil Work
May 5 | Reuters
Kilauea Volcano Erupts, Prompting Mandatory Evacuations
May 4 | CNN
Ramaco and Consol Are Increasing Their Investments in Coal
May 4 | Mining.com
Anglo American, Glencore, BHP Billiton Are Generating Their Highest Profits in Years from Coal
May 4 | Mining.com
Rainstorm Kills at Least 91, Injures Over 160 in India
May 4 | Yahoo News
Global LNG Trade Increased by 10% in 2017
May 4 | Energy Information Administration

NASA*s First Mission to Study the Interior of Mars Launches on May 5
May 4 | NASA
drilling into Mars
Image by NASA.

Biodiesels Produced from Certain Feedstocks Have Distinct Properties from Petroleum Diesel
May 4 | Energy Information Administration

The 100th Meridian, Where the Great Plains Begin, May Be Shifting
May 4 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
U.S. Imports of Canadian Crude by Rail Increase
May 4 | Energy Information Administration
Monthly crude oil shipments from Canada to the USA by rail
Image by the Energy Information Administration.

Deeping the Jwaneng Open Pit Diamond Mine to 830 Meters
May 4 | Mining.com
Jwaneng Diamond Mine
Jwaneng is the world*s #1 diamond mine on the basis of the annual value of diamonds produced. Photo by Debswana.

Rising Oil Prices Put Demand Destruction Back on the Agenda
May 4 | Reuters
*Mexico First* Campaign Could End Welcome for U.S. Oil Giants
May 3 | The New York Times
Production Cost Of Renewable Energy Now *Lower* Than Fossil Fuels
May 3 | Forbes
Oil*s Surge Is Mainly About Demand, Not OPEC
May 3 | Bloomberg
Dozens of Earthquakes Rattle Kilauea Volcano
May 3 | ABC News
Appalachia Markets Itself as Global Energy Hub
May 3 | CNBC
Mission To Study How Melting Polar Ice Affects Regional Sea Levels
May 3 | NASA
antarctic meltwater
Image by NASA.

Pump the Permian: Exxon*s Effort to Boost Output
May 3 | Bloomberg
How Paleofire Research Can Better Inform Ecosystem Management
May 2 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
M 4.6 Earthquake, Northern Mariana Islands
May 2 | United States Geological Survey
Mariana Trench: The Deepest Part of the Ocean
May 2 | Geology.com
Mariana Trench
Mariana Trench: Map showing the location of the Challenger Deep on the southern end of the Mariana Trench, south of Guam. NOAA image modified by Kmusser and used here under a GNU Free Document License.