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With Google Adwords, your message can appear on our site today!

Why Advertise on is one of the leading earth science websites. Every month over one million visitors arrive at for news, research, reference, learning, and curiosity. Our audience includes: geologists, professors, students, teachers and many others who are interested in the earth. Most of our visitors are not professional geoscientists and they arrive at after searching for a topic that appears on our site. If your goal is to reach people who are interested in topics such as: geology, earth science, geography, maps, natural gas, satellite images, geologic resources, geologic hazards and science news then we could be the best website for your ads.

There are two ways to purchase ads on our site: 1) Google Adwords, and, 2) direct purchase from us.

Google Adwords - Our preference!

Google Adwords makes it very easy to advertise on The ads at right are Google Adwords ads that recently appeared on our Geology Jobs page. Note how they are all relevant to geology employment. Google does a great job of matching the topic of your ads to the topic of website pages.

Google Adwords is an auction system that allows you to bid for advertising position in three different ways.
  1. You can use their "placement targeting" tool to direct your ads to a specific website (such as
  2. You can use their "keyword targeting" tool to direct your ads to pages across the web that relate to a specific topic (such as "Marcellus Shale").
  3. You can use "placement targeting then add keywords" to direct your ads to pages on a specific website about a specific topic (such as the pages on that are relevant to "Marcellus Shale").
Isn't that a powerful way to show your ads to just the right people and save money by not showing them to others?

Google Adwords determines the position of your ad through an automated auction. You tell Google how much you are willing to pay per visitor (or per ad impression or per sale) and Google will use that bid to determine your position in an ad unit. Look at the ad unit at right and you will see that there are five positions from top to bottom. The more you bid the higher your ad will display in an ad unit. You can also set a daily budget to limit your spend or schedule your ads to run at specific times of day.

Google Adwords is a fast way to get your ads running. If you already have an account your ads can appear on our site and other science sites across the web within minutes.

Buying Ad Space Directly from

Our goal is to run a website, not sell advertising. So we encourage all advertisers to use Google Adwords for placing ads on

We do sell a limited amount of ad space directly to advertisers such as universities, professional organizations and retailers who have a message or a product that perfectly matches the earth sciences. We enjoy seeing these ads on our site. If you have a message or product that relates directly to the earth sciences please feel free to contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page. If your message or product is not directly related to the earth sciences please place your ad on our site using Google Adwords.

Advertising on is sold by the month or by the year. You let us know where you want your ads to appear and we will quote a price (for example: the 300x250 banner in the right column of our news pages --- or --- the 160x600 ads in the left column of our natural gas shale pages). If you us know what type of visitor you would like to reach we will gladly recommend placements and prices (for example: visitors who view pages about: natural gas shales, satellite images, employment, teaching, Oklahoma or geology news).

We will advise you if we believe that your product will not perform well with our traffic. We are not looking to make a quick buck off of first-time advertisers. We offer an opinion and leave the decision up to you. You know more about your products than we do.

How Much Does it Cost?

All of our ad space is sold by the month or by the year. We will tell you the number of visits that the pages where your ads will appear have recently received when we quote you a price. The number of visitors that arrive on those pages while your ads are displayed could be a lot more or a lot less. If it is a lot more that is your free bonus. If it is a lot less we have been very clear that you purchased by the month.

The cost of ads on typically ranges between approximately $2/CPM and $20/CPM (CPM means "cost per thousand ad impressions"). Lower priced ads might appear on our news or reference pages, while higher priced ads will appear on highly targeted pages such as those related to natural gas shales or precious metals.

Advertiser Requirements:

To buy ads directly from us your ad campaign must meet the following requirements:
  • Your message or product must be directly related to the earth sciences.
  • You are interested in banner/display advertising. (We do not sell text links.)
  • Your total ad spend is at least $1000 or you are buying space for at least one year.
  • Your ad image files will be hosted on our servers.
  • Your ads do not have extreme animation, auto-play audio, auto-expansion, pop-ups or pop-unders.
  • You must pay for your ads before they appear.
  • If you want to reserve space you must pay for it in advance.
  • Payments made for advertising or to reserve space are not refundable.
  • Add ad banners, messages and landing pages must be approved by us before your advertising contract is finalized.
  • Ads will not display and space will not be reserved until payment is received and clears our bank.
  • You understand that you are buying a specific location on our site for a specific period of time. (We do not count or guarantee impressions, ad clicks or conversions.)

We Don't Haggle!

As mentioned above our goal is to run a website. We will not waste your time or ours on ad negotiations. Our first offer to you will be the lowest price that we must receive to place your ads on our website. If that makes a deal, fantastic! If it doesn't, we just saved everyone's time.

The Fine Print

We do not sell text link advertising. Please use Google Adwords if you want text link advertising.

All of the ads that we sell directly to advertisers are image ads that click to a single URL on your website. Your image ads will be hosted on our website. When a visitor clicks on your ad it will not open into a new window. Our visitor goes straight to your website in the same browser window. A sample of the code used to display image ads is shown below. Please note the use of "nofollow".

ad code

How to Get in Touch With Us

Contact us by email (address below) if you are interested in advertising on Your message should tell us: 1) the website that will receive traffic from your ad, 2) the type of product, service or message that you are promoting, 3) the locations on our website where you want your ad to appear, and, 4) the months that you want your ad to appear. Please include this information in your message. We must have it in advance to give a complete reply.

Thank you for your interest!

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