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Where is Burundi?

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Burundi Country Information:

Burundi is located in central Africa. Burundu is bordered by Lake Tanganyika, Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, Tanzania to the north and east, and Rwanda to the north

Burundi Bordering Countries:

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania

Burundi Cities:

Bujumbura, Bururi, Cankuzo, Gitega, Kirundo, Muramvya, Muyinga, Ngozi, Nyanza Lac, Rumonge, Rutana and Ruyigi.

Burundi Locations:

Lake Tanganyika.

Burundi Natural Resources:

Burundi has diverse metal resources which include nickel, uranium, cobalt, copper, platinum, vanadium, niobium, tantalum, gold, tin and tungsten. Other natural resources include rare earth oxides, peat, arable land, hydropower, kaolin and limestone.

Burundi Natural Hazards:

The country of Burundi experiences a variety of natural hazards. These include flooding, landslides, and drought.

Burundi Environmental Issues:

The environmental issues for the country of Burundi are mostly land-related. There is soil erosion as a result of overgrazing and the expansion of agriculture into marginal lands. The country has little forested land remaining due to the uncontrolled cutting of trees for fuel. This habitat loss has in turn threatened their wildlife populations.
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