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Target Exact Pages: Want your ads to appear on our page about Mineral Rights? How about our page about the Utica Shale, Tanzanite, or Granite? Google Ads has tools to help you target specific pages on any website that displays ads from Google Adsense. Direct your ads to people who have an interest in topics that are relevant to what you are advertising.

Why Advertise on Geology.com?

Geology.com is one of the internet's leading Earth science websites. Every month over two million visitors arrive at Geology.com for news, research, reference, learning, and curiosity.

Our audience includes: geologists, professors, students, and teachers. However, most of our visitors are not geologists or geology students. Instead they are typical citizens who are interested enough in earth science topics to visit a search engine and ask for them.

These visitors searched for topics such as "mineral rights," "tanzanite," "Utica Shale" or "granite." If your goal is to reach a broad cross-section of people who are interested in topics such as: geology, Earth science, rocks, minerals, gemstones, maps, natural gas, geologic resources, geologic hazards and science news, then Geology.com could be a perfect website for your ads.

Our visitors come here to read about specific topics. So, if we have content on our website that matches the interest of your potential customer, client, voter, or whatever, then this is where you should advertise. You will not be paying the highly competitive rates charged on a search engine, and your ads will be shown to interested people instead of to the "masses."

If you are primarily interested in reaching professional geologists, they will be a minority of the visitors to Geology.com. Your advertising budget might be better spent on websites and publications that are written specifically for geologists. Journals, magazines, and websites of professional societies are examples. We don't want you to spend your money if our audience does not match your goals.

Where Do Our Ads Come From?

Every ad that appears on Geology.com is delivered through Google Ads. It is very easy to use. Advertisers of all sizes purchase ads on this website using Google Ads.

Please know that we do not sell any ads directly to anyone under any circumstances. We have a very small staff and need to spend 100% of our time creating new content for our visitors. If you want to advertise on Geology.com, Google Ads is the only way.

How You Can Advertise Here

The best way to place your ads on Geology.com is to create Google Ads that target the "Google Display Network". Geology.com is a website in the Google Display Network, and the ads that you see on this page are "display ads". You can target your ads to our website in four different ways:

  1. You can use their "placement targeting" tool to direct your ads to a specific website (such as Geology.com).
  2. You can use their "keyword targeting" tool to direct your ads to pages across the web that relate to a specific topic (such as "Marcellus Shale").
  3. You can use "placement targeting, then add keywords" to direct your ads to pages on a specific website about a specific topic (such as the pages on Geology.com that are relevant to "Marcellus Shale").
  4. Finally, you can use "geographic targeting" to show your ads to people in specific countries, specific states or specific metro areas. (You can show your ads to people who searched for "mineral rights" in the states above the Marcellus Shale!)
Isn't that a powerful way to show your ads to just the right people and save money by not showing them to others?

How Much Does It Cost?

Google Ads determines the placement of your ad through an automated auction. You tell Google how much you are willing to pay per visitor (or per ad impression or per sale), then Google will use that bid to determine if your ad will be displayed and where. The more you bid, the higher the probability that your ad will be displayed. You can also set a daily budget to limit your spending or schedule your ads to run at specific times of day.

Google Ads will get your ads running fast. If you already have an account, your ads can appear on our site and other science sites across the web within minutes. If you don't have an account, you can probably have your ads displayed on websites of your choice the same day.

Attention Ad Networks and Ad Space Buyers

If you represent another advertising network, please know that we are completely satisfied with Google and do not test other ads. If you are an ad space buyer, please know that we don't sell ad space directly to anyone. Please target our site using Google Ads.

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