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Earthquake MapsCalifornia Earthquake Maps: California Earthquake Maps: A collection of isoseismal maps for earthquakes in California. Japan EarthquakeJapan Earthquake The Japan Earthquake shifted Earth\'s mass resulting in a shorter day. Earthquake LessonsEarthquake Lessons Earthquake Lessons: K-12 resources for teaching about earthquakes. Cities Moved by QuakeCities Moved by Quake South American Cities Moved by Earthquake: Some moved ten feet westward.
New Madrid MysteryNew Madrid Mystery New Madrid Mystery: Why do large earthquakes occur far from an active plate boundary? San Andreas FaultWhat is the San Andreas Fault? What is the San Andreas Fault? Map, photos and description of the fault by Dr. David Lynch. Draw Plate TectonicsDraw Plate Tectonics Teaching Plate Tectonics with Easy-to-Draw Illustrations. Students love to draw. Virginia EarthquakesVirginia Earthquakes Earthquakes in Central Virginia: Central Virginia experiences an earthquake every year or two.
Earthquake FrequencySan Andreas Quake Frequency San Andreas Quake Frequency: Earthquake frequency might be higher than previously believed. Sun & Moon Triggers?Can the Sun and Moon Trigger Faults? Can the Sun and Moon Trigger Faults? Minute stresses might be triggers. Japan TsunamiJapan Tsunami Tsunami of Unexpected Power: Unusual fault movement gave Japan\'s tsunami more \"punch\". New Madrid ConcernsNew Madrid Seismic Zone: New Madrid Seismic Zone: An earthquake hazard review for the NMSZ.
Fault BehaviorSan Andreas Fault Behavior: San Andreas Fault Behavior: Trenching studies reveal fault behavior. Pacific EarthquakesPacific Earthquake Triggers Pacific Earthquake Triggers: Subduction zone core samples reveal earthquake triggers. Tsunami CausesTsunami Causes What Causes a Tsunami? Learn how plate motions trigger earthquakes and tsunamis. Giant Shake TableWorld Record Shake Test: World Record Shake Test: A six-story wood-frame condo survives a hard shaking.
Elastic ReboundElastic Rebound Theory Elastic Rebound Theory and how it applies to earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault. San Andreas Fault MapSan Andreas Fault Map Google Map of the San Andreas Fault: Zoom in to see the fault trace on a satellite image. Sumatra Earthquake2004 Sumatra Earthquake 2004 Sumatra Earthquake was one of the deadliest in history because of sediment deposits. Are You Covered?Homeowner\\\'s Insurance Does Not Cover Earthquakes: Homeowners Insurance usually does not cover earthquakes.
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